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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


In the early seventies Gough Whitlam tried to take over and reform the Victorian branch of the ALP. He knew, that without breaking the union umbilical cord, Labor was nationally unelectable. He did so, temporarily, but the communist activist thugs returned with new faces in the BLF running roughshod over the State’s construction industry. Eventually it became the most notorious union in the country under the guise of an expanded and renamed CFMEU.

Abbott’s announcement this morning of a Federal task force to clean up the union crims is a blatant attempt to shore up premier Napthine’s wilting chances in the looming State election.

The CFMEU contributes millions to the Labor Party and Abbott has just driven a wedge between the most corrupt union in the county and Daniel Andrew’s source of funds.

Andrews will now find it difficult to balance his election campaign with his criminal CFMEU compatriot on the one hand and the undoubted efficacy of the Royal Commission’s findings on the other.

Anyone watching the current RC proceedings will have had a peek preview of how Victorian unions operate... nothing short of a carbon copy of the worst of the American Teamsters under crime boss Jimmy Hoffa.

“On The Waterfront”, a 1954 iconic movie that shot Marlon Brando to box office fame was bookended 50 years later with his performance in the Godfather movies. The Mafia played a critical role in union corruption, but the nexus has been all but broken since.

The AWU and the CFMEU, along with many smaller unions, lead Victoria’s corrupt union-run construction industry, with tentacles reaching into NSW, QLD and WA.  Activities involve blackmail, extortion and multiple murders.

Abbott’s timeous Federal foray into union corruption will also have serious implications for Bill Shorten as he tries to defend a major source of ALP funding. He has understandably described the RC as a witch hunt but the vast majority of Federal Labor Members have previous involvement in the same unions that sanctioned their seats.

Unfortunately for Bill Shorten he himself was breast-deep in AWU corruption and was mentored and groomed for the Prime Ministership by the infamous Big Bill Ludwig of the AWU.

Shorten, along with Victoria’s Daniel Andrews, will now find it difficult to distance themselves from union corruption, let alone cut the maternal umbilical cord that has fed the ALP since its birth.

The CFMEU’s latest rash of TV motherhood ads promoting the union as sensitive, caring and family oriented, are ringing hollow.



Australia’s worst-ever Prime Minister, Edward Gough Whitlam, died on Monday, aged 98.
Whitlam and the Australian Labor Party came to power at the end of 1972, inheriting from the previous Liberal (i.e. conservative) Government a stable, prosperous country which they proceeded to run into the ground. Australia was a long time recovering from their legacy of folly and criminality.
Whitlam’s very first action as Prime Minister was to restore the passport of Wilfrid Burchett, the Australian traitor and KGB operative who had helped interrogate allied prisoners of war in North Korea and helped fabricate fake germ-warfare confessions.
To gain credence in the Third World, Whitlam granted Papua New Guinea independence long before it had a trained and educated class capable of running it. Despite mineral wealth, it is now a typical corrupt broken-backed third world state, kept barely afloat by Australian aid.
When Saigon fell in April 1975, Whitlam directed the Royal Australian Air Force not to evacuate Vietnamese who had worked for the Australians and whose lives were at risk. Huge Hercules transport aircraft flew out of Saigon and Da Nang empty. He even frustrated U.S. attempts to get them out. The blood of the Australian-associated Vietnamese who died in jungle re-education camps is on Whitlam’s hands.
Whitlam’s government was the first in the Western World to recognize the psychopaths who took over Cambodia and proceeded to murder about a third of the population.
He connived at the Indonesian takeover of East Timor and the brutal repression that followed.
The Whitlam Government was also the first in the Western world to ratify the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact by extending recognition to the Soviet incorporation of the Baltic States, Whitlam claiming this was simply recognizing reality as they would be part of Russia forever. At least one would-be defector, the young Russian violinist Georgi Ermolenko, was seized and forcibly repatriated with the aid of a KGB man from Canberra and the Royal Australian Air Force. Naturally, Whitlam adored Mao Tse-tung and severed relations with Taiwan.
Fiscal discipline was cast to the winds. Free University places were given to anyone that wanted them at the taxpayers’ expense, and to further buy popularity money was showered on the arts, giving rise to a tsunami of dreadful poetry.
Inflation, which had been about 4 percent under the Liberals, reached towards 20 percent and unemployment followed in lockstep.
With fixed-income earners suffering, his wife Margaret advised them to “shop competitively.” Asked about the Prime Minister’s domestic arrangements, she claimed, “We control things together, like a King and Queen.”
An Australian Assistance Plan was set up to create regions ”that would allow Canberra to bypass the State Governments for purposes of social engineering, as in Nazi Germany Hitler had set up regions or Gaus, under Gauleiters to directly transmit Berlin’s orders to every part of the Reich.
He attempted, through a shady Pakistani, to borrow $4 billion (in 1974 dollars), for purposes that were not stated but which could only have been to enable the Government to function without the consent of Parliament. The Australian economy was in the hands of a crack-pot and wrecker.
Of the rest of Whitlam’s cabinet, two, Al Grassby and Lionel Murphy, were thought on very strong evidence to have links with organized crime. (Murphy was made a High Court judge.)

