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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As media scrambles to catch up on Kathy’s explosive allegations of rape against Bill Shorten, first exposed this week in the Pickering Post, the ALP is casting a line into an almost empty talent pool for a more reputable fish.

Newspapers and TV programs are now vying for “exclusives” in a race to get the story legalled and pumping ratings. It’s a story they had previously refused to confront during eight months of swirling imputations. 

Shorten is copping a daily hammering in the Royal Commission into Unions and his recent unhinged attack on the Japanese has left Labor reeling. 

The choice of Shorten as leader over the rank-and-file’s preference for Albanese appears to be an extension of Labor’s leadership woes. 

Rudd, Gillard, Rudd and now Shorten will not make good reading in ALP archives and the whole seven years will likely go missing from the file.

Separating the Siamese twins of Labor and unions will be a surgical operation made more difficult while Shorten remains. His fingerprints are all over the dirty dealings of Victoria’s Centre Right faction and his close association with Bill Ludwig’s AWU and the NSW Right’s long line of crooks augers poorly for Bill’s future.

His failed attempts to have the Gillard/Wilson fraud and jailed ALP President, Michael Williamson’s $20 million HSU East branch scam shut down have left him exposed as just another union thug and the stench of union corruption will follow him into history.

And his record of ruthlessly knifing two sitting Labor Prime Ministers in a bloody battle for his own future does not compare well with his hero Bob Hawke’s drinking record.

We saw the real Bill Shorten for the first time in a long time, in his element, on the back of that truck in Adelaide screaming anti Japanese slogans to a handful of adoring unionists. It was as un-prime ministerial as any hopeful could get.

Now the man with the wandering appendage has made the mistake of calling Kathy a liar (“it didn’t happen”) after police decided there was insufficient evidence to charge him with raping her.

Shorten has tried to paper over his murky past by planting a foot in the pretentious vice-regal establishment, but it hasn’t worked... and Kathy’s compelling story is just one of many, far too many.

Kevin Rudd has made it nigh impossible for a repeat of his ignominious dumping as leader but Labor cannot go to the next election with Shorten and they have started to realise that. 

Albanese is their only hope in a shortlist of longshots and the sooner he is installed the better Labor’s chances of re-election.


If Albo is Labor's only alternative then they are in more trouble that you think Larry. Albo is an embarrassment. He cannot even pronounce the name of his country. He sounds like a slow sixth grader trying to pretend that he's not shy. And so soon after Gillard, they dare not go with another woman so that lets Plibo out. There's not much left to choose from unless they go with the charismaticly challenged Chris Bowen.

Are they all going to take turns? Who's next, wong, then after Christmas it will be conboy,, then, let's give that Burke a go, at least they are entertaining, with their excuses and back stabbing, if only they had an idea.

OMG, yet another has been, labor have no idea, bunch of losers.

Replace one price with an even bigger prick ... I wonder if Albo will insist on putting a Thai massage room in Parliament House when he becomes opposition leader?

Lets put another empty headed goose as labor leader and opposition leader. Wow this country will never learn. And I blame that greedy John Howard for all that has happened to our beautiful country (seeing the interview last night on Seven's Sunday Night program) for not letting Peter Costello take over as PM and letting these fools LABOR into government through Rudd/Gillard/Rudd who have created the Immigration and Islamic poisonous cocktail that is destroying Australia now and for years to come.


Platoon Sergeant Buicks books, (referred to by CP), even in synopsis form include vast amounts of specialized infantry and particularly Rifle Company information.

Reference to Bob Buick, 6 RAR platoon sergeant and the three books he has written can be found here:

Perhaps I am wrong but CP appears to have now deleted some of his more revealing evidence about his deployment with 6RAR and his platoon sergeants? I can’t find them now.

“When ‘D’ Company, 6RAR, ran into a large enemy force moving against Nui Dat. In heavy fighting at Xa Long Tan, (18–19 August 1966, first deployment) ‘D’ Company held out for several hours until a relief force reached them”.

“As the rest of the battalion mobilized to relieve the beleaguered 'D' Company, a patrol from 'B' Company were the first reinforcements to arrive. As the battle continued, a relief force from 'A' Company arrived at a critical moment”.

So Alpha (mechanized infantry) and Bravo were deployed in support of Delta.

As far as I can determine 6 RAR had 3 Rifle Companies – 'A', 'B', and 'D' as referred to above, no Charlie Company. So if CP was with 6 RAR but as stated he was not at Long Tan with the 3 Rifle Companies, where was he?

The 6 RAR battalion was brought up to strength in 1965 with assignment 250 “Nasho’s”, so could CP have been part of this contingent and remained in some role at HQ?

