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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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All on the Road to China

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


The Green-ants said “You can’t burn coal” – so we sent our coal to China. Then our factories and our smelters closed and followed the coal to China.

The Green-ants said “You can’t eat beef” – so we sent our beef to China. Then burger chains and canneries closed and followed the beef to China.

The Green-ants said “Protect the trees” – so our grasslands went to weeds. Then China’s wool cheques disappeared and graziers went on welfare.

The Green-ants said “Don’t mention nukes” – so we shipped those fuels to China. Then Chinese power costs fell while ours just kept on soaring.

The Green-ants said “You can’t frack gas” – so we sent our drills to China. Then geologists and engineers were fired and followed the rigs to China.

Then blackouts came and jobs got scarce, so our kids chased jobs in China.

Today we import what we need and our cash is shipped to China.

And now we sit in flickering light, dreaming of times when factories and smelters flourished, work was honoured, explorers and builders were heroes, miners and farmers paid the nation’s bills, electricity was cheap and reliable, and to produce things was no crime.

It’s time we sent all of our Green-ants to China – there should be lots of work for them there.


How can it be that we have shipped all our industries off to China, but we are flooded with Chinese looking for work ?

John Button was the architect of this disaster, under Hawke and Labor, and people still think they are heroes. Australia is governed by traitors who answer to the communist U.N.

Well put Viv, let us hope it will be reversed.

I used to wonder why anyone with a brain voted for or joined the Greens,,,, then I realised,,,they don't.

The Green Ant is a White Ant.
Chewing the guts out of our Country, slowly destroying it, but in Full View.

I was a boy in the fifties and a working man in the sixties . With a population of 10 -12 million (2 mill in Sydney) Australia was booming. We made everything from cars to record players very successfully, most of it with only one wage earner. Two things have gone wrong. Cheap imported goods have become plentiful, and people have become so ill informed that they buy them, sending their Childrens jobs, maybe even their own, to sweatshops overseas. Prosperous local manufacturing and food production are absolutely essential for a healthy economy, not perpetual growth. And people should learn that the prices they pay for local goods only reflect a standard of living similar to their own for the producers. The plight of the Dairy farmers in OZ is a prime example of the wholesale rape of a

The Chinks would be harsher on these retards than Vlad was with "greenpiss". It's only the tolerant West who put up with their antics. We continue to pay the price.....

Oh! So right, Viv. The ruination of our once great country.

The Greens have no idea of economics, but Labor need their preferences to win the election.

Send them to hell.

Forget Greek tragedy, that normally is about a single individual, the Australian one is worse.

It's about the needless and self-inflicted death of an entire country.

They're greensnots to me.

The green ants are where they are (annoying most sane people) by being a minority who has perfected the "squeaking wheel syndrome" - some how we need to lubricate (Or liquidate) the impact of a minority dominating the media with flim flam actions!

Those who spy on the mostly fake news we're typically force fed, would this last week, have seen or heard something of the latest sham election in Cambodia.

That sad little country, victim of the genocidal insanity of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in the 70’s, followed by decades of ongoing war and corruption, has forever since been captive to a corrupt ruling elite, that although a degree less murderous and insane, purports to be internationally legitimate following a UN brokered “democratic transition” in 1993.

Our taxpayer funded SBS and ABC are so blatantly blinkered, multiculti/globalist and agenda driven as to be almost insufferable (with commercial channels little more than a non-stop freak show squeezed in between advertisements). However we must, in particular, keep an occasional eye on the Gaybc and Sharia Broadcasting Service to see what they’re up to. And they dared to report something of the charade that purported to be democratic national elections in Cambodia. The nepotistic junta that runs this beleaguered nation, headed by the ruthless despot Hun Sen, no less than a former Khmer Rouge official himself, brokers absolutely no press freedom, banned the country’s major opposition party and reduced all remaining political rivals to fragmented, muted pawns. The regime totally rigged the so called election, and unsurprisingly, had the nerve to claim it won every single one of the Parliament’s 125 seats. No less unsurprising is that a significant number of official UN “election monitors” were from China.

Would you believe there was even mention of the fact China practically owns poor little Cambodia nowadays (naturally it wasn't worded such). The regime continually evicts farmers and the poor from their traditional land without compensation, sells mining and logging leases to those with the necessary connections, and has leased its only deep sea port to the Chicomms — all in exchange for development dollars and military aid etc to help keep the regime and elites in power.

Obviously many “election monitors” were Chinese. The Chicomms don't simply disdain or even despise democracy — they absolutely dread democracy. Never forget Tiananmen Square. China has no interest in promoting any aspect of democracy whatsoever, other than where it might be exploited to subvert an existing political and social order, such as in promoting forced multiculturalism, “minority rights” and ever more erosion of national identity and resulting disharmony — as they're working overtime to achieve in the US and here in Australia.

China — our “largest trading partner” as many like to boast — is probably our major enemy.

I must protest that the gangrene greenie sheila's sure aren't very fashion conscious .

As soon as I win Powerball or Oz Lotto next week I'll fix all that up instead of delivering stock feed to drought affected farms, move the stock to coastal sugar cane regions to protect their breeding stock until the drought ends ,it's just the case of injecting them with an identifying capsule under the skin .

GREENIES GET UP:When will there be an investigation into all the sexual harassment/sexual impropriety/in some cases RAPE.It is a Laugh about how they are all HIGH and MIGHTY and yet with what has been reported the most corrupt in a abuse to women. Guess 2Daddies doesn't read or listen to any of the reports by all the complaints from the young women. Who are now so disillusioned they have left the Party.One after going where ever she could rang Limp Linguini D'Natale's office and they passed her on. This happened to several departments in the GREENIES GET UP OFFICE. PASS THE BUCK.

Vlad knew instinctively what to do with Greenpiss. They haven't reoffended since he dealt with them. The Chinks would be a tad harsher on the green vomit I would think. It's only the dim-witted West that caters to these vermin....

Priorities ???
Leading article this morning on MSN News is an interview with the mother of Osama bin Laden holding him up as a hero and martyr. Fact is he is an arse hole that only a mother could love.
After all this time they choose now to resurrect him as somebody of interest when most people of the WESTERN WORLD would spit on his memory. No doubt in my mind about the hidden agenda of MSN.

Dumb and Dumber - Andrew L Urban - the venerable and much respected American columnist and commentator Charles Krauthammer famously noted that to understand US politics you have start with the realisation that the right thinks the left is stupid and the left thinks the right is evil. NORMALLY THIS WOULD APPLY IN AUSTRALIA, BUT HTE MALCOLM TURNBULL-LED LIBERALS HAVE MANAGED TO LET THEMSELVES BE LABELLED AS STUPID BY THEIR OWN BASE, SO WE HAVE TWO STUPID WINGS FLAPPING IN OUT POLITICAL BREEZE. (The MTs are bloody idiots - says Winston) Even in the wake of the Super Saturday by elections, in which their vote sank, they have stubbornly - er stupidly - refused to understand that most Liberal and National voters do NOT agree with them on energy policies based on global warming scenarios,