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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Reports last week that 153 “refugees” had departed from India and were heading for Australia proved incorrect. “We know what an Indian boat looks like”, said a regular contact of Pickering Post’s. It was also reported there was a water shortage and sick children were aboard who were vomiting. These reports have since been proved false. 

Our information is that Navy patrol boat "Triton” intercepted the boat between Cocos Island and Christmas Island. It was confirmed that confiscated cell phones held Fairfax,The Guardian and ABC contact numbers. 

The Guardian on-line is in league with the ABC and often carries out “dirty work” a public broadcaster cannot be seen to be involved in. 

Another number that didn’t answer was thought to be that of Australian refugee activist, Ian Rintoul.

The ABC in particular is attempting to subvert Minister Morrison’s policy of limited “on water” information. They are coaching, and in regular contact with, potential refugees. 

The ABC’s ALP contact, Alannah MacTeirnan, said that, “Christmas Island is madly preparing to accept a boatload of people from India”. Now where would she have got the “from India” bit? 

A later report said, Australian Customs' Triton is now berthing at Christmas Island with a boatload of refugees, possibly rescued at sea”. What a load of frog droppings!

Our information is to the contrary and tells us that the “Triton” had quietly departed Christmas Island on Friday and had intercepted the boat on Monday. After discovering the prospective “refugees” were from Sri Lanka and not from India, as the ABC and Fairfax had reported, the Navy had informed Sri Lankan authorities.

Occupants were briefly processed on “Triton” and now await transfer to a Sri Lankan Navy vessel that will return them to a Sri Lankan port. There were more than 30 children aboard but none was sick and there was ample water.

A smaller boat’s occupants were also being processed on board the "Triton".

So what about this, “we’re from India” ruse? India is not at war with anyone and has no persecuted people desperate for resettlement.

Was it that India may have been considered too far for a tow-back or too risky for an orange lifeboat and that Christmas Island would be the only option? 

But the economic immigrants and the ABC had underestimated the Australian Navy’s ability to recognise the boat and to distinguish a Sri Lankan from an Indian. 

The Sri Lankan Government had informed Australia in August of last year that Tamils’ claims of persecution were incorrect. The communiqué noted that, “Tamils are not persecuted and have assimilated well since the war ended.”

It appears Fairfax and the ABC’s gopher, The Guardian on-line, are determined to break Morrison’s record of no boats. 

If the rabid Left is not responsible for the “India” ruse and not in contact with the illegal immigrants why then, up until yesterday, was it reporting the boat had departed from India?

The ABC, Fairfax and The Guardian are prepared to pay a high price to dismantle Morrison’s successful “Sovereign Borders” policy, because, had they been successful, those Sri Lankans would have finished up in detention on Manus Island, while ABC employees would have been high fiving each other at the local.

The ABC is certainly a Government broadcaster, but its allegiance is only to an ALP Government.

Comments Some of you were wondering who Ian Rintoul is. Well it appears he is dangerous left wing radical and this link explains why. I wish we were not cursed with him.

The same way the abc and greens knew, they were supplied with phone numbers before they left port, the same with the riots on Manus after shy had been there. Meg if thats the name, is too smooth in her posts to not be either a green or refo advocate for thats where easy money is for the taking.

Yes, who says they didn't? Authorities are well skilled at withholding important elements of info to catch people out! Once those phones have been examined and intell extracted, look out!

We should start a petition to get the ABC shut down! They are not sympathetic to Australias interests! Their actively involved with the staging if those BS protests ets, in cohoots with the Greens, Labor and Unions! Especially Labor and the Unions as they are currently undrr the microscope for corruption! Nothing more than a protection racket! Just look at the ABC's weak as piss coverage of the TWU/ AWU royal Commission! If you rely on the ABC for news, you would'nt even know a RC was on.

Meg is either a Tamil (she hasn't denied it) who's been able to sneak into Australia illegally or she's making money out of them. How did she know about a boat load of Tamils on there way in a leaky boat?

So true. Say no to them coming here.

Yes Most Likely.. I know that book and I could probably recommend a few other books as well that mention these despicable acts committed during the war years. The average aussie had better wake up quickly and get out there and fight for his country before it will be lost for good. Our politicians have had it too easy for too long and just take us for granted.

Tamils were the pioneers of suicide bombers. They also set themselves on fire is they don't get what they want. Not the Australian way.

Most Likely... well we have a new enemy and he has been here in our midst for a long time. I grew up in a country where there we strikes and stoppages on a daily basis, courtesy of Labour and Unions. Jim Cairns our one time Deputy Prime Minister was working for the Communists. Then I would also recall my grandfathers stories from the war years of the actions and sabotage committed by the wharfies, seamen, etc.

The rat has scampered

It seems Meg has disappeared...perhaps to bed as it is a bit late; we should be in bed.

If the drama leaves you speechless that is a god send but you have not answered the question, are you a tamil?

I am not able to watch what you have posted, Meg, but wish to say, 'This is my country and it is sovereign; we do not wish to be invaded or infiltrated by anyone. We will choose who will come here to live with us, just as you would choose anyone to live with you. We, or you (?) will not be forced to take on infiltrators. We are generous and wish to help those who are genuine refugees (e.g. those poor people in refugee camps in many countries in the world who are at risk of starvation, rape, terrorist attack etc. and who are waiting and hoping some benefactor country will claim them or just accept them), but we are not prepared to take those who can AFFORD to pay people smugglers to take them on a sea journey, no matter how hazardous, to our country and expect us to accept them.

Its got nothing to do with racism, its all about most Australian people don't like to be taken for fools, which is what is happening here. The racist tag only comes out when the person using it has no evidence to support their view and wish to deflect the discussion. besides, i watch disney on youtube and i believe thats real to.

Tamil gangs, oh no Meg, how can this be?

Meg it's people like you who would destroy the well being of our Country & it's people by your ratty attitude. Is that all the defense you've got to call someone a racist? C'mon that's just Green rubbish.

Meg I only ask if you are a Tamil because only another Tamil would support the illegal entry of another Tamil.

Meg, no I'm not a racist & it's typical of your type to suggest that I am. I take everyone at face value at first & treat them as equals no matter who they are. BUT if they are a potential threat to me & my family & exercise disgusting conduct I don't want them anywhere near me or illegally trying to enter my Country of birth. I'm also sick of having to pay a lot of tax to support these bludgers trying to get in to line up at CentreLink for free handouts.

You are a loser Meg! Spare us your self righteous holier than thou BS! How do you explain Milne going on holidays in Sri Lanka? Their coming here illegally! This was nothing more than an elaborate stunt that has blown up in your faces! The likes of you, Milne, SHY, Marles etc is pathetic! There have been no successful illegal boats, under your regime over 1200 people drowned. You have no right or justification for preaching policy that weakens our borders and puts at risk the security of our nation and it's people. Piss off!