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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... and all in two short years

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There is only one Australian Prime Minister who has no blood on his hands, who has knifed no-one and leaked on no-one. From Billy McMahon to Malcolm Turnbull, including all Labor leaders in between, a torrent of blood has flowed from the slippery corridors of power. It is as if no-one has the right to be an Australian Prime Minister without first having conducted a bloody coup.

        Howard and Peacock had to send out for more knives as they battled for supremacy.

The only Prime Minister with clean hands in the past half century is Tony Abbott and he is the only Prime Minister the media’s Left set out to kill with a conviction bordering on hysteria. Yet he did more for Australia and Australians in a short two years than any of the dozen before him.

Hawke flew into a wild rage when asked during a TV interview if he had blood on his hands over the knifing of Bill Hayden. 

                                                   Fraser refused Whitlam supply

Turnbull, used Bishop to undermine her boss Tony Abbott. Rudd, a hopeless incompetent with female hands. Gillard, a Labor Lawyer and AWU crook. Rudd, no change, Howard a loser with messy beginnings who refused to leave. Keating killed a dishonest Hawke. Hawke had plenty of blood on his hands, he also refused to leave. Fraser co-opted the GG to kill Whitlam. 

McMahon set out to kill Honest John Gorton who eventually was forced to fall on his own sword... and on it goes.

On each occasion the killings could only have happened with the cooperation of trusted insiders. Abbott trusted his deputy Julie Bishop but she worked with Turnbull to overthrow her boss. On each occasion it was one faction against another. And up until now it’s the Libs’ Left faction and the ALP’s treacherous NSW Right faction that have succeeded. 

                       A delighted Julie Bishop celebrates immediately after killing her boss.

Turnbull and Bishop then set about wasting almost all of Abbott’s hard won capital. Still Abbott hid his bitterness. Instead he pragmatically supported his deposer in the interests of the Party. And that seems to be the superior mark of the man, when compared to the petulant treachery of Rudd and Gillard who together squabbling led Labor to its greatest ever defeat, despite the ABC's and Fairfax’s best efforts.

                                       Some paid a high price for the knifing of Abbott

Modern history can claim Abbott as the only Australian Prime Minister with clean hands. Media’s notion of his criminality amounted to a wink, biting an onion and that maybe, 30 years ago, a female Labor student is fairly certain she might have seen him punch a wall. 

I wonder how students of politics will interpret it all in 50 years' time.

Media demands a rap sheet like Gillard’s or Shorten’s before they will endorse a Prime Minister. Perhaps it’s our atavistic history that defines unabashed criminality as a passport to leadership.

       What chance did a good Catholic man with a loving family and a clean slate have? 

His pristine record was reviled, he needed to have had an alcohol problem, a wandering appendage or a dodgy banking record to qualify to lead we grubby Australians. 

"How dare such a cleanskin covet the throne", demanded the media? "WTF can we write about now? Surely a wink and an onion will be insufficient to kill him"... and it was insufficient. It took internal treachery and betrayal to depose him as has been the political case since the Roman Empire.

Yet a stoic Tony Abbott, despite a hostile Senate, has reversed more wrongs in a short two years than any previous Prime Minister. And he did it with a wry grin that served only to further enrage the media.

I don’t share his beliefs or his religion, I’m far too average to be that good! But I still think he was the most genuinely decent Prime Minister. In my living memory, only a wonderful friend and mentor in Bob Menzies approached his constancy, ethics and faithfulness.

Now his slayer has a majority of one as a deserved millstone around his neck... he is neutered, impotent and unable to lead a once great Party to anywhere other than back to Opposition. 

So, are we likely to see Tony Abbott emulate John Howard’s triple bypass? Andrew Bolt seems to think so, but I don’t think so.

He reckons he's no chance. And even if he is drafted? He can't see that happening either. 

But didn't John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull say roughly the same thing?


Tony Abbattoir, a sadist who salivates over the trafficking and torture of Australian livestock in the lands of Islamic barbarians. There you can also witness little children kicking and stoning a downed beast and grownups clapping with delight in streets that run red with the blood of defenceless critters. And Abbott muses: " Yes trade is good, very good." Remember always, when savages, disguised as PMs, strut our halls of parliament, Karma will hunt them down, one by one. Abbott got his comeuppance. Cowardly Abbott is dead - hallelujah, praise Karma.

