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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Australia’s Islamic minority of 2.21 per cent is holding a squirrel grip on our Parliament. At least 15 Federal seats are now in the hands of Islamic voters with populations of between 5 per cent and 22.67 per cent with many more seats likely to swing on the Islamic vote. 

Two seats that have over a 20 per cent Islam component are held by Labor, including “Blaxland” 22.67 per cent (Jason Clare) and “Watson” 20.25 per cent (Tony Burke). 

Despite the swing to the LNP at the latest election, all but 3 of the 15 seats are held by Labor with the next election promising a clean sweep to Islam/Labor of up to 21 seats with substantial Islamic minorities.

Labor is pro Palestinian for good reason and the Coalition is desperately placating Islamic leaders at every turn as Islam permeates our Parliament. 

Australian voters who follow the Jewish faith comprise of less than 0.5 per cent of the electorate with the highest numbers in the seat of “Wentworth” 12.6 per cent (Malcolm Turnbull).

The Jewish vote, which is mainly centred in traditional LNP seats anyway, has little effect on a Federal election.

Anyone following Federal elections will have noticed that a 5 per cent swing will win most seats, 10 per cent is a given and 20 per cent a flat out certainty.

Apart from the last election, Western Sydney holds the key to who gains office Federally and Islamic contenders are now standing for pre-selection in red ribbon ALP seats and winning.

Tony Abbott’s latest announcement of anti-terrorism legislation was met with bitter objections from Islamic leaders, claiming they were being targeted, while Labor’s Richard Marles (pictured) claimed those of us with Anglo-Saxon heritage were also guilty of terrorism.

Marles’ extraordinary (tho’ not unexpected) statement is a forerunner to Labor’s intention of electorally climbing into bed with Islam. After all, it has worked extremely hard to succour those of the Islamic faith and has no intention to desert them in 2016. The Islam vote now holds the key to Labor’s return to office.

The cornerstone of stemming Islamic influence on the Australian landscape was Section 18C but unfortunately that was left in the hands of a bumbling Senator Brandis who literally couldn’t sell an ice cream to an Arab. 

“Everyone has a right to free speech” sounds a lot more appealing than, “Everyone has a right to be bigoted”. 

While 18C remains, this post is illegally offending those of the Islamic faith on the basis of religion or ethnicity, and that's the way Labor and Islam want it to stay.

Perhaps law-abiding Islamists remain deafeningly silent over the little Aussie boy holding up the head of an infidel for fear of offending Australians and being in breach of 18C... yeah, right.

When the brain-dead Brandis recently summoned Islamic leaders to Canberra to unsuccessfully sell them the new anti-terrorism laws he put on a great spread for them. Unfortunately it was the last days of Ramadan.

The only things missing were the bacon rolls and a little foresight.


time to get off the keyboards and out in the streets and protest...that's how the Muslims do it and that's the only way we will be heard..

I have been voting for 35 years and have never heard or read one thing regarding Australia's immigration policies. We hear all other policies but nothing from any Prime Minister or Immigration minister on immigration. Why, because if they do/did tell us we would not have voted for them.LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE OUR PLOLICIES, not near sited dickheads .Keeping this information from the people is nothing short of traitorous.

Moderate adherents of a cult bent on the violent subjugation of all the people in the world? The term "moderate muslim" is a contradiction in terms. Try moderate nazi. Doesn't make sense.

hahaha yes I read that mr bruce, and in my mind was thinking 'now it must be pronounced in another way, may be the 'h' is silent' lol.

Things wont change until the apathy (she'll be right mate) attitude of the past is swept aside. Politicians only react when they see ground swell. Until Aussies give up our weekends working, playing sport, taking our children to sport, relaxing with friends, going to golf etc and radicalize, take to the streets, demand change, threaten police with civil unrest will the pendulum swing. The squeaky wheel gets the oil

hes as daft as a two-bob watch---hate the man.

Lets kick the lot of these ferals out,we don't need this crap in our country-------one day soon,something will happen to open our eyes.WAKE UP AUSTRALIA.

That is absolutely terrible – that was some mother’s son; how would the father of that `boy’ feel if someone was holding his son’s head up as a trophy – sickening.
God help the world.

If the scriptures according to Isaiah, Daniel, and Revelations are correct, and I have no reason to doubt them, then I just hope `the tribulation’ - , occurs very soon to rid the planet of these vile disgusting evil excuses for human beings.

For me it seems that the world being in so much turmoil as is prophesied is certainly heading towards fulfilling the scriptures; then if so correct, there will be a mad scramble to get on board.,

cheers Bruce,have a good day.

I got one also 100% it was Abdul in the tunnel with his fiancée , a goat , not its just not me calling them goat f,.,kers LOL

She wont read it from me Bruce. She hates my guts. She is pro abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage. But straddles the fence when challenged. Have just sent it Bruce and had a crack at the moron while doing so.

I received a different email about the Hamas tunnels from the one I received a month ago This one is horrific with the tons of explosives lining each one. The latest one is sent from a Jewish man with the most amazing photos that completely shocked me. How he got them is unknown. I have forwarded it to about 30 people and later will send to politicians and await a result. Bet nothing happens.

No, she still has her head on.........

All politicians will sell their soul to the devil…….

Brandis along with the rest are nothing more than chocolate soldiers……they melt under and form of heat…...

add to your list Keith Wright and Bill Darcy.

they could have half halal bacon and egg rolls this delicacy was offered at Western Suburbs Uni some years ago…worked a hoot….

The pathology behind blaming Israel:Pat Condell: No Peace in the Middle East?

This makes me angry - I did not vote for ever rat bag party that is now controlling
the country. WE need to introduce first past the post, that way we will have a majority VOTE. When I was working I voted for a party that was looking after MY love ones interest - I think they have changed a little since then. May be its time to introduce the word TRAITOR into our parliament and make it a capital punishment.

Marles was on the Bolt report and he really spoke about the usual pro ALP’s Islamic tones and support. This does not give us any comfort that either side of politics are going to stand up against the will of the Australia people that don’t want any Muslim political influence here, he went on with the usual pro Muslim retrick that you are pointing out Larry. This country has been stuffed up by the ALP and now unfortunately the LNP are vote hunting in the same manner and supporting those that intentionally support and encourage terrorism and all the atrocities that are happening in the Middle East. If the LNP and the ALP really cared about Australia they would isolate these political areas and wouldn't put up a candidate to contest these areas in the next election so that the Muslim vote would be irrelevant. That would fix part of the problem.