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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Taliban's shooting of 132 schoolkids in schoolrooms takes a special kind of Islam, the Saudi Wahhabi kind, the same kind that ISIS espouses and the same kind that Australian Muslims are breaking their necks to join overseas, but when their passports are cancelled they are forced to commit their terrorist attacks on home soil instead.

The latest drug seizures in NZ and here involved massive amounts of heroin from the fields of Afghanistan, just a small part of the $60 billion cash crop that finances Taliban atrocities.

The Melbourne raids led to the arrest of Ali Aydin, Mohammad Osman, Rami Margus, Kazem Hamad, Mohammed Baset Wahab and Mohammad Danesh.

Now, at the risk of sounding a fraction Islamophobic, those names do seem rather Islamic and in particular Afghani, even more particularly, Taliban. Of course our soft Left legal system will ensure they are all back home planting poppies in no time or happily on welfare here.

Obama has left 9,800 troops in Afghanistan ready for a complete withdrawal of all combat troops by the end of 2016 and the Taliban is refinancing in readiness for a slaughter of civilians that will make Iraq’s ISIS look like another “isolated Islamic incident”.

Failing to learn from the Russian experiment, the Yanks’ terms of engagement included leaving the heroin trade in place... and that seems rather odd because all wars involve targeting of supply routes and eliminating means of financing. In this case it is the Taliban’s only means of financing and one that constitutes over 90 per cent of the world’s heroin trade. More than 200 ton of the stuff is exported through Pakistan every year.

From Pakistan the heroin traverses the Balkan route to Iran, Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria, across South-East Europe to the Western European market, with an annual street value of some $20 billion.

The northern route runs mainly through Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan and to Russia. The size of that market is estimated to total $13 billion in street value per year. The Australian market is supplied through West Asia and is extremely valuable as it commands three times the street price of elsewhere in the world (thus the explosion of cheap, locally manufactured, hideous methamphetamine, "ice").

Had the Yanks done their homework before invading Afghanistan they would have discovered that you can’t win the heart and mind of the enemy by destroying his only source of income.

It has been another impossible war to win: Spray the rural farmers’ filthy poppy fields and force them to join the Taliban or ignore the poppy fields and ensure the Taliban is flush with funds.

The stupid Yank solution was to ask the farmers to grow carrots and cabbages instead. Yeah, right, they sure jumped at that!

So here we are again, on the precipice of yet another ideological Islamic holocaust with a blind Australia being used as a staging post.

While the soft Left insists there is no evil in Islam the rest of us simply anticipate the next, "not  necessarily Islamic, isolated incident”.

The only nation State that can sit back and enjoy the coming genocide from a distance is the instigator of the $3 trillion halal scam, and financier of this decadent form of Wahhabi Islam, oil-rich Saudi Arabia.

“Oh, but the Royal House of Saud agreed to be part of the coalition against ISIS”, you say. Agreed, yes they did, but only because the ISIS was threatening to raze their many golden palaces.

You see, there is no space for loyalty in the doctrine of Islam.

And the Saudi contribution to the war on the ISIS? Well, they have agreed to Obama’s fawning request to allow US training camps on Saudi soil, but only for “moderate” Syrian rebels.

“Moderate” means you want to kill Bashar Assad too. So would all the “moderates” please line up here and all the crazy bastards we want to kill, all line up over there.

Fair dinkum, if it wasn’t so serious this would be a better comedy than Sony’s latest attempt.  


Do you want a mosque near you? You may say you don’t mind, so long as it isn’t run by the small minority of extremists.

If so, think again.

Please subscribe to Middle East Quarterly for a copy of the report “Sharia and Violence in American Mosques“, by Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi. Its surgical logic is matched by its unflinching conclusions.

The study is relevant to British people because Islamic integration is assumed to work better in America than in Europe.

Messrs Kedar and Yerushalmi ask two basic questions: first, whether there is a link between sharia-adherent behaviour in American mosques and the making available of books and videos sanctioning violence; and second, whether there is a link between violent materials in a mosque and that mosque’s leaders advocating violent or supremacist behaviour?

The researchers appear to have been sampled cautiously and impartially. Data came from a random, representative sample of 100 US mosques in 14 states, plus the District of Columbia:

A surveyor visited a subject mosque in order: (a) to observe and record 12 Sharia-adherent behaviors of the worshipers and the imam (or lay leader); (b) to observe whether the mosque contained the selected materials rated as moderate and severe; (c) to observe whether the mosque contained materials promoting, praising, or supporting violence or violent jihad; and (d) to observe whether the mosque contained materials indicating the mosque had invited guestspeakers known to have promoted violent jihad.

