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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Let’s say your name is Abdul and you are a budding Aussie terrorist from Lakemba mosque who has been invited to partake in the Islamic State Games in Syria (bugger, I shouldn’t say Islamic because that’s inflammatory). I’ll start again. Let’s say your name is Abdul and you are a budding Aussie terrorist from Lakemba presbytery who has been invited to partake in the Presbyterian State Games in Syria. 

Now, as a good Presbyterian, you will have at least two passports, plus your brother’s, and you will be just itching to get over there and bang a few heads.

Okay, Greece is lovely this time of year and a few weeks’ disability payments will get you an Etihad return flight for around $2,800. So, “Greek Islands here I come”. 

After arriving in Greece with your “legitimate” passport, you catch the ferry over to Turkey where you flash your brother’s passport and hop a bus down to the porous Syrian border where the Turks are hosing refugees back into Syria.

If you don’t want to get wet just flash that other dodgy passport and a dozen or so Presbyterians will welcome you down to where the action is.

After a night on the nest with a captured Shia sex-slave sheila and the obligatory five push-ups, you’re trained up and ready to go. 

Now you are in your black hoodie with a knife and ready to be trained on the AK-47. A nice Presbyterian cleric shows you where the trigger is, how to point the narrow bit and instructs you to go shoot some Presbyterians. 

“Shoot Presbyterians?” you ask. “Okay okay”, says the cleric, “if that offends you, just cut their bloody heads off then. “But, but, aren’t we all Presbyterians here?” “Listen you Aussie chicken shit, haven’t you read the Koran?” asks the cleric. “Yes, yes, but...”. 
“Look, the only other job I’ve got for you is this vest here.”

Now you’re a bit worried because you thought you’d only be shooting guns in the air, waving black flags and yelling Allahu Akbah! “Look sir, I’m not happy about knocking off other Presbyterians, I really think I can be of more assistance back in Lakemba beheading a few infidels.” 

“You’re kidding”, says the cleric. “You mean there are some infidels still left in Lakemba? You had better get back there real quick!”

Back in Sydney you show the customs agent your “legitimate” passport with the Greek stamp and tell him you were visiting your on-line Greek fiancee who really didn’t match up to the chimpanzee pics she sent you.

Now you’re back home with your Presbyterian mates looking forward to the Swans licking the Hawks and joining in the Friday demo waving black flags, shooting guns in the air and yelling Allahu Akbar while complaining of Presbyterian discrimination.

Abdul has now been radicalised, despite the Government’s new Foreign Fighters Bill, but he can still safely call Australia home with its wonderful multicultural, multi faith communities of temperate tolerance toward Presbyterianism.


It's not working out too well for our homegrown poor disenfranchised terrorists. The latest effort to behead a member of the Australian Armed Forces was a failure. He obviously fought back because they'd forgot run over him with a car first. The Islamic Council of Victoria says, the Government has to help there poor Muslims. Any suggestions from the public on "how to help them?"

Thank you juggernaut.
I am somewhat intrigued by your phrase –“No Christians globally are feared”. I would like to invite you to consider the ‘love’ and respect engendered by the Christian coalition-of-the-willing in its’ unprovoked invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan (as only two examples), the slaughter of thousands of women and children and the stealing of their natural assets. To emphasise our ‘love’ for our fellow man, we also bombed them into the stone age. And all this ‘Christian beneficence’ based on a blatant lie. Our subservient conduct does us no credit.

The ISIL boys are pulling on Putin, and he is definatley the wrong man to mess with, God help them if they start annoying the KGB man. Stupid move by the ISIL mob opening a new front.

Islamic State says Vladimir Putin's throne is 'under threat and will fall when we come to you'

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Mr Right : How differently would you perform in Lambies place ?

It's hard to get away from halal shit. The citric acid vitamin c that goes into golden circle fruit juices are all halal now.

And guess what? Being a Muslim Refugee means little to the Aussie Battler who has been hard at it for decades.

A young chap fronts up to a Police Station, tries to kill an Officer or Officers - gets killed - and I am supposed to be upset?

My ex husband was stabbed by a troubled teenager and I can tell you that it is not a nice place to be

At the turn of the century, Italians came here and worked the cane fields in FNQ. They were bare foot, hot and bereft of comfort.

They are now the mayors and councillors and respected pillars of the local community.

After the second world war, Germans, Poles, Brits - many folk came to Australia.

They all sent their kids to our schools, learnt our language, embraced our lives.

When you come to a new Nation - accepting that amazing gift of welcome - you have a duty. A duty to work.

Not sit back on a benefit. Not moan about how tough it is/was - because I can tell you - if you think you have it tough, some one else has it tougher. That is Australia.

Farmers out west are hurting. People with shops are hurting.

Life is hard right now.

And guess what? Being a Muslim Refugee means litt

I posted a comment on Andrew Bolts Blog and it took 10 attempts t get it accepted. I post this for I believe it

Agreed Stephenson.

sorry - horror

Sadly Bruce, the Truth Movement is prone to scumbags and predators. As a lover of the Catlins, I envy your place in the deep South. So far away from all of this hooror that we find ourselves in at the moment.

I just rang JL's office and was most gratified to hear that so far today they have received over 100 calls of support.

I agree with you Bruce... JL is at least honest.

HarryB, you hit it right on the head with the warning regarding friends and Pauline, I saw first hand the way that she was undermined by so called friends and the scum portraying themselves as journalists not to mention the Lab/Lib/Nat coalition.

Well now Mr. Right... you might like to take this little saying on board.....thinks often of it........ 'It's hard to be humble when you know you're so great'!!!

Bruce - my comment on Larry was positive. That is, he's a journo who's been around for a long time, and knows the ropes. Look at what he publishes - treads where others dare not for fear of being hauled before the courts. Obviously knows how close to the wind he can sail.

I don't know anything negative about him, but then I don't live in Sydney, Melbourne etc so don't hear the chatter.

Bruce -she may not know Larry's background so may be hesitant to give him too much credence. Those of us a "little older" remember him well from Whitlam's day. When his calendars first came out, the world went into a spin, especially when Charles and Di appeared in them.

While Jacqui Lambie could do with the urgent services of a speech theraphist, she presents as a genuine person - which is more that one could say about those currently lounging on Canberra leather. I suspect that JL will eventually have to run the hostile gauntlet traversed by Pauline Hanson. She must take care to protect herself from "friends" i.e some of those who emerge to 'help her'.- as was the case in PH's demise. "Beware of the smile on the face of the tiger".

“As the bough is bent – so inclines the tree”.
Translated, means that children – during their formative years – religiously exposed to certain quasi dogma, as fact, carry these convictions into adulthood.
The churches understand this technique quoting thus-´Give me the boy until he is 7 – and I will give you the man”.
In such societies, wedded to these untestable hypotheses, deviation from the rigid sectarian line is invariably treated as an unforgivable form of spiritual sin: a betrayal with offenders socially isolated – or maybe worse.
Now, keeping in mind the promoted compassion inherent in the origins of all these bogus myths, how can the (allegedly) ‘pious’ hierarchies defend these direct acts of brutally deviant violence?
The teenage ‘terrorists’ now reported rising from their prayer mats are a similar product as that of a Christian priest guilty of a lifetime of pedophilia.
Are they more to be pitied than condemned?

Bruce Email Lambie and tell her to use the Larry story of the day for her newspaper and TV comments and she will not go far wrong. She does not need a P.A. Larry is better.