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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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... as Ukraine atrocities become clear

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


MH17 is fast emerging as a secondary emergency as social media becomes the primary arsenal of Ukraine and Gaza combatants. Truths that were once concealed by tyrants and terrorists are now visible in gory detail on any computer screen, and not before time.

The pictorial horror of war is no longer sanitised, it’s on-line, and mainstream media is reluctantly being forced to compete for truth in news.

Okay, we sit up in bed with our hot chocolate and watch the decontaminated late news totalling casualties and running clips of protagonists’ speeches, we sleep well, it’s a long way away, we are unaffected and anyway, obese, unattractive fools like Laurie Oakes and Graham Richardson will sum it up for us in the morning.

Julie Bishop is choosing her words more carefully in Kiev and starting to doubt the motives of President Poroshenko who is systematically murdering thousands of his own Ukrainian citizens. He has little interest in MH17, his interest is genocide.

The Ukrainian military is bombing its own undefended eastern cities, razing schools, hospitals, suburban infrastructure, water and electricity supplies. It is showering mortars indiscriminately on rural nationals who are fleeing as refugees from their own country in numbers approaching a quarter million.

Yet, if Putin dares to assist in stemming the genocide he is labelled a supporter of separatists and rebels by the West.

Poroshenko is feigning co-operation with the Dutch and Australians in order to precipitate further Western sanctions on Russia. It’s working. Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott are now hoping they have backed the right horse in Poroshenko. Clearly they haven't.

They are trusting this tyrant to secure the MH17 site when his sole interest is to ethnically cleanse the East of all Russian sympathisers. The problem is that Putin will now be forced to meet the Poroshenko behemoth head on, leaving MH17 irrecoverable in the midst of an escalating white hot warzone.

How a person like Graham Richardson is allowed a voice on SKY is confounding. Not only is he an ignorant reactionary but he is a Labor Teflon crook of Obied proportions who another crim, Keating, was forced to sack.

Before you take notice of this person who helped to give us Gillard and utter destruction read all about him here, because you won’t read it anywhere else. 



05/08/14 Over 400 Ukrainian soldiers flee to Russia, ask for refuge

I HATE Windows 8.1

I think Bill Gates is one of the ILLUMINATI.

The state of Israel places itself above international law.

Imposed on the U.N. on the 11 May 1949 by the will of the United States, the State of Israel was only admitted to Palestine on three conditions :

1 - Not to touch the status of Jerusalem;

2 - To allow Palestinian Arabs to come back to their homes;

3 - To respect the borders fixed by the partition decision.

Speaking about this U.N. resolution on "sharing", taken well before its admission,

Ben Gurion declares:

"The State of Israel considers the U.N. resolution of 29 November 1947 to be null and void."

Source : "New York Times", 6 December 1953.

Echoing the theories already quoted of the American Albright, on the parallel between American and Zionist expansion, General Moshe Dayan wrote:

"Take the American declaration of Independence. It contains no mention of territorial

limits. We are not obliged to fix the limits of the State."

Source : "Jerusalem Post" 10 August 1967

Policy corresponds precisely to this law of the jungle : the "partition" of Palestine, in line with the U.N. resolution was never respected.

Already, the resolution on the partition of Palestine, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations (at the time composed of a massive majority of western states) on the 29 November 1947, indicated the designs of the West on their "forward stronghold" : On this date the Jews constituted 32% of the population and possessed 5.6% of the land : they would receive 56% of the territory, including the most fertile land. These decisions had been secured under U.S. pressure. President Truman put the State Department under unprecedented pressure. Under-Secretary of State S. Welles wrote:

"By direct order of the White House American civil servants had to use direct or indirect pressure... To ensure the necessary majority in the final vote."

Source : S. Welles, "We need not fail" Boston, 1948, p.63

The Minister of Defense of the time, James Forrestal, confirms:

"The methods used to pressure and to constrain the other nations within the U.N. were close to scandalous."

Source : "Forrestal's Memoirs", N.Y., The Viking Press. 1951, p.363


According to the information from the Minister of Lugansk People’s Republic.

Yesterday (31/7/2014) the city of Lugansk was completely killed. Kirov substation is not subject to repair. All four oil transformer (each 100 tons of weight) are destroyed. This means that the main lines of the input electricity to the city from the North are lost for a long time.

