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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


When Malcolm Turnbull attacks his beloved ABC you can be certain it is in deep trouble. “What’s the difference in Zaky Mallah going into a shopping centre and going into an ABC studio?”, Barrie Cassidy stupidly asked Turnbull on his “Insiders” program. With that one inane question Cassidy exposed all that is incurably decadent with the ABC.

Cassidy had just shown how a blind Left culture can evolve over time and how it has become a part of the ABC’s inviolable DNA. A clearly irate Turnbull told Cassidy that he had, “lost the plot”.

The fact that Cassidy doesn’t realise that he has lost the plot, indicates the air tight bubble of brazen far Left ideology that has permeated every crack and cranny of the ABC.

From Chairman Jim Spigelman down through to every journalist and employee to the tea lady, the Broadcasting Commission has become as ethically bankrupt as Triggs’ Human Rights Commission.

When someone of Gillard’s ilk appoints chairpersons to Commissions you can be sure of her intentions. The ABC and the HRC are simply more of her many land mines.

Coalition wets want the ABC to “rebalance” itself but that task is impossible! You can’t ask monkeys with terminal dermatitis to stop scratching. You see, the ABC still believes it is right and it believes everyone else is wrong!

It’s too late, the older monkeys have already groomed and educated the younger monkeys.

Why would have Cassidy asked such a question, why would Manager, Mark Scott have spent a half hour telling us the A in ABC is for “Australian” and that it deserves its “independence” if it thinks it needs correction?

It wants to keep its “independence” to do exactly as it has been doing... conducting a Left wing Labor/Green think tank with a distaste for anything conservative.

Nope, nope and nope... this ABC is all over, it’s finished with no hope of reformation because there is no dissenting voice from within to advise it of its outrageous, one-eyed arrogance. To them it is fair and balanced!

To get the ABC back on track and rediscovering its lost charter requires a root and branch dismantling. The Left can’t be expected to make a Right turn by itself, it never has before!

Spigelman and Scott should be asked to resign, they won’t of course, their self-stuffed pay packets are far too generous, so the Government should withhold funding until they do go.

If their bolshy foot soldiers are not getting paid, the two main culprits will soon be pressured to piss off. Abbott has a healthy majority behind him on this one and it’s a one and only chance to recover our lost public broadcaster.

Once the Board is restructured, a middle of the road CEO appointed and serious personnel changes have been made all the way down to the tea lady then we might get our ABC back. But it cannot be reformed as it is.

You can’t make a proud silverback out of a mangy chimp inflicted with an antibiotic-resistant strain of staphylococcus... you have to start again.


Very easy to dislike intensely that smart ass Tony J. Needs a good SMACK!!!

Boy! Oh! Boy! The Australian hard working, tax paying, real Ozzies sure have a lot of enemies wanting to totally destroy the countries opportunities to recover and grow properly from the devastation of too many lefties, socialists, commies, extremists, criminals, radical ingrate refugees, bludgers, ignorant independents, etc. ABC &Turnbull are up top of the lists.

I would be happy just to see the sold just like Qantas, the Commonwealth Bank, etc. Then, if the ABC can survive as a commercial organisation promoting left wing biased coverage, good on it. But while tax payers fund it, I expect balance, impartiality and value-for-money from the ABC.

what we should do is hammer on endlesslly about left wing bias until they stack it with right voices.Just like 15 years ago in the US,they banged on about liberal bias on fox and cnn(truth was ..they were middle to right already...but that doesnt matter)worked like a gem.....Then australia will have robust debate within the thinnest spectrum,the same as a game of football is played within the sidelines....then we wont have endless distractions from people who have differing opinions to us who know right

Oim gumma use your last 5 paragraphs as an E-Mail to MisteR-abbott.

If this does mean the end of their ABC and the beginning of the ABC, can attention be now paid to Australia Post and its islamic terrorist supporting, self aggrandizing knob that parades itelf as a CEO?