Finally, late in 1975 Parliament refused to vote the Government money to continue, and the Governor-General, Sir John Kerr, dismissed Whitlam and called an election. Whitlam and Labor were rejected by the biggest landslide in Australian history, repeated when another election was called two years later. The rest of Whitlam’s career was a long-drawn anti-climax, fulminating against Vietnamese boat-refugees, and campaigning futilely for a republic.
By Hal G.P. Colebatch – 10.21.14

What do you reckon Waldo ? Was Gazza hitting hard with those comments ? I yhink he deserves the medal . Nice weather today eh Gaz

I agree and/ or at the least 50/50. Fair has to be Fair.Otherwise next Fed election it may well need to be fingerprints and cctv and ID to match.The whole shabang.

Love that photograph.

As far as I am concerned anyone who has done his ADF shift can say what he likes here or anywhere for that matter as he has done more for Oz than any Canberra poli. As for the police? I feel for them but not the revenue gaining b*stards of the Highway Patrol whom I hate with a vengeance after too many decades. Whyso? Because they lie and cheat to fill their quota.

As far as I am concerned anyone who has done his ADF shift can say what he likes here or anywhere for that matter as he has done more for Oz than any Canberra poli. As for the police? I feel for them but not the revenue gaining b*stards of the Highway Patrol whom I hate with a vengeance after too many decades. Whyso? Because they lie and cheat to fill their quota.

Thank you so much Larry - us Victorians have been watching Andrews sucking up to the criminal unions for some time now - Napthine has done a brilliant job getting us out of debt - infrastructure for Victoria - it would all go down the gurgler if labor were by some horrid accident get in this month - I truly do not believe Victorians on the whole would be so darned stupid.

JC: I'm not knocking anyone but I do reserve the right to defend myself. As you have seen my references and those of Hunter, in conversation between us regarding anything military consist of well known generalities purposefully avoiding details and specifics. Most, but certainly not all Army records can be accessed on line these days for interested parties. As for wanting anything remotely in the way of recognition that very thought is and always has been anathema to me, my memories are ample reward and I consider myself very fortunate for the experience. I'm pleased you treasure your family's military history The Mau Mau problem in the 50s is largely forgotten today as is that Mandela was a senior ranking terrorist who was rather fond of 'necklacing'.

Hunter: PC gone feral. Yes, they did feed off each other didn't they. It was interesting to 'watch' and for some reason it reminded me of those women tongue wobblers in the Middle East when the Twin Towers went down. I must confess though I had no idea my post was going to be so successful, although I did see the humour in it. I was unable, unwisely perhaps, to let LP's great photo go without a ribald adjunct. But look mate, as I said this afternoon, I might consider removing it tomorrow when and if the excitement dies down. Human nature is certainly interesting, if a woman wants to have a delirium about something she will damn well find a way and then a certain type of 'man' shows off as a false protector, the feeding frenzy begins. It's a bit like crowd panic, its highly infectious.

Now lets get this straight:

O'Really Girl, Pisces, jc, Big Phil (an old pusser), Conker, rossco, waldo, Kenny, Rubyred, JimI (an alleged drunk puncher) are the dumb fuckers who tonight fed off each others prejudices to down a veteran.

This is PC gone feral.

M60 - for the record: A number of my school class mates were the ones that caught the unlucky birthdays (I didn't). Another friend fought behind the lines in Cambodia - you never walked up to him within him being aware of you, or he would swing a hammer first, then ask questions.

One of my uncles fought in WWII behind the Jap lines, and his cousin died in the Darwin raids.

A dear Pommy friend was British Special Forces who fought the Mau Mau and in Malaya. Even when he was sick and dying, he could still scare wrong doers.

I've never been in the Defense Forces, and I honour those that have been. But don't knock me for that - so many of my friends and family have been.

M60: Thanks mate....and thank you for your service. Shit that was some fire fight.

I was, it was character building. (Now that should give the wowsers with no sense of humour something to complain about tomorrow.) Good hunting.

No mate I am not a Veteran.

Volunteered for four of my six years, mind you not for Queen and Country but to get away from my now Ex.

My reference to Coral was that I thought you were there hence my reference to another M60 bloke that we shoot with.

Where you there?

M60: I missed all the action but I would rather be in a fighting pit with you than a lot of the posters here.

Heading North later to shoot with another M60 from Coral.

Hunter: Shit cobber, I'm fighting on all fronts today. Thanks for the back up.

A few were found broken in the harbour.

All quiet on the Eastern front.

Napthine's only marginally better than the Liebor/Union/Bikie mafia.