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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I first became aware of the gooey gut of the Liberal Party when I stood for it. I accepted a request from the Young Liberals that I stand in Canberra and that was okay by me at the time but I wanted confirmation that I would definitely win pre-selection. Apparently that had already been decided as they readily attested that that would be the case.

And here’s the problem. There were at least eight other people vying for pre-selection in the same seat.

I felt rather uncomfortable watching honest people presenting themselves on TV and radio, doing newspaper interviews, visiting schools and holding meetings prior to fronting pre-selection panels with finely tuned speeches.

After initially feeling smug about my opposing field of contenders wasting their time, it soon became apparent that this wasn’t right for a Party that professes democracy as a core belief.

Of course I never told the eight others (that is until now) that the whole process was a complete farce, but I realised much later that this sort of thing is why the Liberal Party has lost its way. There were probably far better candidates me, but those candidates never got a look in as the Libs had already decided I would be more suitable as I was known as a Canberran soft Left winger.

The Libs’ gooey gut has been infiltrated by a group of Lefties determining who belongs to the Party and who actually gets seat pre-selection. And that’s about as un-Menzies as you can get!

Working for Fairfax’s Canberra Times I felt a duty to cater for its readership which was mostly Public Service and decidedly Left. And losing a Federal election seat was my key to getting out of Canberra.

Voters saw me as a traitor to the cause and let their feelings be known with bricks through my window, brake lines cut on my car and kids being told to spit on my kids at school. Even my close ANU mates dropped me like a hot scone.

I still can’t believe I achieved a 16 per cent swing in a Labor town like Canberra. I needed a few more percentage points to take that seat of Fraser but it was still too close for comfort.

Even today, this unelected Lib gooey gut decides what is best for the country via their idea of what is best for the Liberal Party. 

So true Conservatives should now know what Abbott is on about. 

                                 Joe ponders what's to become of North Sydney

They should know how Trent Zimmerman, a Party staffer, won the by-election pre-selection for Hockey’s seat of North Sydney… he was part of the openly homosexual quota and very much a part of the Libs’ gooey gut.

                                                         Trent Zimmerman

Malcolm Turnbull said of Trent Zimmerman, “Trent has a passion for public service and the energy to deliver for the electorate of North Sydney”.

                 Zimmerman keeps abreast of the Opposition at Sydney's Gay Mardi Gras

Of approximately 580 North Sydney Party members less than 50 were invited to vote on that pre-selection panel, and at least 40 of those 50 were known to favour Zimmerman. 

When Mike Baird first contested pre-selection for Manly in 1999 he received one vote.When he finally won a few years later, he barely overcame another big stacking to prevent him winning and just made it to the line with the endorsement of John Howard.

No-one will ever know how many excellent candidates have been denied a deserved seat in Parliament but here's one pertinent case study that was reported in the SMH:

“In 1979 the Liberals needed a candidate for North Sydney: 23 nominated and just 50 party members were granted a vote. A brilliant young man nominated who would have romped home if all local party members voted. He had been described by former NSW Premier Eric Willis as, "having an outstanding political future" and had been a speechwriter for Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. He came second to someone who was subsequently disqualified but the factions still found a way to deny the young man, so he walked away from a political career. He went on to coach the Wallabies to grand slam victory and became one of our nation's most powerful political commentators. Say what you will about Alan Jones but even a fair-minded detractor would acknowledge he has rare political talent and our Parliament would have been the richer had he been allowed to win a seat.”

Labor has always branch-stacked to reward union heavies and contributors but it’s a shame that the Libs have felt the need to rig pre-selections too.

If Abbott’s Warringah Motion gets up there will be a rash of genuine Conservative candidates standing against sitting soft Left members like Zimmerman who has understandably vehemently criticised Abbott’s motion.

In time, the Liberal Party may again become the Conservative Party Menzies meant it to be.     


American activist Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of European ethnic societies

Keep up the good work Dusty.

"I'm describing what has already happened that is continuing to send progressively larger tsunamis swamping the world economy and has the central bankers doing everything and anything to try to sustain the unsustainable."

I disagree on the above point. The central bankers know exactly how the system works. They want more for them and less for everyone else.

Edward G Grifffin and The Creature from Jekyll Island and Eustace Mullins - The NWO

Spot on Dusty.

All aspiring Politicians should be made to undergo psychotic tests on their level of fitness to represent us seeing Labor is made up of psychotic Union heavies who screw their membership to get elected and the Liberals are made up of blood sucking lawyers who will burn anyone in their path to enrich their clout and then we have the psychotic fascist greens .

I doubt it.

Hooray Harry, Rhodes Scholar so was Bob Hawke and that is the problem it’s a ruling class running the show not the political system you think it is.
Ejada, my knob could perform a prepared talk as good as Abbott.
It is being asked questions in front of the camera where he can’t put two words together. the proof in on YouTube.
And the final word; he back stabbed Pauline, he will never be PM again, the fucking tyke.

Hermafradyte ? A mutilated male/female pumped full of hormones and steroids?

Maryanne, I also have experience with Italian bureaucracy and can attest to it's 'dodgyness'.

The Bloody History of Communism Full

In short, Communism is Judaism. That's all you need to know.



Rockefeller GLOATS About 9/11 in 1967!

4 Corners: Water taken from rivers, land up in land leased for cotton production from the lands department of the government so is the water really being stolen seeing it is in plain view for all to see ? There is a winnable solution for all concerned if the NSW government built dams along the rivers at intervals that will keep water level at the full river bank height that would also flood each irrigation property thus providing storage of flood waters at the same time all throughout the rivers system .

Russia is supplying the Taliban with weapons.

All praise to the Visegrad nations - Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia - and Russia who are resisting white genocide.

Donnie still thinks he is starring in the Apprentice
Poor Jeff Sessions is looking as if he is headed for the boot
Normally staff performance is a private matter, but when your boss is Dumpster it is a matter he MUST share with all and sundry
Is all this just a Trump business practice to eliminate all Long Service entitlements ???
Have is the vote going in the Senate to talk about a replacement Health Care
It is only when the rich are sick that they fully feel the impotence of wealth. Benjamin Franklin

Worth watching.
Tonight's Foreign Correspondent about Manchester following the recent terrorist bombing.

The UK Govt is covering up the role of Saudi money in financing radical mosques and preachers and exporting jihadist terrorism.

The reason:
The UK Govt does not want to offend Saudi Arabia because British arms sales to Saudi Arabia could be affected!


I want Australian Liberty Alliance to make inroads into Government, without them Australia is screwed!

Eustace Mullins - The New World Order (Full Length)

Gillards "exemplary" leadership has been honoured at a ceremony in Sydney.....this has to be some kind of sick joke surely. A gross insult to the Australian people who well remember her grotesque PMship and governing of Australia.