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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Renny Carter

Renny Carter, 53, is an old journo and one of the Liberal Party's faceless men, who has opinions on anything and everything in contemporary life.


I don't know about you but I'm heartily sick of having this gay marriage thing brought to the fore every time something unpalatable or unanswerable happens in Parliament. Every time Shorton Brains gets asked a curly one like, “Were you corrupt?" he immediately jumps on to the gay marriage wagon. It's gone on for months. Years. Maybe decades.

Now I've known my share of gay people. Who of us hasn't. Some are delightful people. Some are arseholes. Better make that pricks. Bugger - better make that cretins. But I know just as many hetero people who fall into the same categories. People are people.

Most decent homosexual people get on with their lives like the rest of us. Their afterhours predilections are of no concern to us - they don't wave it in our faces. So who cares about their living arrangements? It's none of our business. Just like our sexual conquests are no concern of theirs. If they want to get married - well so what?

I live in a village where we have more gay people than most places. I don't know what the percentage is but I'm pretty well surrounded by both gender preferences on all flanks. There's nice ones and bitchy ones. If you're nice I will treat you like anyone else, if you aren't I will walk by with my nose in the air. Simple. Same as if you were heterosexual.

I have had several as friends. One (gay lady) got jealous every time I turned up with the wife until it became downright uncomfortable so we gave her the flick. This particular lady subscribed to the theory that all women are latent lesbians intent on gaining the affections and embrace of their partner. Which of course is bullshit.

I've had male gay friends who also subscribe to the idea that all men can be turned gay. I took issue with one once and said, “NO! I have never had any gay leanings and never will. It's not my thing. And that's how the majority of men feel - trust me!" And only when he had a house full of over(t)ly camp bottom trawlers in his house who made a ribaldry explicit show of their affections in front of everybody, did I feel extreme discomfort and take myself yon. It would have been just as offensive had they been heterosexuals.

I felt a similar revulsion when a woman in a purple crushed velvet dress, Blundstone boots and a knitted hat decided to conduct an overtly open demonstration of breast feeding her eight year-old son on the footpath at our street folk festival. Despite him sitting on his bicycle while she did it. She then turned the other one over to the daughter who must have been in the fifth grade. The kid had an I-Pad for Chrissakes! But a woman discreetly breast feeding is a perfectly normal part of life. It's the “I am woman - look at 'moi' thrill seekers” that sort of ruin it.   

The trouble with getting governments over the line on this issue is the churches. Despite Australia seeing its lowest ecclesiastical attendances since Captain Cook came here, people still write their religion on important things. "Hasn't been to church for 76 of his 84 years - but he was an Anglican all his life!" Bit like the politician who suddenly becomes Prime Minister - bang! There they are at church again. With the wife in tow. Kevin Rudd, at church every Sunday when PM, hasn't even driven past one since. Pffft! 

No “Gumment” can be seen to say “yes” to something that the bible expressly forbids. (Don't worry - the lasting effect of Sunday School has rubbed off on me too.) I can still quote the chapter and verse. It's in there somewhere -

"Thou shalt not take it up the Cadbury's lest ye be turned into a pillar of salt". Pretty sure that's the intent anyway.

So if a parliament says it's open slather to the gays and they can get married and have babies with donated sperm and wombs and stuff, they are in effect thumbing their noses at the Papacy and the Anglicacy. And all the other clergies. And God as we know him. The bible is full of warnings about kapok crunching and skirt lifting. Thou shalt not do it seems to be the repeated theme. So a Parliament that reads the Lord's prayer in its inner sanctums before it decides on the Nation’s fate - cannot be seen to be flying in the face and the sanctity of the very book they swear their allegiance on. It's a bloody dilemma!

As far as normal people are concerned though, nobody gives a fig about whether gays get married or not. It makes no difference to the world as we know it. Some people I am sure are born gay. They have no control over “it”. One of my closest friends these days is a lesbian. I love her dearly. I asked her once if she had ever been tempted to the other side of the fence and she practically threw up on my cappuccino.

So I then realised that she was “made that way” and that's how it must be.

Adding weight to the theory, I went to school with blokes who would gaze wistfully into the “home economics” class wishing they could join all “those lucky bitches in there”. In woodwork they would prefer to finger knit and daydream about making over their bedrooms. And the moment they left school they rushed to the nearest department store to get jobs in the window dressing department. So gay-ness is something I think you are born with.

Mind you, we have two guys in our town, one was married with two kids quite happily for 20 years until one day he was working on a building (he's a tradesman) and what I believe is referred to as a “hairy bear twink” (I looked it up) walked past and all hope was dashed right there. Love at first sight. He went home, gave the missus and the billy-lids the Khyber Pass and rushed into the arms of his new lover - where he remains to this very day. So maybe you can acquire “it”. Either way no-one really gives a bugger in this day and age. 

