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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Left is in another frenzy over Abbott’s intention to improve the lives of Aborigines. Telling a glaring truth is politically perilous when Fairfax and the ABC/Guardian are reporting it... they want a Labor Party autocracy led by Turnbull, but first they must somehow get rid of Abbott.

Dreamtime rainbow serpents and massive riverbed aluminium deposits have little in common.

If Aboriginal culture is to avoid eventual devastation then Shorten and his rabble had better recognise the problem soon because Labor’s solution of chucking money at everything that squawks hasn’t worked.

Almost $25 billion is spent on Aboriginal programs, increasing yearly at twice the rate of the CPI, or $44,000 for each indigenous person, and with no identifiable improvement.

A person who claims to be Aboriginal (that’s the only requirement needed to qualify and you cannot lawfully question a person’s aboriginality) will receive twice the average amount spent on non-Aboriginal Australians.

Full-blood Aborigines (those devoid of any white blood) number at most a few hundred and there is no-one more sensitive to the plight of the fair dinkum Aborigine than Tony Abbott.

The symbolic “sorry” of Rudd will never erase the disgraceful paternalism of 60 years ago nor will simply talking about closing the gaping gap, but Abbott’s intentions in this case are sincere, heartfelt and honest.

It’s a pity the Left can’t see Aboriginal welfare improving via inclusion, rather than exclusion.


Shit Larry that pic is older than I am but still spot on the mark :-)

Talk about self determination to personal annihilation. Now they want an apology.

Then they leave their lands and move to the nearest community with a pub and promote their peaceful and nurturing ways.

Another example of Liberals trimming the fat...Friends on Christmas Island spoke of the closure of school dental due to cost cutting measures. Appears some were most unhappy as the parents would now have to travell to the dental clinic provided at the Christmas Island Community Hospital. WHAT A DISGRACE, a 5 minute at snails pace, trip from the school. When we spoke about the angst, those not happy believed the parents would not take their children to the hospital for dental checks, it was OUT OF THEIR WAY. Now who is responsible for a child dental checks? Not rocket science to me....THE PARENTS. This logic was refused as was the waste of funding $'s in providing services a stones throw away from each other..GO FIGURE.

Again the lefty lovies are so far from logical thinking it is embarrassing.... ALL indigenous cultures moves with the food source, that is how nature works, it's call survival. Welfare has interfered with the circle of life, and thank good someone has the smarts to address the issue. Enough 'Cherry Picking", of whats on offer.

Communist Party of Australia is alive and flourishing thanks to Rudd /Gillard/ Unions. Recently came across COMMUNIST PARTY OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION AMENDED, note the dates,

Thanks H . Brissy is a bit far for me , but I'll be at whichever is closest to me over Easter .

That's because Labor and the Greens are closet racists. Their words and their actions are polar opposites in this case. They are happy to demand other peoples' money is thrown at Aboriginals to keep them away from civilisation and responsibility. Under the guise of "cultural sensitivity" or "in touch with the land" they are blatantly lying to the Sheeple electorate. Tony Abbott is the only person saving us from these LaborGreens parasites. Turnbull is on their side. You have been warned.

Julie Bishop proving once again that the LNP Coalition have no idea what they're dealing with. Total naivety.

Quoting others:: It is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, ideological obsessed and illogical minority promoted by the ABC, SBS and Fairfax media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.

The ABC has become a political force in it's own right. It has a far-left political network and its unwavering conviction about who should be running this country, and how.

WITH any semblance of ABC impartiality now well and truly blown, a description of the broadcaster as a “standing army against Tony Abbott” is chillingly accurate.

I'm sure LP is trying his best to improve the site and keep out the trolls . I'm just happy that we have a place to meet and talk , to get our frustrations out , get answers and be thankful that there are selfless , honest , fair-minded people who still care about our country's future .

The rabble that calls itself a senate are running the country . What a joke

Fauxfax staff are in bashing overdrive lately on Abbott. They are beating the gayBC at its own game.

Best VB add I've ever seen.

Hey Bald Bum, are you one of those people who inhabit this country who want everything for nothing. .... shame on you, I do not pay taxes for your type of person to squander....

Hey Bald Bum.... I think you must be very jealous of a lot of people who have brains, sorry you missed out on getting any..... boom boom bum

Hey Bald Bum.... I think you must be very jealous of a lot of people who have brains, sorry you missed out on getting any..... boom boom bum

On another note, I am finally allowed to log in to this website after being locked out for 5 weeks, apparently Firefox had this website blocked so I could not gain entry, has anyone else had this problem, I was so surprised when allowed to log in this evening.

very good article Larry and so true.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the woman is bashed senseless, sometimes killed, the kids raped, the noble savage flaked out after using taxpayer money to buy his goonies. And so this endless cycle of degradation and violence continues, funded by us idiotic taxpayers. But it is all whitey's fault. And that is why I live in Pattaya, to get away from all the disgusting bullshit that is Australia today. Fucking cowards who will not call a spade a spade because some scumbag lefty might call you a racist, or ragheadaphobe, or skankaphobe (talking about gillard). And kids die and are raped because of that cowardice.