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Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


To see 11 year old autistic Luke back in his Mum’s arms and drenched in her tears after four unimaginable nights in the cold bush was a sheer delight. So many missing kids are lost forever and as the image of that little forlorn face looking up at a helicopter from dense scrub was flashed around the world it was met with countless sighs of relief and a million “thank Gods”.

The mood quickly changed to agony when the following news item showed Bill Shorten talking his usual unintelligible gibberish regarding a bakery. This bloke represents the dregs of steaming human sewage and the sooner Labor rids itself of him the better.

But it’s personal with me, you see, for you to feel the same way about this filthy, fly-blown, maggot-ridden piece of worthless shit you would have to have sat with me through the hours of an interview I did with a broken girl he raped.


I like your style Larry. Never a truer word said

Can you say that and not get sued?

Short on character, short on integrity, short on honesty, short on any worthwhile human traits. That's why he calls himself 'Shorten'. To me he will always be "Bull Shitten".

Why is a grub like that, beyond the law? It's an obvious indicator that there needs to be a huge "shuffle" of the Justice system.

Well said Goldilocks. I too have many friends, work colleagues and associates from all walks of life, culture and religion. I also have been married to a Chinese person, who became naturalised and joined our defence forces and I learnt so much about GOOD multiculturalism. Today it is all about a so-called religion that has implemented ITS philosophies to the DETRIMENT of OUR CULTURE and is holding us to RANSOM. And they claim to be VICTIMS. What a joke. Excellent docu-drama. My cousin died of Aids in 1991 and his friend told me to watch this. It explains what happened in the beginning very well, I can't believe it was a man made virus and I certainly don't believe it's a gay disease

The latest action by a muslim family to test our patience, is the killing of three, maybe four young children by their mother. The Police enquiring into this event say that they are investigating “Cultural, religious and family consideration, and to be assured that they ( the Police) are approaching these considerations with sensitivity”
These Sudanese are interlopers on OUR culture. I see no need what so ever to make any allowances for Sudanese ‘sensitivities” If they contravene Australian law, let them bear the consequences. This is just another example of our Government subverting our way of life. Stop it!

It is such a lethal area to place a virus as its effects are so manifold on the immune system that I cannot believe that ANY government let alone western would create it. It was and still is one of a kind as it is in a class we had never seen before

The last post was from Croc 6 hours ago. Can this right?

Agreed Bruce..anyone can turn but just don't turn your back to the Muslim soldier that you trained or are training. Even in Vietnam, Africa, Sth and Central America the killing of instructors by trainees was almost unknown. International law, morality, decency, true honour, have NO meaning under islam.

There are decent people who happen to be Muslims: I have met them and I had one for a best friend. But what many of you fail to realise is that even such can suddenly turn, out of the blue and for reasons unknown, or because they have committed some Islamic (having a kuffar friend ) or family crime. I have witnessed this on now three occasions and each time the shock totally unsettled me as I wonder if I had done anything. It was only after about 5 years of study that I found out why. You may be a decent person and a muslim but the only ones who will always be decent people are those who turn apostate and cannot thus be dragged back into that dark age morass of barbarism. When they do apostasize OMG how they hate Islam as they see what it did to them and others. That is why I feel as I d

Bloody hell!...if I wanted to have a go at all of the fucking cunts that've given me a hard time in my life then I'd take up this whole site. Best to let the fucking dogs lie.


Lot of cleanskins out their in the long paddock

@ ZATHRAS I don,t know how bruce became so enthralled with the mozzo,s when he is bucketing the only SOON to be political party that's even GAME to mention ISLAMIC TERRORISTS , having a memory failure are we bruce ?? remember what was said when O N appeared on the political arena , people in glass houses and all that bruce , sorry you could,nt get a start in the A L A , they are after cleanskins brucie .

This jemales thing has deleted posts after being criticised so that others can't follow the thread. What a cowardly maggot. Want to have shortens love child I think. VOMIT!

A great ending to something that could well have been a tragedy if Luke had wandered in the opposite direction. A big shout out of thank you to all the searches, emergency units and support personnel.

OK I am off as I have already posted too much and it "aint fair" on all else. The site is under leftard attack. If the trolls return then you lot can deal with them although it is a little easy as they reek of virgin experience spiced by loads of leftist dogma.

The Big Lie was created by Muhammad, enshrined by the Marxists and pushed all the way by the Nazis. Being a leftist Pivco you should look at what you are told rather than lecture to us.

Larry it is heart warming to see someone use the same language to describe our potential Prime Minister as I do. But he is the ideal Labor man has all the right experience and qualifications so no contest. When he has easy access to a convicted Drug Runner's Moll for information how to restructure the laws to let drug dealers loose on society what more could we ask for!