Yesterday in the afternoon Southeast overhead power line 35 kV was intentionally destroyed – the only straw to life support systems. It’s 30 C outside.

The street lighting, water supply, drainage, mobile network, petrol stations are not working. There’s only gas. The air-raid warning system also doesn’t work.

All hospitals are still working on diesel generators, but the stock of fuel is decreasing. As there’s no network nobody can communicate everything is through couriers.

Communication exists only with the help of radio stations. All this is due to regular attacks.

But the good news is that we have got some liquid chlorine and tomorrow, if electricity will be, we’ll disinfect the water.

There are queues of people to leave the city for Donetsk or for Izvarino (to Russia). Tomorrow we open social canteens – there will be no hot food due to the electricity absence, so we’ll distribute packed meal. Next week we’ll open social chemist’s. In order to send this post I had to go to the border and catch weak signals of those towers which continue working in Krasnodon.

People’s republics militias fighting (Kiev) government troops to seize the outskirts of Shakhtyorsk

People’s republics militias were fighting government troops to seize the outskirts of Shakhtyorsk, a city in eastern Ukraine, on Wednesday morning, Novorossiya news agency reported, quoting armed forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Ukrainian government artillery had responded by setting an ammunition depot in the city on fire, the agency added. One eyewitness report spoke of casualties among militia fighters.

Separatist sources claimed success already in their advance.

“Militia fighters have taken control of Shakhtyorsk, and the National Guard, with armored vehicles, is hiding in thick foliage,” DPR representatives said, adding they had put a tank, an artillery system and a truck out of action.

Lugansk faces famine

The Lugansk City Council informs about food shortage in the city.

For the past day in Lugansk in the result of constant shelling (including banned cluster bombs) three citizens were killed incl. a fifteen y.o. child.

The delivery of food products to Lugansk is terminated, goods reserves are decreasing, only bread is supplied to the shops and markets, – the press service of the City Council reported. A network of large supermarkets, grocery stores, markets work with outage. The stores have only their own food stock.

5000 inhabitants remained without water, some districts are completely without electricity, that is about 50 000 people.

At least five civilians have been killed, 23 wounded over the past 24 hours as the Ukrainian Army continued shelling the city of Horlivka in Donetsk Region

At least five civilians have been killed, 23 wounded over the past 24 hours as the Ukrainian Army continued shelling the city of Horlivka in Donetsk Region, the 5 Kanal television station reported Wednesday.
“Five people died and 23 were injured in Horlivka during the past 24 hours due to shelling,” the channel said citing the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

On Monday, the ongoing confrontation between Kiev forces and the militia in the eastern Ukrainian city claimed lives of 17 people, including three children. Shelling destroyed a local school and hit the grounds of a hospital, damaging several maternity ward buildings. On Monday, a three-day mourning period was declared in Horlivka due to the tragic events.

According to the latest UN report, the conflict between pro-Kiev forces and independence supporters in eastern Ukraine has claimed the lives of 1,129 civilians since mid-April, with another 3,442 injured.

More News from Novorossia at ‘Russia Summer’ and ‘Marine1063?

‘the real SyrianFreePress NETwork’ at

It gotten worse at the crash sites. KIEV IS BURNING THE REMAINS AND EVIDENCE. Kiev has driven out the Recovery Teams, AGAIN. Kiev LIED ABOUT Land Mines. KIEV IS SLAUGHTERING SCORES OF UKRAINIANS. KIEV / EUkraine / UN / OBAMA DICTATORSHIP IS BLOODY EVIL: They have done everything to COVER UP Their GUILT and PREVENT INSPECTION and RECOVERY of BODIES and EVIDENCE.

"The Government of Australia should not issue policies or statements that may raise suspicion about people who are outside Australia." - President SBY of Indonesia, 01 August 2014. A short message to Tony Abbott re diplomacy and indirectly his brash criticism of Russia.

Spot on LL! I notice that Abbott has now done a backflip and has stopped bagging Putin and Russia and further, will not take part in sanctions against Russia. What's happened? Has he had a tiff with his Master, Obama?

Well I thought that you where full of shit anyway Jack French!

Off track----still cant work these Middle Eastern countries out---the Palestinians can call this war off---any time they like,but they don't-----I really do feel for the little kids and the innocent people from both sides,really do-that are getting hurt /killed.-----The point is,they keep shelling Israel,---what do they expect?---Israel is going to fight back----directed where it hurts most.

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