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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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... but he still doesn't get it

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A national leader needs to be non combative and inclusive in times of crisis but Tony Abbott is seething inside and he has finally mentioned the word “terrorism”. Unfortunately he still talks of a “madman” and a “lone wolf”. He still maintains the Islamic State is not an Islamic movement.

They are the words of a man who knows very little about the history of Islam. His “death cult” descriptor is simply a way of avoiding the term “Islamic State”.

Let’s take “madman”: Is anyone who straps on a suicide vest sane? Is anyone who rapes and kills children sane? Is anyone who shoots and kills hostages in the name of Allah sane? Is anyone who leaves here to join the ISIS sane? Is anyone who preaches despicable Shariah Law sane?

No, Mr Abbott, none of them is sane, they are all “madmen”, every one of them, so why particularise the Martin Place gunman as a “madman” when he's just another Islamic terrorist?

The “Lone wolf”: There is no such thing as an Islamic lone wolf. The Martin Place gunman had accomplices in everything he did. His partner, the woman who allegedly assisted in killing his wife and setting her on fire, was an accomplice. Those who supplied the sawn off shotgun were accomplices.

Those who encouraged and assisted him in the name of Allah were accomplices. The leaders of at least two mosques in Sydney, where unlicensed firearms are known to be stashed, were accomplices. Those who allowed him to fleece our welfare system for 18 years, and those who gave this illegal immigrant, and known Iranian criminal, citizenship were accomplices.

The Muslim organisations who financed his legal costs, including a $50,000 appeal to the High Court, were accomplices. Does anyone seriously believe that no-one in the mosques of western Sydney was aware of, or instrumental in, what he had planned?

No Mr Abbott, Islamic terrorists never act as “lone wolves”.

 “ISIS is not an Islamic movement”: Wrong again, the ISIS is borne of Wahhabism, the original and most basic form of Islam, the same form of Islam that spawned Osama bin Laden’s Al Queda and the same form of Islam that drove the Taliban to kill 132 Pakistani schoolchildren while screaming Allahu akbar (God is great).

The Taliban grew from an extensive network of Taliban schools in Pakistan that were financed by Saudi Arabia. The Saudis also provided teachers and scholarships.

It is the Wahhabi form of Islam that has made the ISIS filthy rich from the Saudi inspired and managed multi trillion dollar Halal tax on Western produce.   

Saudi Arabia is one of only two countries in the world to recognise the Wahhabi ISIS and the Taliban. The only other Wahhabi State is the outrageously corrupt Qatar, but the doctrine is not as strictly enforced.

The Taliban's interpretation of Saudi Wahhabism and Shariah Law is identical to that of the ISIS. It demands that women be completely covered in public, that girls not be educated. There are bans on music, television, newspapers and the cinema, and it exacts punishments similar to those practised in Saudi Arabia, where there are public beheadings, crucifixions, stonings, amputations and floggings.

Since 1745 Wahhabi Islam has been the religion of choice of the dynasties of the Royal House of Saud, although the wealthy princes do pretty much whatever they want.

A major Shia shrine, the 10th century Al-Askari Mosque, was bombed twice, in 2006 and 2007. This was when the Wahhabi ISIS first appeared on the scene as an anti-Shia force, once it had regrouped during the Syrian civil war.

So, no again Mr Abbott, to suggest the ISIS is not Islamic is akin to suggesting a viper is not reptilian.

[The previous post "MUSLIM PHOTO OP." was deleted by Facebook as offensive and I have been banned for a week, so I am unable to post or answer any messages until Christmas eve. Hope to catch up with all the messages then. Sorry about that.] 


Please.... "homicide vest", not "suicide vest".
If their intent was to kill themselves in spectacular fashion, nobody would care (except for the poor bugger that has to clean that crap from the walls).
Their intent is to murder as many as possible - and they care not if the victim is a child, a grand-parent, or your pregnant sister.

Iran says it requested 14 years ago the extradition of Man Haron Monis - the gunman behind the Sydney siege - but Australia refused to hand him over.

The head of Iran's police, Gen Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam, told reporters that Monis was wanted for fraud at the time.

He said Monis had fled to Australia via Malaysia in the late 1990s.

Monis and two hostages were shot dead on Tuesday morning, when commandos stormed the Sydney cafe where he had been holding captives for 16 hours.

Gen Moghaddam said Monis was known in Iran as "Manteqi".