But governments can't do it because next thing you have George Pell beating your door down. OK, not a good choice - make that the Archbishop of Canberra. And that is why 2% of Americans are trying to change what the other 98% of Americans are sticking to their guns on. Meanwhile the Norways and Swedens just sign the bloody Bill and say “go for it”. Progressive sexuality has always been their strong suit.

But Tony will get over the line. One day maybe. And thank Christ the likes of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard (who said she was against it) didn't have to do the dirty deed.  


I wonder if Labor/Greens have put out a contact on Costa yet.

We will continue to see religious freedom taking a back seat to sexual freedom in many facets of society:
-Harms Children: Redefining marriage denies children of same-sex couples either a mother or a father. Decades of social science research has shown children do best when they’re raised in a home with their married mom and dad. Government policies should reflect the benefits of both a mom and a dad.
-Forced Closures: Faith-based adoption agencies are being forced to close their doors when faced with laws and mandates requiring them to violate their religious beliefs by placing children in homes with same-sex parents. This pressure will increase in the coming days.
-Legal/Public Challenges: Christian business owners – photographers, bakers, inn keepers, florists and others – who politely decline to use their talents and businesses to participate in same-sex ceremonies experience harassment, legal challenges and crippling fines.
-Parental Rights: Parents who want a say in what their young children are being taught in school about homosexuality have found legalized same-sex marriage is a “trump card,” which overrides their parental rights, leaving them no say in the matter.
-Tax-Exempt Status: Pastors and churches will face pressure to perform and celebrate same-sex marriages or face government retribution, such as the loss of tax-exempt status, or possibly be prosecuted for discrimination.
-Accrediting/Licensing: Private religious school accreditation, professional licenses and even employment criteria will increasingly require affirmation of homosexuality and same-sex marriage as a condition for approval.
-Counseling: There will be a continued push to ban counseling for teenagers who struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions, and who desire therapy to address this.
-Grant Exclusions: Faith-based charities that adhere to God’s design for sexuality, marriage and family will be excluded from government grants that help serve the poor and needy at home and abroad.
-Endangered Freedoms: Freedom of speech will become endangered as the government passes regulatory and even criminal laws punishing Christian views of marriage, deeming it as “hate speech” in any type of media, including radio, print, television, and the Web. This is already the case in Canada and the U.K.

See ThePhantoms comment half hour ago.

RBA is another Rothchild bank

Unlike the muslims I don't get angry. I don't want you beheaded for your disrespect to my faith (not religion - that's another argument), but it really is bad manners to disrespect the faith of millions of Christians in the way that you have here. You, like so many others mock and sneer at our beliefs as if they are rubbish. Well, as one who has actually heard from almighty God, I'm here to tell you that our Bible based faith is anything but rubbish. It has stood the test of time, and the prophesies are still relevant, and are still happening today. Just because you don't understand, does not give you the right to mock. I think they call that bullying.

The bent Penny is back in the news today with venomous comments against Barnaby Joyce and Eric Abetz saying their comments are offensive.

Well someone should tell the bent Penny that her behavoiur and her comments offend.
Two yings don't make a yang!.
They just make trouble.

Put the matter to a referendum and then see what people really think rather than guessing!

I have a friend, who is self described 'as gay as christmas' but you won't know it by the way he behaves. He's never seen or been involved in the gay mardi gras and has had the same partner for the last 30 years. He has no interest in getting 'married' as he already has the rights of a partner under the law.

The gay marriage thing (I am yet to find a non showboating lesbian that wants to get married) is all about sticking it up the Catholic Church, and George Pell in particular. While I don't believe it will lead to Polyamory, polygamy or even Polidori for that matter (see Interview with a Vampire for a gay bloodsucker), I also do not think it should happen. The victory in America thanks to the Supreme Court will be short lived if a conservative christian president is elected.

eight-year-old son??????

There was a program on about Ancient Greece a few weeks back. They uncovered some dinner type plates with paintings of old blokes with young blokes. Nothing left to the imagination as to what they were up to. They were the bright ones, the scholars. No wonder it all turned to crap. Sounds like history is repeating, not just in Greece.

It appears that psycho butch bitch is performing sabotage again. Must have struck a nerve. Either that or just bored.

We are still unpicking the Gillard and Rudd days. Planted lefties all through the ABC. The list goes on and on.

If the Reserve Bank is Australian government owned then why does it borrow money from itself and charge itself interest?

I am glad we have states. so we can choose.

Can't debt instruments be sold or exchanged?

The for profit privately owned Reserve Bank is the governments banker. When you borrow 10 and have to pay back 11 then all money is issued as debt and all loans are non repayable as the interest is not issued into circulation. Therefore the government has to match its income with the cost of debt repayments which affects the cost of services accordingly. Debts cannot be paid with debt money, they can only be discharged.

Misery loves company, so the saying goes.

They are all into it. Few interviwers can get around it without seeming or being very rude. What they don't realise is that they are judged on how they do this and their credibility is trashed, as far as I'm concerned. They may think think they are clever at evading questions but I judge them on that. Not that it makes any fucking difference. They still do what they want.