The Sharia-adherent behaviour was selected for its significance according to “Reliance of the Traveller”, “Fiqh as-Sunna”, and other standard – if unsavoury – sharia discourses:

Among the behaviors observed at the mosques and scored as Shari’a-adherent were: (a) women wearing the hijab (head covering) or niqab(full-length shift covering the entire female form except for the eyes); (b) gender segregation during mosque prayers; and (c) enforcement of straight prayer lines. Behaviors that were not scored as Shari’a-adherent included: (a) women wearing just a modern hijab, a scarf-like covering that does not cover all of the hair, or no covering; (b) men and women praying together in the same room; and (c) no enforcement by the imam, lay leader, or worshipers of straight prayer lines.

Violent materials – mainly books and videos – were divided into ‘moderate’ and ‘severe’.

The moderate-rated literature was authored by respected Shari’a religious and/or legal authorities; while expressing positive attitudes toward violence, it was predominantly concerned with the more mundane aspects of religious worship and ritual. The severe material, by contrast, largely consists of relatively recent texts written by ideologues, rather than Shari’a scholars, such as Abul Ala Mawdudi and Sayyid Qutb. These, as well as materials published and disseminated by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, are primarily, if not exclusively, aimed at using Islam to advance a violent political agenda.

This choice of materials seem to have been chosen because they “are not Islamic legal texts per se but rather are polemical works seeking to advance a politicized Islam through violence, if necessary. Nor are these authors recognized Shari’a scholars.”

The results of the survey were unambiguous: most mosques offered pro-violence materials, but the mosques most likely to do so were the ones encouraging sharia-adherent behaviour.

The survey’s findings, explored in depth below, were that 51 percent of mosques had texts that either advocated the use of violence in the pursuit of a Shari’a-based political order or advocated violent jihad as a duty that should be of paramount importance to a Muslim; 30 percent had only texts that were moderately supportive of violence like theTafsir Ibn Kathir and Fiqh as-Sunna; 19 percent had no violent texts at all.


The study found a statistically significant association between the severity of violence-positive texts on mosque premises and Shari’a-adherent behaviors.

In addition mosques containing severe material were likely actively to encourage terrorism and the funding of it:

The survey found a strong correlation between the presence of severe violence-promoting literature and mosques featuring written, audio, and video materials that actually promoted such acts. By promotion of jihad, the study included literature encouraging worshipers to engage in terrorist activity, to provide financial support to jihadists, and to promote the establishment of a caliphate in the United States. These materials also explicitly praised acts of terror against the West; praised symbols or role models of violent jihad; promoted the use of force, terror, war, and violence to implement the Sharia; emphasized the inferiority of non-Muslim life; promoted hatred and intolerance toward non-Muslims or notional Muslims; and endorsed inflammatory materials with anti-U.S. views… [O]f the 51 mosques that contained severe materials, 100 percent were led by imams who recommended that worshipers study texts that promote violence.

And there doesn’t seem to be much difference between moderate and severe mosques when it comes to violence against the infidel.

[M]osques containing violence positive materials were substantially more likely to include materials promoting financial support of terror than mosques that did not contain such texts. A disturbing 98 percent of mosques with severe texts included materials promoting financial support of terror. Those with only moderate rated materials on site were not markedly different, with 97 percent providing such materials.

These results were comparable when using other indicators of jihad promotion. Thus, 98 percent of mosques that contained severe-rated literature included materials promoting establishing an Islamic caliphate in the United States as did 97 percent of mosques containing only moderate rated materials.

Remember this if you thought that you would only be concerned about a mosque in your neighbourhood if it was run by members of the small minority of unrepresentative extremists. The moderate mosque may not attract violence, but it’s just as likely to encourage it.

Depressing stuff. But what makes the picture even worse is the number of people coming to hardline mosques compared to moderate ones:

Mosques that contained written materials in the severe category were the best attended, followed by those with only moderate-rated materials, trailed in turn by those lacking such texts. Mosques with severe materials had a mean attendance of 118 worshipers while mosques containing only moderate materials had a mean attendance of 60 worshipers; mosques that contained no violence-positive literature had a mean attendance of 15 worshipers.

