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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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... and a naive Abbott

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Julie Bishop’s Chief of Staff, Murray Hansen, attended a secret meeting of conspirators intent on unseating Tony Abbott. Bishop says she was not aware of the outcome of the meeting and that she only knew of the numbers on the Monday morning, numbers that were now stacked against her boss. Bishop told a fib.

The meeting was at Peter Hendy’s joint in Queanbeyan. Hendy was the leader of the unsuccessful February back bench revolt against Abbott. Bishop knew his role and later admitted that, “I was aware Murray was attending at Peter Hendy's house.”

Hmmm. The urgency of the meeting was brought on because the Libs looked like holding the WA seat of Canning quite handily which would have made ousting Abbott impossible before the critical Paris Conference on Climate Change.

It would be unthinkable for her long-term bed partner, Murray Hansen, to attend such a meeting without Bishop’s complete agreement and encouragement. It would be even more unthinkable that he would not have immediately relayed the exciting news of the numbers to her.

Her relationship with Hansen was the worst kept secret inside the beltway. Bishop had other Canberran dalliances but the one with Hansen was notable in that it gave total credence to the belief that Bishop had to be fully aware of the secret meeting and that sufficient numbers had been arranged to dump Abbott.

The fact is that the ideologically Left and devoted UN global warmist, Ms Bishop, had been plotting against her boss for 18 months but could not afford to be seen in that role.

It reached a crescendo when Joe Hockey slashed her foreign aid budget and it became even worse when Abbott forbade her to attend the Peru Climate Conference. In a wild rage she took the matter to a full Cabinet meeting, openly undermining her boss, and had his decision reversed.

Abbott then sent Andrew Robb to accompany her in Peru and report back to him exactly what the loose cannon, Ms Bishop, was up to. This move was reportedly suggested and arranged for by Peta Credlin, so a fizzure of feral hatred had now been established between Bishop, Hockey and Abbott, who were both unerringly supported by Credlin.

Now I have no interest in the oestrogenic flushes of Ms Bishop, but this is a case of treachery at the highest level as she openly displayed her latest male friend Mr Wonderful (David Panton) with his own UN seat next to hers, see

The cattiness of Ms Bishop was also on display on the Monday following the hurriedly convened Queanbeyan meeting. She of course had informed her long-time pal, Malcolm Turnbull, that he was about to become the Prime Minister but she threw protocol to the wind and bounced into Abbott’s office to tell both he and Credlin to pack their stuff.

Even the treacherous PM elect, Gillard, had personally informed Rudd that he was gone to Gowings and it was entirely proper and decent that in this case PM elect, Turnbull, should have extended the same courtesy to the about-to-be-ousted Abbott.

But Ms Bishop could hardly contain her excitement... she insisted on delivering the news herself. Her explanation? “As deputy leader I was quite rightly the eyes and ears of my Prime Minister, it was my duty to inform him.”

And if you believe that, then you’ll believe that an over-heated planet can be saved with UN pixies flogging carbon credits.



Seg: Tony H: .... "Mongrel bitch?" .... "Clueless, gutless fuckwit?" Truth in political commentary? LOVE it! -- Dick!

"...Bishop told a fib..."
Little kids tell fibs – adults LIE!

What a mongrel bitch

Can't see it ever happening. I think it will be a loooong while before voters trust a Woman. Merkel has done damage as well to the Women's cause.

Bishop shows exactly why trust and her are standards don't compute. LP does a great job sorting the chaff out and we know where the crap is right now for sure.Bishop is a goner and hopefully she won't be around much longer.

Bishops been outed big time and she doesn't like it! This story by LP adds up with an explanation by a pickering Poster that explained to me that Bishop, Turdbull and Krudd are friends from way back! The three along with Hansen are friends with a particular journalist that hates Abbott ( Hartcher). Interesting point too is that same weekend that Hendy and his fellow conspirators gathered. The press were fed the lie that TA was intending a reshuffle of cabinet on monday morning, which meant he spent the weekend answering inane questions and responding to dumb arse journos! Either way in the current situation Turdbull looks like a clueless, gutless fuckwit, stammering and errring and making dickless comments, when a massive set of gonads is required.

Andrew Bolt:-....What Tony Abbott actually said today:

Preferably with Sunni states such as Turkey, Egypt and Jordan, as well as with the US, Britain and France, Australia should be prepared to contribute more to a military campaign to destroy this terrorist caliphate on the ground in Syria and Iraq. This could involve less restrictive targeting rules for airstrikes and the deployment of special forces on the ground in support of local forces, similar to the 2001 campaign where the Northern Alliance defeated the Taliban in Afghanistan.