I get nervous when I hear such “vague allusions” to specifics as it raises reasonable doubt about veracity.
If I am wrong about CP, I offer him my most humble apologies as a true Digger. If however, I am right, then CP owes our Diggers his most humble apologies and should seek forgiveness.

I share some of your concerns M60 however, there can be no doubt that our Vietnam Vets were treated appallingly in the past, much to Australia’s great shame.

It is no surprise that many Vets have been reluctant to expose themselves to any more public abuse, particularly those suffering PTSD. But that is in the past and this great wrong has now largely been rectified, as a nation we now rightly and truly recognize their courage, their sacrifice and embrace them as hero’s.

I can’t agree with you about either the “lingo” (“Uc Doi Loi Cheap Charlie he no buy”, this is a direct lift from the Wikipedia entry) or the “convincing point was solely to do with Australia Army structure raised by CP that not many outside the Infantry Corps would be aware”. Everything referred to by CP is all over the internet in great detail.

This includes details from CP such as battalion composition ,weapons, kit, including reference to “spare barrel for the M60”, regimental deployments and dates, other references such as battalion strength is included such as few “ battalions ever went into the field at full strength. Illness, leave entitlements, troops ending period of engagement all sapped a battalions strength”.

Could be a tranny??

Absolutely Hottie. Never try protecting a lead against a side like Port. I do fear we may be thumped next week. We'd have to play better than we've played all year.

...cont: But if one knows where to look and who to talk to almost every aspect of a vet's record can be accessed. The Army is a great record-keeper. Now, back to those two points. The negative point is as I said an unfortunate quoting of particular 'lingo' used in Vietnam and you will know what I mean, there's no need to quote them. This was, to my mind, totally unnecessary and caused me to cringe a little, and obviously, it was noticed by others. The positive, convincing point was solely to do with Australia Army structure raised by CP that not many outside the Infantry Corps would be aware. Without going into too much detail it has to do with Regiments and Battalions. On this note I'll retire my case.

jc: No, not personal. I had a doubt about CP but within reason I'm prepared to take a man at face value, although here there was no face so a measure of doubt remained. In my opinion, however humble it may be, there was two salient points raised by CP in this debate and to my mind they conflicted greatly, but first let me say this to you CP. I believe you! But equally I can understand why others wouldn't and it is here I think you are your own worst disclaimer with an unfortunate choice of words, an element I touched on, again, in a previous post. Many claim to be Vietnam Vets and as much as I hate to say it some, a few, genuine vets exaggerate their service and combat experience in SVN. The first can be easily proved/disproved one way or another the second is a tad harder. mtf

Come on guys. This is getting very personal.

Darth: Quite so. The language was not that of a (genuine) VV. In fact it was excruciatingly embarrassing. Although he was correct about one thing which leads me to think he may have served at one time or another but well after Vietnam. Could be reader of comics too?

Unless Heloise is Tanya Plibersek herself then she's just another person who thinks she knows more than she actually does. I know what people tell me, which is that Shorten's reign will end soon either by hook or by crook. Meaning he'll either be thrown out by the party or be ineligible to be leader of the ALP because of charges from the Royal commission.

Well wasp old mate. No too many people on this site are in thrall of sharia, except the trolls. So what is your point? Nobody with a functioning brain supports sharia, but perhaps some pollies like Lambie should do some research with their taxpayer funded resources before they open their mouths and set back the cause. By association, she make anti moslems look as stupid as her.

Wasp, old mate, I've watched moslems and their ways since 1979. Plus, I'm not paid from the public purse like Lambie. What's your point?

M60. My OPINION "I believe" was that CP has no more experise on his original comment on Brandis and politicians waffling, which he appeared to understand, but clearly you have taken offense to it. Maybe a bit of sunday cheer and not reading the replys correctly. I am not criticising his or your service to the country, simply that the replys went off in a tangent, and I still don't believe that added to or helped to original post. Also your powers of perception again mislead you, I am male and in my 60s, and happy for you not to persevere further.

Darth---even the vibrator screeches to a halt when in top gear, and it cannot see her back of bus face. Fran is the first woman to have stalactites and stalagmites growing in her fur magnet, and the pleasure machines were not built to operate in such restricted chasms. Thank god no man has to be put to the task. And for her own personal satisfaction I would contact a mining drill bit company for some special tool to add to her little pleasure toy.

That's PC, CP.

GBB: I'll persevere one more time with you girl! You made a STATEMENT, and it was to the effect that ..... 'despite the fact CP served in SVN he was no more competent (knowledgeable) on the subject than someone who didn't.' You can't be serious?