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Friday, 14th December 2018

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...Shorten on another planet and Milne in her own Green galaxy

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Abbott referred to “Islamic fanatics” for the first time today and that’s a quantum leap from his recent rhetoric. “No more will they have the benefit of the doubt” was a reference to residency afforded Muslims who take advantage of our welfare system while planning our demise.

“No more tolerance for hate preachers” was a reference to the 500 members of Hizb’ ut Tarir. But Abbott does not intend outlawing this grubby little nest of vipers that freely operates under our noses. 

ASIO mistakenly believes to ban this evil organisation that supports and recruits for ISIS would “force them underground” so Abbott just wants their hate preachers banned. What a load of frog droppings!

A banned “hate preacher” would be immediately replaced with another, and they get smarter each time. The champions of honour killings, Hizb’ut Tarir, actively recruits for the ISIS and advises on ways to arrive in and leave Syria undetected by Australian authorities. 

At the moment they are advising recruits to ignore Turkey and arrive via the Maldives with dual passports before flying to Cyprus and Lebanon.

This terrorist organisation has no place in Australia and ASIO and the AFP should already have their 500 members under surveillance. If not, why not? Permitting them valuable legitimacy is just more woolly thinking by security agencies.

Why keep a coven of vampires in your house just so you can see where they are... wouldn't it make more sense to just kick them out? 

But at least Abbott has taken a step toward what most Australians want from him, and that is to face this Islamic disaster, name it and deal with it.

Bill Shorten had no choice but to reluctantly agree to the sterner measures advised in the report on terrorism. But he protected his Islamic electoral base by praising Islamic leaders for their “cooperation” in de-radicalising their youth. Hmmm. 

His unconvincing Press conference exposed his utter irrelevance when he referred to the ISIS committing atrocities on Sunnis.

No, Billy boy, the ISIS is Sunni and their atrocities are committed on Shia Muslims. Shia Iran is now inside Iraq, effectively combating the Sunnis, supplanting the role of an immoral and derelict US President. 

Of course the Press gallery did not question his error, they were more concerned with what private conversations Abbott may have had with his Defence chiefs regarding the possible deployment of troops in Iraq and Ukraine.

And not a word from the gallery about the alternative treasurer, Chris Bowen, not knowing the tax threshold... nor his embarrassingly ridiculous explanation. Just imagine the Press furore had Joe Hockey not been able to quote the tax threshold. At least a full week of page ones!

Darling of the ABC, Christine Milne declared that Abbott was using terrorism as a distraction from his leadership troubles. Oh dear.

Bloody hell, how this un-Australian, sour-faced, dangerous little female Green gopher ever gets air time is confounding?


Bit melodramatic CS. The polish on my armour became dull many years ago. You must use a lot of Brasso.

For all you banana benders, enjoy the next 3 years at least up in the sunshine - the economically illiterate school kids are back in charge of QLD with no real ideas or thoughts yet about governing for the future (apart from destroying Newman). Perhaps they should call in local hero Wayne Swan as an expert consultant to help with fiscal repair, his tax and spend budgets sure worked well under Rudd and Gillard.....

"......... accomplishments mean nothing to the short-sighted, entitled and welfare hungry masses that represent the modern Australian voter. Campbell Newman is a perfect example - in one term he fixed Qld health; fixed Qld education; reduced wasted spending (especially on useless public servants employed by Bligh to repair her dwindling unemployment numbers); started paying down Labor's enormous debt; kick-started construction and put the state economy back into drive; reduced Labor's environmentally hazardous reef dredging projects from 7 to just 3; and finally, hardened up on organised crime. What more would you want for the first three years? The Qld media, the Unions, and left-wing propaganda groups like GetUp! simply lied about his accomplishments in a blitz of negative advertising, and a constant barrage of hate.....much like they do to Abbott. Reality matters not at all for people who won't listen."

Well at least I got an encore.

Yes Winston, Mr. Churchill was a plagiarist I fear.

Silly old buggers. :)

I am intrigued....bravo....encore.

Don't need to give you facts, facts are already written in history, trying to rewrite history like you (the Nazi collective) arseclowns do, is where the lies start.

FNG...... A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on - Winston Churchill.

That's why your comment was such a hit Grayman. Predict the GFC as well did you?

You don't need to be a German to be a Nazi. A dog born in a barn is not a cow. 'A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.' - Mark Twain

I'm glad it makes you laugh, you probably haven't laughed since you found out you were just 988 years short of your 1000 year Reich.

Glad you could join us old chap. Did Muti tie your shoes this morning. Hopefully your lederhausen aren't on too tight today.

Jawohl Gruppenfuhrer Chop-en-Chop, vot ever yu say!

You have my admiration for looking after a loved one as you do Bruce. Good luck and keep smiling.

I think you should critique the book for the education of PP. Yes it may fall upon deaf ears or closed minds, but many on here would benefit from its message. I would appreciate your gifted way of expressing it's virtues and the pitfalls. You know Bruce, that when she was interviewed about what it was about, she gave the answer that she thought of it as a romance novel.

Well done and Happy Birthday Octogenarian plus one. Did you ever read Atlas Shrugged Bruce? Was panned by the critics, but loved by the punters. I think you extol some of the virtues of the theme surrounding the book. An Irish/Oz/Kiwi, wow an interesting cocktail recipe. You seem to have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Smell the roses Bruce.

Is there anything stopping an Australian citizen of many generation walking into a gun shop and purchasing a hand gun ? If so why ?

I did not mention that word did I?

Legally? I doubt it.

Not me Bruce. I am always interested, beats reading some of the other piffle on this site. Don't give in mate. Toughen up. If I could give a little advice to a wise old head, give a little back to your opponents, not rude just straight at them. Good Luck. It will ease the stress.