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Tuesday, 21st February 2017

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


 Come join me and some other more respectable people in raising money to defend Kirralie Smith from that unAustralian halal certifier, Mohamed El-Mouelhy. El-Mouelhy has been found to have transferred money from certifying our products to terrorist organisations. 

We need to stand against this person and his legal attacks that are financed from the very same source. 

 I, El-Mouelhy, am suing these two people below because they dared to tell you the truth about me and my world of Islamic chicanery.

We have an opportunity to help Debbie and Kirralie defend themselves against this super grub. 

 It’s on in Sydney, 9th Feb evening, and I for one will be over the moon to see you there’s sure to be a lot of fun despite the serious threat that Islam is posing to our country's safety and economy.





Not everyone can afford 150.00 ... why is there not a funding set up for her... better to have 200,000 people donating ten dollars than nothing... I for one will donate...

Larry, we appreciate you standing up for these ladies.

This Halal payment scheme needs to be subjected to some very serious auditing. We need to know where the money goes.

Granted the ""old dart"" has slipped a bit in the last hundred years , from being in the top three world powers it is now a at no, five, in the world. still not bad ,and yes they made money from the "'colonies"" but a hundred years on many of these ex colonies still only have raw materials to offer to trade with the first world, oil , coal, various ores, metals and resources of many different kinds, China has realised this and are buying into Africa and Asia, and Australia is also part of that supply chain,.The US also an exporter of minerals , the question is , how long will it take the greens and their supporters to realise that the mining sector is the backbone of our country .Our manufacturing sector is shrinking, with out mining we are sunk!,.

Donald phoned Vlad ,Hi Vlad hi Donald see you got rid of Sambo out of the white house ,yep the nigger and the tranny are gone Vlad ,good good said Vlad ,what can we do about ISIS Donald ,bomb the shit out of them Vlad and then we can send in the tanks and clean them up ,have a good day Donald ,you to Vlad

Turnbull is toast

Ross Fitzgerald @ The spectator

These judges are appointed by Leftist poiticians. Its been going on for years, we have seen it in Australia. Decisions are made by an elected Government usually after a long campaign that they used. Particular subject as their platform, only to have it overturned by an unelected court, by Judges appointed by the losing party!! That is not democracy! My view is, Judges in High Courts or similar should be elected, if they want to put themselves in positions of over ruling Democratically elected Governments.

What if you can't make it to these events but would like to donate some money for the cause? And why isn't there a lawyer in the country willing to defend these ladies for free?

WHAT THE FILTHY MEDIA WON'T TELL YA Along with The Donald..... Bill Clinton was againt the TPP 12 years ago.. Like The Donald ....George Bush Sr suggested a wall between Mexico and The USA 20 Years ago.


No comments from BK. Refreshing. It's like we have got the monkey off our backs.

Harry's up....

WTFF! Now he's waffling on about the Chinese New Year being the Year of the Rooster! I can't take much more of this cr@p! 5 minutes ago he was mourning with everyone! I guess he's finished mourning? Are our PMs unbalanced before they get / steal the gig, or does the gig send them cuckoo?

Evidence Points To Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Being “Jason Bourned” With Mind Altering Psychiatric Drugs And ISIS Video Indoctrination By U.S. Intelligence Operatives
January 26 2017 | From: NaturalNews / Various

The playbook of the globalists is so obvious now that it’s all right out in the open.
After a parade of false flag shootings enhanced with completely faked (staged) elements - such as professional actors playing the roles of grieving parents - most of the informed people in the world now know that everything is faked in the mainstream media……………….”

The media war against Donald Trump....Melanie Phillips

The Donald is like a cat amongst the pigeons, or should I say " chickens."

Who does everybody think will win between the Williams brothers at the Tennis today? Serena or Venus?

If you threw a / the Turd into a swim pool would it float or would it sink?