What Foreign Minister Julie Bishop falsely implied Abbott said:

As Tony Abbott well knows, Australia does not act unilaterally. We need legal basis under international law to send our forces into other countries.

Nowhere did Abbott say “unilateral” - meaning “involving only one part or side”. Reread his quote above.

Bishop is misrepresenting Abbott, suggesting he’s an idiot who’d just have Australia invade Iraq all by itself. In doing so, she is deliberately casting back to an earlier and equally false report - completely debunked here - that Abbott had privately suggested a “unilateral invasion” of Iraq.

Nasty stuff. And, by the way, Bishop is avoiding the important point Abbott makes: that to defeat the Islamic State, ground troops are probably essential.

Remember Kruddies polling in 2007? Then remember what happened to him. History repeats itself

'She' will never get my vote!

She is a whore of Gillard proportions.

I really liked this woman. Sorry, I was wrong.

Well that green/labor dog TURDBALL is perfectly matched with his bitch bishop.

lawyer, what do you expect from them?

Australia is mirroring the USA which twice elected the biggest goose in US political history...

Not expecting Larry to reveal his sources, but. I wonder how much journalistic license he used to describe the above sequence of events ? I despise Turnbull, but the fact that Abbott didn't strip him of the Communications portfolio suggest that he really wasn't astute or tough enough to be PM material .

Another Labor Rat In The Ranks – Offers Iconic Building and Park to Refugees.

Leichhardt Labor councillor Simon Emsley ,…is going to propose to council meeting next week that beautiful
Callan Park at Rozelle be turned into a refugee hub in the wake of the Syrian war.

He said :
Temporary accommodation in existing buildings could be arranged in a matter of months.
“I’m proposing council apply for state and federal funding to set up a refugee centre.”
“We could release sufficient buildings and refurbish them, especially those that have been lying dormant for some time.”

Cr Emsley said :
Accommodation was a major issue for the refugees coming in.
We are a highly educated population. It would be great to welcome them in a particularly nice environment,”
It would be totally consistent with the traditional use of Callan park as a health and wellbeing precinct.


I’ve done the historic tour of Callan Park and I have family living in the area..
Beautiful colonial buildings are in huge state of disrepair…..It would cost a hundred million to renovate.

No fences or security.
A uni campus in the park, children playing,.. sports fields easily accessible by refs mentally demented by war.
Local schools are overflowing with kids right now, have small land, restricting expansion and new buildings.
Local hospitals and medical practices are over loaded. It can take many days to get an appointment.
The elderly are waiting months for access to hospital beds.

But none of the above matters – cause they are only Australians.

PS: If you have friends or relatives in that area, better warn them council will vote next week.

Larry, shouldn't your heading read; "AN AMBITCHAS BISHOP"?

They have a minute of silence n Paris everyone lights up their building and monuments change their facebook picutre, what will be done for the families of the people murdered. The children that have lost one or both parents, a family that has lost the breadwinner. What will be done for these people? A tricoloured building is of little help to them.

Bishop exposed her colours in February as a total undermining bitch strutting the streets of Sydney with Turncoat and his so important (in her opinion) wife, at the time off the attempted 1st coup where the gutless MT backed out without enough support. TA had 6 months which he accomplished and would have won the Canning by-election. Her 1st interviews after the slaughter of the best man for the job, are not consistent with her excuses for having her COS at the Hendy plotter's meeting. Exposed again JB. A Traitor of the first order. She knew what was going on before Monday am when our elected PM flew to SA. The exposed traitorous Bish could have phoned, emailed, texted TA if she was honest. What a piece of work she's exposed she is. The consequences are a bumbling fool of a PM. a dope.

Saw Pauline got dragged out again to serve as a whipping post. Really needs someone to write her responses for her. Anyway, only thing I really pinged her on was her response to military involvement. Silly girl didn't think to say boo about the Wentworth waffler's 'peacekeeping' thought bubble. If Pauline wants to be relevant, she needs to lift her game. You can't send peacekeepers into a war zone like Syria, any more than you can send them to Afghanistan. In the case of Syria, you will be picking a side, like it or not. Politicians who are genuine, and not seeking the lurks and perks that come with being elected MPs or senators, need to actually say this.