I sent copies of Larry's 3 abc stories off ro contacts and had a reply the same day from one who said 'I AM A GREAT FAN OF THE ABC !!!!!!!!" so I replied saying, 'well I'll cross you off my list'. Some people I thought would realize the facts just don't get it as well.'

dodo ... toilet paper ? ... There won't be much about ..

You will have to use your left hand .... like the Arab !

Watched both Media Watch and Q&A tonight while doing a project. Wanted to see who they got to replace the various ministers etc who pulled out. Paul Barry spent the whole night defending the ABC.

Tony Jones at his absolute worse interrupting all the time. We don't need an audience. He knows all the questions to ask and the spin to put on the answers when the panel start giving answers he doesn't want. Insufferable. Paul Kelly put him back in his place very nicely a few times, as did Tim Wilson. TJ quite miffed a few times. Some woman, as usual, loud mouthed; Yank who can't understand that Australia is different to USA, and Tanya ... well ... same old tired lines. Although she did put the Yank into his place at the very end over religion.

Close it PM and the ABC soon after on national security grounds.

Q&A tried to make it look like an overwhelming majority support Muslims going to fight with ISIS , when the opposite is true. Dishonest. An elaborate lie. That's the lefts M.O. As with global warming they brazenly lie to rig an outcome .

O/T...A Vote For Labor is a Vote for Islam:


We await your report on how they managed to denigrate the LNP from this story angle.

I am beginning to think that the Left Lunatics at the ABC,believe that having gotten away with so much during the 6 years of the Labar Government coupled with the fact that Abbott has taken this softly softly approach towards their antics at the ABC, they are virtually untouchable with Scott at the helm.
The dick heads have seriously underestimated Abbott.
So many people think that Abbott is not doing anything about something because he does not do continuously do 24/7 media feeding....
He played Krudd, he played Gillderarse he is playing Short Willy and he has deliberately been playing the ABC...and I have no doubt that Abbott's opinion of the ABC would be no different to yours or mine....and its a bit like the boats policy......suddenly the ALP is painted into a corner....there comes a point when even Shitten can no longer defend the indefensible ..(.especially when it comes to matters of National security) ....without looking a bigger prat than he already does.

agree with you about the deficits, Jonny. They are a serious problem and will be a ball-and-chain on future opportunity and prosperity. I also agree that Abbott should never have promised to not make cuts. That was dumb. But do you at least concede that Abbott/Hockey are trying their hardest to rein in the spending and that your ALP are being irresponsible, opportunistic and derelict in their opposition as they were in govt? And, personally I have never trusted Jackson. You don't reach those heights in the cesspit that is the HSU without being bereft of ethics and integrity. Never trust a union boss or Labor leader. They're the worst of the worst.

Another excellent, incisive blog Larry but wishful thinking if you expect –

The Abbott government will act aggressively or decisively on the ABC or the Australian muslim problem,..regardless of provocation,.. justification and necessity to do so.

A)..Purge the ABC from top to bottom and replace TurnBULL.

B)..Get rid of the bullshit Human Rights Commission its pro foreigner anti government.

C)..Cancel passport- citizenship of ANY person leaving Australia to fight in Syria,.Iraq or any other country designated by Australian Government.

D)..Expel any person holding dual citizenship convicted of committing a prison sentence crime.

Well chrisk, may be a chance of getting the ABC budget. A few decent people have refused to go on Q and A tonight. Lets hope the ABC goes like the Greeks, screwed. Yes Ig the Jews have no urgency to move against ISIS, a bit of natural attrition happening.

Note how most Labor pollies avoid the Bolt Report....why is that.

Just saw on the local tv news on channel 7. Sunshine Coast Regional Council approved the mosque in Church Street, Maroochydore. We're to be doomed here now. I hadn't seen any here, but build a mosque and they will come. boohoo The tv showed the police filming a demonstration on the site last Saturday. I didn't even know it was on.