Read that last paragraph again. Do the arithmetic. Nearly three quarters of mosque-goers attend ‘severe’ (offering modern materials with a violent political axe to grind) mosques; just over one fifth go to moderate (predominantly worship and ritual with some positive attitudes towards violence) mosques; and 3.5%, or one in thirty, go to mosques with no violent materials in them.

Going to stick with, naughty, petulant teenager etc. Don't limit yourself marigold you let it all out!

I find this moderation of attitude most disturbing marigold what is going on?

I am only citing the reference you sent me to marigold. One wonders you are so strident in your prosecution of your " cause "? I mean convincing me to change my " petulant teenage" mind is hardly going to effect the way the majority think?

Rothschild family have been identified as a result of anti-Semitic prejudice reaching back several hundred years, including the era of the Napoleonic wars, and not as a result of valid evidence.

Just tell me what your point is marigold.

Thank God you are still therm marigold; I thought for one terrible few minutes you had drifted off again. Where would I be with out you and your logical clear thinking to keep me on the straight and narrow? Welcome back.

marigold what is your point? Are you limited intellectually to only referring me to the opinions of others? I am loath to go to your references as last time I did it totally refuted your claim and look how snaky that has made you.

Just another day at the office for those fun loving Islamic parasites. When will the world stop condemning these lowlifes and start doing something about it. All we hear from Presidents, Prime Ministers, Church Leaders and UN bludging bureaucrats is how much they are appalled by whatever these people do and how they condemn it in the highest possible way. These people speak nothing more than appeasement horse shit and should get their collective heads out of their arses and start looking after their own people and address the clear and continuing danger that Islam poses to us all.

Rothschild family have been identified as a result of anti-Semitic prejudice reaching back several hundred years, including the era of the Napoleonic wars, and not as a result of valid evidence.

Rothschild family have been identified as a result of anti-Semitic prejudice reaching back several hundred years, including the era of the Napoleonic wars, and not as a result of valid evidence.

marigold, had a good look at the movie and others like it before, i always try to use really simple language, ask questions of the UN-believers

politicaleditor, have you looked into some of these conspiracy theories??? some of them are based on real facts. left wing religion is an evil conspiracy to destroy the LNP, or conservative politics in the land of OZ. be open to seeing more of who your political enemies really are.

The Saudis will get their “comeuppance” eventually. The black flags will one day be seen on Saudi soil - and the Saudis know it. Not that this will help the West in any way - far from it, for it will lead to an even wider and more ominous firefight in the Middle East. There is just no right strategy in this fight against Wahhibi or Salafist Islam. Analysts like David Kilcullen & Peter Leahy are right - it will be a war spanning many generations. I wish it were otherwise.

Silver, 96 million injuns sounds a lot to me. And as you are no doubt "of the left" you might want to look at what the socialist, including the communists got up to during the 20th century National Socialist Germany, Socialst/ CommunistRussia, Communist China, Communist Cambodia, North Korea (and still at it). Christianity at is present stage of development is not the threat that Islam is at its current stage of devopment, and shows little sign of improving, which is why it is a threat to us here in Australia.


Our welcoming leaders thought the Muslims would change once they got here and saw how good it was. Muslims don't change, they can't. To love Australia would mean rejecting Islam and that means death. A dangerous and deadly mistake by those who we entrust to protect us. The first leader to admit the problem and offer a credible solution will be our next PM with a massive majority.

So we rightly can't own pit bull terriers because some may maul people and yet we're bringing in loony Muslims by the boat and plane load knowing that some would like us dead. What's going on?

A small group of anti-Islamic nationalists have been moved from the Martin Place memorial for the victims of the Lindt Cafe siege following a brief altercation.

No one was arrested but four people, including Party for Freedom chair Nick Folkes, clashed with what the group describes as "Islamists and leftie individuals" near the scene of the fatal Sydney siege on Friday evening.

"We went down there to pay our respects and unfortunately we had two diametrically opposed arguments," Mr Folkes told AAP.

"There was a lot of heated conversation, for and against."

Despite the hostilities, Mr Folkes said the group managed to get its message across.

"We're calling on the government to end... multiculturalism, and end Muslim immigration," he said.

"It's been a disaster."

The group, Mr Folkes said, were carrying placards that read "Tony Abbott, will you protect us from multiculturalism?," "We didn't start the fire," and others against sharia law.

He also said the group was not racist but a "patriotic Australian political party".

"We're talking about a political ideology, we're actually not talking about people or a race," he said.

The group doesn't have any plans to return to the memorial but Mr Folkes said they did intend to protest in areas where councils were considering building mosques.