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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There’s a message for PM Abbott in the public’s response to the Ali Jaffari story. Over the weekend Facebook registered more than 500,000 hits, recorded a ‘reach’ of over 600,000 and 8,500 shares and climbing. The Pickering Post website crashed, despite having just moved to bigger server. 

The avalanche of white-hot hostility toward the decision of Geelong Magistrate, Ron Saines, was unmatched in its genuine rage.

This issue is not about race (sick perverted paedophiles like Jaffari infect every race) it’s about a judiciary which tolerates an alien culture over ours. 

Yet the judiciary is required to reflect the values of our culture... and it clearly does not!

The judiciary is a self-regulating body and, as with all systems that are permitted self-regulation, it will eventually become corrupt, undemocratic and fastidiously self-protective.

The appallingly low quality of Australia’s magistracy is a consequence of how they are appointed. They are failed lawyers, otherwise they would still be in lucrative practices. 

Law firms don’t sack unwanted lawyers, they simply nominate them for the magistracy and the Attorney General signs off on them.

Even Julia Gillard, who is guilty of the worst of “lawyer” crimes, wasn’t sacked, she was politely asked to quietly leave. 

Paedophilia is over-represented in the judiciary, religion and the entertainment industry. Actually it’s more than over-represented, it’s rampant, systemic and cleverly disguised.

Western nations practise the same paedophile sickness as do Islamic nations. 

The difference is that Western nations secrete it while Islamic nations wear it as an emblem of their “culture”.

Australia has welcomed and befriended people of varied cultures world-wide. We have always been multicultural, and we are much the richer for it. 

There weren’t enough of us in the first fleet to populate or develop a nation. We were reliant on immigration to become one of the world’s major economies within a short 200 years. 

The diverse cultures of China, Japan, Greece, Italy and many other European, African and Asian nations have joined our own unique culture to enrich the Aussie lifestyle.

But there is one culture that is alien to Australians who have, until now, welcomed all-comers... and that’s the culture of Islam. 

I can already hear the loony Left screeching “racism” and “xenophobia”, but no fellas, it has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with “culture”, a culture that will not, and has no intention to, assimilate and join in our celebration of multiculturalism.

Islam is an archaic culture embracing paedophilia, beheadings, severing of limbs, rape, incredible cruelty to animals, subjugation of women, sexual abuse of children and an innate, violent hatred of Christianity and democracy.

Everything we stand for, they stand against.

Anyone daring to challenge their beliefs is met with a death sentence in the name of their Allah.

Islam uses Western tolerance to further encroach on and destroy our social structures. That’s its aim, and it’s working, because we are allowing it to work in the name of racial tolerance when there is no connection to “race”... it’s a cultural coup.

Illegal boat arrivals were/are the worst of all adherents of Islam, they stood little chance of being accepted using normal immigration channels (witness the latest ABC doco). 

Yet the Rudd/Gillard/Green Government let 30,000 loose in our communities, unprocessed. 

Is it any wonder Middle East Crime Units have been deployed? 

How many reports of gang rapes, shootings and killings are now appended with the description, “men of Middle Eastern appearance”? 

They should also append the non-descriptive term, “men of Islamic conviction”. 

They have developed their own bikie gangs and have already established a Sharia banking system right here in Australia that severely financially disadvantages Australians. 

We are their resolved enemy and there is an intention to break down our social structure to enable a "caliphate". 

They make no secret of this intention, it is preached and foretold from the mushrooming mosques Green councils are encouraging. (Greens too would love to see our capitalist society destroyed.)

Stopping the boats may have turned off the tap but the flood of unwanted Islamic culture Labor/Greens left us with still remains.

For Australia to survive the coming Muslim onslaught that Europe is now suffering, we need changes that defy the false tag of “racism”. 

If the evil destructive chain of Islam is not broken now it will in future be impossible to deport indoctrinated generations of Islamic youth. They will be Australian born and bred!

Mosques must be monitored and radical clerics charged under the threat of deportation when they promote violence, hatred or defiance of Australian law.

Muslim immigrants must be made to swear an oath of allegiance to Australia and its laws and culture. The oath must supersede all Islamic and Sharia law. Violation of that oath must carry penal provisions.

