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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The ABC’s government-imposed efficiency audit may have recommended even further cuts to the imperious broadcaster but one thing is certain: No cuts will be made to the wages of its 4,700 employees who account for half its fat budget of over $1 billion.

Gillard-appointed Chairman, Jim Spigelman and CEO Mark Scott (who has afforded himself a salary of $700,000 pa, plus extras) have continued the taxpayer-funded drunken orgy, divorced from reality and economic imperative.

Highly paid executives in the private sector live or die by results, but no such competitive handicap applies to the ABC. 

Over the past 20 years it has become a magnet for every Left wing ex-uni loon who fancies being paid six grand a week, with every emolument known to man, to espouse a Left bias.

Left or Right is not the issue. The issue is the obscenity of a publicly-funded political organisation responsible only to itself. 

The ABC cannot be sold, it cannot be disbanded and it cannot be harnessed. Reducing its budget will not affect the bulging pay packets it spent buckets of our money unsuccessfully in court trying to hide.

What will suffer is programming, and you can bet your socks it won’t be the programming that appeals to the Left.

Instead, programs like Bananas in Pyjamas and Landline will be axed, giving Shorten the perfect base from which he can attack Abbott. 

So what must Abbott do to euthanise this out of control monstrosity?

Actually there is only one option available to Abbott: Merge it with SBS and set the combined budget at $600,000 pa with limited advertising, a new Board and a new Chairman capable of applying balance. Oh, and a new Minister for Communications.

Is a combined ABC/SBS a Right-wing nutjob proposal? Not really, it was Bob Hawke’s idea before it was soundly defeated from within.

But Abbott won’t be defeated from within and now is the time to move on this grotesque mutant that treats itself like royalty and the average taxpayer with disdain.


As true as as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, if ABC and SBS boards and their editorial and programming staff staff are pulled to the center from their current extreme left bias, so Labor and the Greens will start to be exposed for their downright lies and incompetence, and we will see the polls come back to normality.

However, it is imperative to remove the top moles at executive level if we are to kill off this cancerous leftist disease.

We want "our ABC" to be rescued from it's current cancerous growths. Surgery is desperately needed before it turns green with rot.

$700,000-00 to peddle left wing Labor propaganda? Must be a Labor appointee.

The reason why the ABC’s funds won’t be slashed is because as Turnbull said in his interview with Allan Jones when asked about “why doesn’t he do something about the ABC” and his reply was “Allan, you have to do your Maths and the numbers don’t stack up, we don’t have the numbers in the senate” this is very true and Scott and all the ABC leftie jurno’s very well know that this government irrespective of what cuts it wants to slash from the ABC won’t be able to pass it through the senate, hence, that is why the ABC is crawling up to Palmer especially and giving that buffoon all the liberty of his madness and then repeatedly of course to their darlings the labor/greens. The ABC is sitting pretty and they know it because irrespective of what outrage we the majority of the population and the taxpayers are saying or objecting to the ABC can sit smugly and hide behind the labor/green/pup armour that is their security. We need a double dissolution NOW so that the LNP (like Howard did) to take control of the senate and the lower house and then put Morrison in charge of the communication portfolio (and firstly sack that useless, lazy leftist Turnbull and Scott) and slash the ABC “TO THE BONE” and sort the rogue ABC out like he did with the boats and the refugees. And after that, it would be a good idea to send all those unemployed ABC jurno’s to Mannus Island so that they can take up the cleaners or carer’s positions (they wouldn’t be tough enough to take up the security guard positions) and nurture the refugees like they nurtured, turned a blind eye and protected them throughout the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government days.

one thing about the abc its full of self centerd bastards that dont want a right wing govt

In February 2001 when I appeared before the Cabramatta inquiry, I gave evidence which at the time was controversial and attracted the usual claque of ratbags and lunatics from the ABC and their associates at the Sydney Morning Herald as well as that fruit loop Mike Carton from 2UE. I said that this city is going to be torn apart by gang warfare the likes of which we have never seen before. In 2003 I was finally proven right, but I take no comfort from that. However, the criticism I received was unprecedented. I was a nutter, a liar, a racist, a disgruntled detective - but I was right.

It is the first time in 7 years I have seen so many areas of infrastructure being upgraded. Amazing what activity a change of Government can do in what is classed a labor strong more needs to be said there. Lots of cheap 457 visa holders unfortunately, so Aussies are missing out on jobs. Back from leave to hear there were 2 suicides in the last 2 weeks. 2 young men, but not a word in the media, they were not illegals so not news worthy..... You can imagine the outcry from the extremists on the left if they were illegals. Their hypocrisy is disgraceful.

Why does the head of the ABC get paid twice the salary the Prime Minister receives? The job and responsibilities must be twice as important

Thanks for the advice.

It's not easy being green said Kermit and Prune Face?

Slither--- Haven't you realised how mad this man is . If he isn't full of lithium I'll walk backwards. Unfortunately the camouflage of a Bi- Polar will fool most but he is easy pickings for we people trained in that field. You can buy a seat in Parliament but not mental health. He will crumble long before we have to go to the polls again.

If Labor was truly concerned about Australians future, they would never have allowed them in in the first place. I still believe they should be charged with treason and sued for neglecting their 'duty of care'. They knew the caliber of illegals that were rorting the system and they welcomed them and rewarded their illegal actions with compensation payouts and endless welfare.

They make a habit of ripping off their customers....

They are disgrace to themselves and Australia.

That's what you do all the time.

I'm just watching the clown and the moron together. Clive changes his mind again. Al Gore being called the Vice President. I think I'll go and bash my head against the brick wall. He just said he wanted an ETS, I hope I heard him wrongly. Sucking up to Gore.

Clive Palmer is feeding the chooks with Al Gore.

Great to see Al Gore and his other chubby bed fellow Clive Palmer are bull craping about how he would have rolled over on the carbon tax? What a joke, ha?

"Actually there is only one option available to Abbott: Merge it with SBS and set the combined budget at $600,000 pa with limited advertising, a new Board and a new Chairman capable of applying balance. Oh, and a new Minister for Communications.” ONLY WAY TO GO! Well said (again!) Larry.

The only quick cure for Irritable Bill Syndrome is a visit to the Vet. to be put down. I am sure our resident Victorian State Premier (Vet) Denis Napthine would be only to happy to do the job at no charge. In fact no burial charge as well. Throw the corpse in the dead farm animal pit with a bit of lime (It even breaks down Labor DNA.) Bob`s your uncle all fixed, no state funeral required.

4 Labor (Giles, Ellis, Watts, Butler) and 1 Nat (McCormack)..