Abbott still has to face questions about his criminal attacks on Hanson. He broke several laws when he conspired with others to raise money to destroy the One Nation party. i hope the new Senate will investigate this grave miscarriage of Justice. Abbott was a monumental embarrassment as our PM, with stupid errors on a weekly basis. 2 knighthoods!!!!WTF.

Abbott!! What a goose. At least he stopped the boats and rid us of the carbon tax (to no avail of course, what with those two douches bringing in a carbon tax by stealth, so I will give him those two. But, he did not even try to repeal the truly odious 18C, which to me says everything about the man. Yes, he knew it would not pass the scumbags in the Senate, but so what? If he had put the repeal of that vile law forward, and had it passed in the house, that was all he could have done. But to not do a damn thing, just because he knew the scumbags would not pass it in the Senate, shows him up for the contemptible coward he is.

I won't renew membership while Turnball is the token PM. TA should never have been involved in the Pauline Hanson episode (if he was). Apart from that he has clean hands but broke so many election promises he gifted Turnball his un-earned prize. I'm yet to see a politician who doesn't stuff it up. At least Hawke kept the unions in their place (which was a surprise given his background).

It's a pity that Tony had to have a hopeless banker as his Treasurer as well.

I have just heard Silly Billy Shorten telling us that" Australians don't want a whinger for a Treasurer ;Australians want blah, blah, blah..... Bill, apart from yourself, name another Australian that agrees with you. I'm sick and tired of the loser, the runner up,the Socialist, telling me and the majority of Australian "want" Just shut up Bill. All I want from you is accurately costed, believable alternative policies. And I'm just as weary of Silly Billy's reedy, whining, sibilant, sneering tone. What an objectionable little non-entity is he?

Another victory for Tony Abbott...... No the Australian Taxpayers are not going to prop up QANTAS, you fix it yourself. What has happened, QANTAS has the biggest profit in history of the company. That populist, Zeno (can't spell his name) need to apologise to Tony Abbott, Mr Joyce (QANTAS CEO) for saying what he did about them. Another loser in the Senate. If the senate had just let things pass that were put up by the LNP the outcomes would have been the same as there are for QANTAS. Australia would be back on track.

Saddler..what is the connection between buying a kebab and preaching hatred, bigotry and promoting violence ?

I will never vote Liberal again while ever Turnbull and Bishop are the Leaders. I just hope I will see the day when both are removed by the Back bench. However I believe Turnbull has given away jobs to the frontbench to keep him in power. They will not risk their jobs to vote Turnbull out.

Morning IE - why you explaining yourself to the strawman? I fear you are in a lot of pain if you are letting him get to you.

the strawman hath thpoketh


The greatest thing Turnbull has done while PM is to let Pauline Hanson back into Parliament. On present form she will get back in in 2022 which means she will have a n influence on Australian politics for maybe the next 12 years. Good on you Pauline go you good thing go are correct... the muslims openly refer to us as infidels and kaffirs, which they regard as their natural sworn enemy. AND they are allowed to do it...!!!! Noone anywhere has ever broached this topic or tried to address it. There are many film clips available of them in their mosques at prayer time calling for death to the infidels etc...

Yes Lol - it's a good place to live, but don't mind going East for a visit now and again.

Small world m'fiend... we went to WA in the early seventies and had twenty six happy years. I still call it home!

Someone should post something about intolerance.

Yep. Live in the SW. Did a camping trip to the Kimberley, Kununurra and Argyle a couple of years ago. Argyle is an inland freshwater ocean. Imagine what can be done with that.(Must confess to being born in Victoria but shifted here in the 60's)

Yeah IE I'm pretty sure if it was a white bloke standing over a young woman yelling 'this is for you Jesus' while he plunged a knife into her body neither Saddler nor Bruce would be as quick to spring to his defence as they have done here. You can't take the moral high ground if whitey is the bad guy....................and people wonder how islam gets its hook in and spreads so fast!

"Is it not time to say a moslem chanting Allah Akbar has just committed a terrorist act ...and work back from there IF, such is proven otherwise."..........what?
In all the terrorist attacks where there were survivors or witnesses the terrorists were heard to yell 'alluha akbar' while perpetrating the act yet you say this is NOT an indication of a terrorist committing a terrorist act......frankly Bruce your credibility just took a massive dive!!
.....not that you give a ratz arz I'm guessing......but now I can just skip over you posts as trash. After this nothing you post will be worth reading on the assumption it is all the same unbelievable horseshit as your posts in this particular thread.