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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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... so Turnbull returned there instead

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


NBN, NDIS, GONSKI, FINKEL… all part of a failed Rudd, Gillard, Rudd era but re-invented by Turnbull. The NBN was never on budget and can never be a success, because no-one will buy it at what it cost to build it, so it will always remain a large part of our deficit.

The NDIS was never funded and left by Gillard for the Conservatives to figure out how. The States are refusing to throw more money into a black hole only Muslim refugees know where to find. PP said at the time it was “the cruellest of cruel hoaxes committed against those Australians who really needed it”.

Gonski? Well it was part of Gillard’s education revolution and now look how far our education of kids has slipped internationally. And finally, fucking Finkel, a mad global warmist for Christ’s sake.  

Never commission a report unless you already know and agree with what that report will be. Turnbull has followed the socialist hymn book to the note… once again. His coddling of that dopey little Canberran academic clot, David Gonski (above), a favourite socialist and appointment of Gillard’s, meant we got exactly the inane report Turnbull wanted soon after he had disinterred him: Gonski Mk bloody 2.

                                      Turnbull has an addiction to dickheads

Of course Turnbull got another report he wanted from the global warming wanker in Alan Finkel (above). Turnbull then felt justified in continuing to bump up energy costs to cool the planet.You really couldn’t invent anything this insane. But Turnbull has always been a millionaire socialist the Labor Party couldn’t cop, so the Conservatives were blessed with him.

He is not in the wrong Party… he is his own Party, and he is driving the madness of politically correct Marxism orchestrated by the lying UN’s IPCC. 

He, along with the Stick Insect and many of his Cabinet are captives of the UN globalism hoax that kidnapped and morphed the EEC into the European Union. A union the UK said in a referendum it wanted out of, and now PM Theresa May is clearly short of the ovaries needed to carry out Brexit.

David Gonski would look less out of place at an over 90s bingo night at Yarralumla. He now advises that school kids need one-on-one teacher attention. And that advice also gives Shorten a woody, because it would need a Napoleon army of Teachers’ union members, all paying their dues to Labor, to get around that many uneducated kids.

The trouble with education is funding--- too much funding--- and those who were dragged through a failed Gonski system are now the teachers. And now Turnbull wants even more money thrown at another insane Gonski Mk 2.

He continues to do exactly what Labor wants him to do. 

There is a reason why Labor wants to throw the most money at education and health. Both sectors have the highest concentration of Public Service union membership. And guess what party those Public Service union members vote for? Yes, of course, Labor to a man (er, and a woman).

Gonski and Finkel! That’s a quinella worthy of appointment to the ABC board. 

It took Abbott a Hurculean effort to rid us of that pigeon toed, female fingered, Rudd and that awful excuse for a woman, Gillard, only to have everything they both stood for almost immediately reinstated by Turnbull and the treacherous Stick Insect.

After Abbott won in an historic landslide victory, you would think geese like hangers-on Gonski and Finkel would be banished to the ACTU mail room as interns. It appeared that that was what the people had voted for, but they got the polar opposite as soon as Abbott was assassinated.

So we may as well have persisted with Gillard's education revolution!  Abbott is watching his hard-won gains getting flushed down the dunny in fast motion.

No wonder Gonski’s school kids get such low marks… everything this country once stood for has been turned on its head. 

…and no-one on the Right can figure out WTF is going on!

The coming election is a watershed for Australia. The unions have given Shorten a war chest he can’t climb over. The Liberal Party used to be able to rely on big business to help finance its campaigns, but big business has gone AWOL. 

It took Turnbull himself to kick the tin at the past election with a million bucks for TV ads that barely won him a lousy one seat majority.

The Liberals are no longer the favourites of big business… you see, BB believes Shorten is a shoo-in and they are crawling up his bum, looking for favours upon his coronation. They have no intention to even appear to be on the Conservative side, in fact they have gone a nasty shade of Green.

