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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... WTF?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Now I’ve heard everything! The AFL and every sports commentator in the country is admonishing the crowds for booing Adam Goodes. Well, now the crowds can add Lewis Jetta to their list of people worthy of booing because, although the AFL might be able to eject a 13-year-old girl from the MCG, it can’t eject 50,000 fans who paid to have their say.

Crowds have always been a sonic barometer of what’s fair and what’s not... and they are invariably right! Forget idiot commentators, AFL administrators are the curators of the game and have a duty to wipe out this racist garbage Aboriginal players are provocatively throwing at fans of opposing teams.

Jetta and Goodes should both have copped three weeks and a ten grand fine each as would have non-Aboriginal players had they performed similar racist antics to the detriment of the game.

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has said the booing must stop! Will someone explain to this idiot that the only way to do that is to stop Aboriginal players racially taunting the fans of opposing teams... it's not rocket science!

There are no administrators of sport on earth (except for the AFL) that would allow players to interact racially with patrons during a game.

And don't come the Haka comparison bullshit. That is performed before the game and directed at the opposing team, not at the fans of the opposing team during the game.

It seems that angry racial outbursts must now be seen as “cultural expressions” in the AFL PC handbook of how to conduct one’s self as a professional Aboriginal footballer.

There is no such thing as an Aboriginal warrior, or a war dance... it is a myth concocted by urban radicals as an expression of hate and defiance toward whites.

The true Aborigine is a gentle person who only dances to honour his environment and emulate the animals he depends on for food.

Why isn’t the modern Aborigine who has reached the pinnacle of his chosen sport seen with a traditional Aboriginal girl at gala functions? Now there’s something that would be culturally positive and endearing. But oh no, you will never see that! A trophy white girl is now invariably needed as a mark of black success.

So much for “culture” and the humbug of excuses that justify bad behaviour on the field.

The AFL should put a stop to this racial effrontery before it gets out of hand. It will continue and increase as long as commentators and administrators ridiculously support it as an “expression of culture”.

The universal respect for Aboriginal achievement in sport, successfully promoted by the “Indigenous Round”, is coming apart at the seams because the AFL is promoting unacceptable racial behaviour from players who would otherwise be the heroes of adoring fans.

There is a limit to “cultural expression” from all cultures. That limit is reached when it offends others and in this case it clearly has.

So don’t blame the loyal fans... use them as a guide to what’s acceptable.


Tony H: .... Goodes was awarded "Australian of the year" .... And what kind of a model of institutionalized-racialism-imposed cringe was that? Barsteward's not fit to be s'house cleaner of the year.

IF Adam was correct and we booed him for being a BLACK Ape.....
We would have to Boo EVERY NRL Team in Australia.....


What Adam just DOESN'T understand is that we are Booing HIM (Not his colour)
He DESERVES to be Booed because He is a Big Black Bully and he would be Booed if he was Green or Purple or WHITE!
He bullied a Little Girl who called him an Ape, Not a BLACK Ape. and YES he Looks and ACTS just like an APE.!!!
She wasn't being RACIST - HE decided to Take it THAT Way.

With you on that Rosa.

Yes we are such a racist country that Goodes was awarded Australian of the year! He was hailed as kne if AFL's greatest players. He repays the compliment by bagging out our country and it's people and with this crap going on. Goodes proving to be a divisive, antagonistic figure. What a legacy he will leave, when he was in a position to do so much more. Just a petulant, spoilt sook!

Racism only goes one way in this country, and that is against whites.

Funny how it is always the whites copping it.

Imagine if a white player baited a group of opposing abo supporters. The abo industry would be up in arms the GayBc would be shitting bricks.

King sooki la la Goodes and his War dance, omg dont we have enough damn ''Haka'' isms now in Australia without this ? even at bloody work they do them ,

Abbo - WAR Dance???
I'm getting FED UP with THIS C**P
Sure took the Heat of Shorten eh?

As of 14.45hrs today it looks like Thurston is off my Christmas list. If he scores a try he's do a nigger war dance in support of that creep Goodes. These boongs really are beyond help.

I think it's called The Funky Monkey.

Goodes. A piece of trash is a piece of trash. It is only racist if you say it is black. It's okay for them to call us white 'c...ts but is racial vilification if we said they were black ones. They want recognition in the Constitution to have equality but still demand to have separate rules applying to them. With inclusion they may be subjected to equal Centrelink and other benefits under the conditions that whites have to do. No more cheap loans, special treatment to get jobs or university passes because they are too dumb to get them on an equal basis. I used to respect Thurston but NO LONGER. Just another abbo pulling the coward's card.

All of Goodes supporters reject the idea that his behaviour has anything to do with the booing and it is entirely racially motivated.I expect the rest of the Aboriginal players to lodge a complaint for not being recognised.

No-one complains in rugby league when Greg Inglis scores and does his goanna crawl. Not sure what the meaning of it is apart from an obvious reference to the bush menu of his ancestors, but the difference is he does it with a smile towards the crowd, not a scowl.

The players are going to dance? Wonder what form that will take, ballet perhaps or maybe modern jazz, possibly tap - the mind boggles.

Love this quote, " he should perhaps pause a moment and wonder about whether he is fighting a war that has already been won, and instead of complaining from his position at the top, realise how those on the bottom rungs might be sick of hearing him whinging and would much rather he just got on with life."

Professional victim Goodes won't be playing in his next game, but his team is going to be 'wearing their dreamtime shirts in solidarity'.. Huh?! So Goode's team mates think that bullying a thirteen year old girl is acceptable too do they? If so they should be booed as well.

I wonder how they would like a reversal, if the crowd stood up and turned their backs like they did to John Howard?

Someone should educate some of the individuals concerning so called Traditional Aboriginal War Dances. No such dance was ever recorded by the early explorers or Anthropologists such as Spencer and Gillen, W.E. Roth and others. Certainly in my dealings with Aboriginal people in Northern and Central Australia over the past 60 years I have never heard of such nonsense. The entire notion of such a dance is a modern fabrication in the same way as the so called “Welcome to Country” ceremony was started by Ernie Dingo in 1976 over in Western Australia.