"In 1996, he was the manager of a travel agency and committed fraud," the general told reporters. "He then fled to Malaysia and from there, to Australia under a fake name."

He added that "since we did not have an agreement on the extradition of criminals with Australia, the Australian police refused to extradite him".

"ISIS is borne of Wahhabism, the original and most basic form of Islam"- all well and good, but still wrong. "Islam is Islam, and that's it", said Tayip Erdogan, PM of rapidly Islamising Turkey. For 1400 Years, Islam was always Islam, and the only thing Abdul Wahab did is remind the Muslims to go back to their roots. Its all the same.

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Hadenuff you raise the point of her appointment to the board. I was reading the report yesterday and I noticed that the release was (by another male "spin doctor") " from the office of Hon. Julia Gillard" How can she still use the honorific 'Honorable' no longer being a sitting member? My research tells me the only members to retain the title are "Right Honorable" appointed by the Privy Council. Can anyone clear this matter which is perhaps insignificant but just another case of her misrepresenting herself again.

Who is this Equaliser fukwit. He seems to have a lot to say against our country from behind a keyboard. Any chance you might have big enough balls to actually identify yourself. You must feel really big with the abuse you hurl at Kirralie. I'm sure her family and friends would love to know who you are, you spineless piece of shit.

Larry, Please take up this cause as noted in the below comment. STOP NAMING MASS MURDERES!

While gun control in the USA seems like an issue that will never be solved, as expressed by Barak Obama, the 44th President, on the blog, Tumblr, reported by AAP on June 11 2014, there seems to be no alternative or globally supported campaign to try and reduce the numbers of “school shootings”.
President Obama, who is attempting to reign in the proliferation of weapons in the USA stated in the Tumblr blog that, “We're the only developed country where this happens. And it happens weekly. Our levels of gun violence are off the charts."
In Australia, the Howard Government introduced a scheme where unregistered weapons could be handed in with no questions asked. Unfortunately, in the USA with the “Right to Bear Arms” firmly cemented into the constitution, it will take a political “Mandrake” to revoke the clause in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution to make it unlawful to own or carry arms, given the billions of dollars made by arms manufacturers and dealers with the support of the NRA lobbyists.
So, what are the options? What can be done to try a stem the tide of murdered school children and teachers? Do we turn our schools into prisons, where access can only be made through razor wire topped 4 metre high walls with metal detectors and strip searches? Surely this cannot be a conducive environment to encourage learning and free will. Do we employ armed guards and security personnel, who may just be the next person to go crazy and start shooting themselves?
The first thing we can do is to stop naming these mass murderers. Do not give them the satisfaction of having their 15 minutes of fame. Do not give them the slightest chance of believing they will go down in history as infamous people with a purpose or a cause. Deny them the opportunity to have their story heard. Make them nobodies!
The press thrives on headlines and the backstories behind why these shootings happen. Each shooting gives them hours of add filled TV time and Front Page headlines that grab our attention. I call on all news services to stop publishing the names or photos or stories about who this person could have been and why they may have done so. I do not suggest that the authorities should not investigate what has occurred so they can profile future mass murderers. We can all be educated to watch out for the signs that something is not right. We can be taught how to store arms securely with firing pins removed and stored in separate locations.
Mass murderers should be given a number and that’s it. Once they realize that they will not be famous, their life stories will not be told on 60 Minutes and that they will become a nameless blank face that renders them as totally insignificant in the pages of history will they possibly learn that going on a killing spree is just not worth it.
This may not stop all of the potential mass murderers from carrying out their evil deeds, but if it stops one of them from taking a child’s life, then act we must. As Edmund Burke so famously stated “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
D.J. Gardiner (11 June 2014)

The hardest work they do is trying to stay unemployed and lets face who would employ them anyway, I have heard horror stories of an Australian company who set up in Malaysia only to find their Muslim employees would just walk off from machinery and leave it running whenever they felt the need to pray to their sexual deviant deity, needless to say the business venture was a disaster.

Koch is a grade A fuckwit! Great mates with Krudd, so he will take any opportunity to bag out TA! He kept his job at 7 when hundreds were shown the door, through no fault of their own. Shit house financial advisor who bagged out those predicting the economic collapse in 1987. Koch is a fraud! Probably not too different to that previous well publicised Jewish Financier and friend of Richo, Renee Rivkin.