The subjugation of women, child sexual abuse (including under-age betrothal) and sexual mutilation under the guise of “culture”, must be made accountable for under current Australian law. 

“Culture” must not be allowed as a defence or an excuse for any illegality.

The Burkah must be banned. (That’s a no brainer.)

Islam must be shown we will no longer tolerate its vile excesses. Islam interprets our weakness as the first sign of total acquiescence.

We cannot do a damned thing about the 30,000 unprocessed illegal immigrants of Gillard and Rudd. We’re stuck with them. 

If we ever call them in for processing, the ones who fail to respond are the only ones we’ll need to worry about. 

There are 60,000 visa overstays here already who we have no way of locating. 

Illegal maritime arrivals don’t simply chuck their papers overboard so we won’t know who they are, the lack of papers or ID makes it nigh impossible to deport them. 

With 80 per cent of illegal arrivals on welfare weighing heavily on our already burgeoning culture of entitlement, we are slowly becoming insolvent. 

Unless the Government takes a stand now, as governments in other battered countries have, the Islamic vote will, in a very few decades, dictate a new repulsive Australian “culture”.

In the meantime, if Abbott has control of the Senate by July, (and he is likely to have) he should look closely at reforming the judiciary to make it accountable to, rather than alien to, genuine public sentiment.


We pay for the implementation of sharia law through the food tax we pay to Muslims.

Six taliban for the price of one

Don't think so!

Great Big brain is the Wise one P? Tried to go back but I can't get there too well.

ASIO or the Fed police should monitor all phone calls to the Middle East from these 30,000 illegal immigrants in the community (I know it is a big ask) to establish their true identity. Once their identity is established by the clues from these phone conversations or social media contacts, then we have them nailed as to authenticity to claim asylum. The illegals will have to use their own money now (or bludge off a charity/community group) to dispute any finding against them. We don't want any more crooks in Oz.

Found it. Posted 1 day ago in response to BR 2 days ago. May have been easier if you had posted it in the same thread BR. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Its only a matter of time before he strikes again, he can't help himself. This time he is history.

Jeez he is an ugly fucker, looks like your usual sweaty kiddy fidler. Surely half of geelong is on the look out for this guy.

This is what we have to look forward to.....Seems multiculturalism works for everyone except the innocent infidel women and children.

There is no post from Wiseone that I can find, but I don't think that matters. BR will post it anyway. Old political trick.

Picked what? I don't know the answer. I looked for a poster but there is none unless GBB means Great Big Brain = Wise one

Aussie. Picked it!

WHo or where is Wiseone????

Any government of the day will only do what is best for them. The Mr. and Mrs. Average Taxpayer is of no importance at all. Their brief is to amass as much superannuation, perks and maybe an ambassadorial position to keep them in the manner to which they have become accustomed, it is called "institutionalised protectionism". Australia is now being run by the most self-serving politicians ever seen in this country. Their sense of entitlement is staggering. Although they realise allowing unfettered muslim immigration is placing country in danger, they will not turn away, they are all tarred with the one brush.

Yes, and I don't want to hear it can't be done.

Things could actually get boring soon, when we are rid of all the scandals

Oldfield was in it only for himself. Didn't he do all his plotting while he was supposed to be working in PM Abbott's office and that's what made TA against One Nation, the fact that Oldfield worked on developing one Nation while he was supposed to be working otherwise, and using material and equipment of the liberal party to do so.

Or a bed swapping, skirt chasing. union thug commo.

Slightly off topic but still dealing with the muslims issues in Victoria. Recently there was an article in the Herald-Sun reporting that tens of thousands of dollars damage was done to a public housing apartment. Speaking about this on Melbourne talk back radio was a gentleman who is a contractor who restores the damage. He spoke about the muslims demanding new ovens and hotplates (although they were perfectly o.k.), because they may have had a pork fat residue either in the oven or on the hotplates. I couldn't believe my ears. If the Victorian government allows this madness to continue we are all in trouble. Proof positive that we are at the mercy of these degenerate and disgusting people.

A couple of posts below give the message that "all are just have to swear an allegiance "......for my money that's the problem....real Australians are far too lenient on that.....and that's why real Australians are quickly disappearing......our Culture is very worth preserving and protecting.....we have to say "No More" and return the whole lot of the ones that turned up Uninvited.......that's part of OUR CULTURE.....JF