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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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... but Turnbull's ego might mean he is

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A test of team-building talent will be a crucial task for a tenuous Turnbull Government. He must not make the mistake of a catty Gillard who stupidly exiled her foe, Kevin Rudd, to backbench oblivion where he regularly leaked on her. 

Turnbull has already said that it is his intention to ignore Abbott but a change of mind could bring a change of heart to the Turnbull haters and a welcome rise in Coalition polls... seeing it is the polls alone that give rise to a reason for regularly knifing first-term PMs.

Tony Abbott may have many leadership flaws but, unlike Rudd, he has much to offer any Liberal team intent on a united front in a new election that may come sooner than expected. 

If Turnbull’s refusal to enlist Abbott in the fight back to a third term is maintained then he should remember that old political truism: "Disunity is Death". And the Liberal Party is certain to remain disunited if Turnbull continues to preen his ego at the expense of his better players.

Abbott would perform best back in the Health portfolio but he is needed most in Defence. Senator Marise Payne, who has already proved accident prone, was promoted by Turnbull to the Defence Ministry as a sop to critics of the sparse number of women in Cabinet. She has no hope of reforming the monster on Russell Hill as the Defence chiefs go through a Minister each year in their pursuit of far Left/Green pacifist and LGBT ideals.

In this latest election Abbott, unlike the dumped ALP rabble, has acted impeccably and in the interests of the Party. He has never offered a word of criticism of how he was treated. 

He deserves credit and a part in any future Liberal Government.

If Turnbull remains defiant he would do well to remember the history of those who have been hard done by and left fomenting vengeful rage on the back bench. Abbott is a better man than that and no Conservative/moderate Cabinet can afford to lose him. 

His political talents are substantially superior to Turnbull’s and we await one of his better decisions to include Abbott in his Cabinet. If he refuses, then a similar election awaits, and this time the Libs divided may not have the advantage of an unwieldy Victorian branch of the CFMEU harming Labor’s chances.

There is now a substantial Senate force that will demand Islamic reform and Turnbull will never acquiesce to it,

... so that makes Abbott’s reinstatement even more of an imperative.   


Is billy b an oxygen thief or is he saddler's sister?

Reading all the posts from everyone that cant stand Turnbull and I gotta say, I am with you. He is a right grub but I really think that we need to all start posting our disgust, distrust, and everything else we think of the prick on HIS facebook page. He might then get the message as I wouldnt think he would be a regular reader of Lazza's site. I have posted a few and copy & pasted a few on there but me alone wont have any effect. I know the polls showed him how much he was thought of but maybe to read it from us personally, maybe it might push him to jump off a fukn cliff and take his skanky old wife with him. Just a thought.

CFMEU workers (ford , Toyota , holden , Mitsubishi) you finally got what you wanted ; pay with no work .

little honest john stared his spiel like a blathering blubbering idiot on the telly last night.

Late night meeting at Qld LNP HQ (Springhill) tonight . I wonder if there're plotting Trudballs flushing down the s-bend , never to return .

Race war now... Obamas legacy will be remembered.

Turncoat = disaster.

See LP once again "Tony Abbott had many leadership flaws" where are the left media saying that "Bill Shorten has many leadership flaws"? As I have said many times that the conservative Journalists/commentators brought him down. The left are saying what a great leader Bill Shorten is and to a lesser extent they are saying that Turdball is a good leader. Tony Abbott runs rings around both of them. Just look at that Christopher Pyne today making a goose of himself, that would never have happened under Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin. The "Bed Wetters" didn't like PC because she brought them all into line and they didn't like it. Proof - since she left that position how much of a fiasco is the Liberal Party they have become like kids in the play ground.

If Kevin 07 Leaked on Julia why cant he Piss on some in the labor party would agree with

O/T This video is a classic. See a Musso go ape shit once he finds out that the Koran is full of shit......

Some good stuff here at The Spectator

Quest for glory blundered

Dan Andrews had a vested interest in a returned Coalition because he can continue to blame the feds. No loyalty in the Labor party - whatever it takes.

Nigel Farage: The Greatest British Politician Since Margaret Thatcher

Labors so called great leader Shorten failed to gain one seat in his home state of Victoria, and in fact lost the seat of Chisholm to a newcomer Julia Banks. Well done Julia. His little CFMEU state Premier “DAN THE MAN” did not help with his stoush with the CFA.

Baird has no problems with Islam and it's membership Killing Australians in the streets, but is happy to shut down a whole industry when dogs are being put down...How about shutting down the Terror Industry that is Islam Mr Baird....You know, the ones that are Killing Australians and have sworn to continue to do so. Or could this all be just a smoke screen to deflect from his Ramadan expose......

Islam demands female victoms of pack rape must be stoned to death....for causing the male pack rapists to sin...the Australian govt loves this logic and grants tax free status and billions in funding to people who demand it...the Christian Churches think its great as well as the Zionist crowd..all who support islam

a muslim, a socialist and a coon walk into a bar. the bartender says, 'hello, mr. president.'

An influential Chinese paper warned this week that Chinese military forces should begin preparing for a ‘military confrontation’ against the US ahead of next week’s UN ruling on the South China Sea dispute


Sweden: Rampant Sexual Assaults Steam On
One Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Sweden: May 2016

by Ingrid Carlqvist
July 7, 2016 at 5:00 am

Translated by Maria Celander


The police released a report noting that Sweden is at the top of the EU's statistics on physical and sexual violence against women, sexual harassment and stalking. The report stated unequivocally that it is "asylum-seeker boys" and "foreign men" who commit the vast majority of the reported crimes.

As far as the widespread sexual assaults at public pools are concerned, the police said that in four out of five cases, the perpetrators have been "unaccompanied refugee children".

A survey by the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) suggested that as many as 38,000 women in Sweden may have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). Yet health care services rarely help women with the complications associated with FGM.

A Swedish father was told that he and his two children are being thrown out of the house they are renting from the municipality -- to make room for an immigrant family.