Even Qantas and half the Blue Chippers have gone rogue insisting that their staff follow the Green rainbow to vote Labor. To get support from BB you need to show you have a chance at winning… they don’t like wasting their, or their shareholders’, cash.    

Conservative voters are still out there, but they have all gone quiet too. Right now it’s not fashionable to be a Conservative.

The cycle of social experimentation continues, the trouble is that this time the cupboard is bare.   


This is what Your Government have imported to walk among your Children.......With the Compliments of Islam...Killings in
the Name of Islam:
This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by Most of these incidents are terror attacks. A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.
During this time period, there were 143 Islamic attacks in 23 countries, in which 822 people were killed and 993 injured.
(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

It's always good to see you sailor.

Those of us who voted for an Abbott lead Conservative Government have been well and truly dudded! Instead ae have the back stabbing gutless snake in the grass Turdbull and his cabal of scum bags reinventing the Krudd Gillarse era. ( errors in pun). We have Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber to vote for tails we lose heads we lose. These CINO's ( Conservatives In Name Only) are in the bus driven by the Turd and it is heading over the cliff. These stupid pricks don't realise it. Australia is fucked!

Shorten would need to say, "I lied" after every utterance. There are also another other statement he should make to set the record straight, like a simple, "Yes. I did." We would all know what he was referring to. I don't want that grub to ever be our PM.

Thanks Larry. The bastards didn't tell the people what they were planning on in the first place. It is criminal activity.

Larry , you have this right for sure. Turnbull and Bishop are the worry and they are marching to the

Depressing, isn't it Larry - Turnbull has turned this country on its head - he is an arrogant narcissist snake - and we did not vote for him - to say nothing of his lack of political nous - just wanted to be PM - disgusting man - no conservative in their right mind would vote for him ever.

My credibility?,,, The difference is that Flysa doesn't think Pell is guilty. I do but he has the right to his opinion.What Maryanne has stated according to your post above is that she thinks it is ok for Pell to have "fondled" a child or two because he "a good man"!!! Big difference there,in fact,she is condoning pedophilia.

And unfortunately probably no return from the globalist/marxist plan.


Yes charles69 we can all see that at 12:34 am you are still on the piss trolling the PP for a fight.

Concerned.Senior Thu 3 May 2018 03:24:32 pm
Ms Harry, I have no beef with you . So you support someone I proved to be a liar because I just knew a quite a bit about PHSM and One Nation. He had a lot of people fooled until started putting the facts in front of them and pointing his own contradictions. I have no desire to get into a pissing contest with you. But I do reserve the right to comment on lies where I see them.SAME OLD SAME OLD hooray harriet

cake..good point

That is why as a life long conservative voter I am going to vote for Shorten. At least I know I'm getting a rat.....not one pretending to be a conservative.

New post up but be careful. I't got something about spending 10 minutes with Abbott.. Shit!

New post up.
Eat your heart out, IE.

Malcolm said in a speech in 2013 –
"Australia claims to have a cabinet system of government. By that we mean decisions are taken collectively. They are taken by the Cabinet and the Prime Minister is the first among equals."
The PM is an equal among equals but is the first and not the last among equals.
And equally -
And equally while our system is essentially a collaborative, collegiate one, all of the pressures of the times encourage leaders to become men and women of action. Dynamic doers, who make decisions, who don’t waste time in committees, who don’t have shiny-bottomed bureaucrats telling them what to do, who have visions, who nation build, who see the future and grasp it with both hands. .
“...........That is one of the key differences this time. In many respects this will be a contest between a presidential approach and a traditional cabinet-based, consultative team approach to government. We’ll see who prevails.”
Mal says - “..........There is no longer a 24 hour news cycle, it is continuous”.

Sadly Australia prefers c to avoid the problems, and hides behind football and other blank walls to cover its cowardice.

Lol granny's on the piss again.

Just need some people wit guts and determination to step in and get serious.