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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


In 2012 Julie Bishop said of Bob Carr and his wife’s travel arrangements, "It is not common practice for a Foreign Minister or a Secretary of State to travel with a spouse for the business part of a visit, I guess what's quite concerning is it is against the (Labor) Government's own ministerial guidelines.

"They (the guidelines) specifically state, as a general rule, a Minister should not be accompanied by their spouse on official overseas travel and they can only do it with the Prime Minister's approval", Bishop said.

Oh well, I guess now that Peta Credlin has gone she only needed Malcolm Turnbull’s approval of travel arrangements for her property-developing hunk David Panton, who actually paid his own costs.

But Bishop has set tongues a wagging in Canberra at such an overt display of togetherness. This is no foreign affair, it’s a domestic one! Could it be a precursor to Julie’s tilt at Lib leadership.

Like Julia Gillard, is she rekindling an old flame to act as the requisite first bloke in The Lodge? If not, then why not order the hunk breakfast in bed and give him a full day to recover.

I mean the poor bugger can’t even keep his eyes open.


Killwarren: .... Merkel acting like the elite "Rothchild" .... Close -- but no Thanksgiving Box for you, this year. Merkel's an elitist, all right. But she's a Stasi sleeper elitist and in the pocket of the puny prick, Putin Khuilo. (As in you may take the woman from the GDR but never the GDR from the woman!) Her schedule all along was to face Europe with the prospect of being overrun by barbarians or "protected" by Putin.

True Dodo,some here are starting to find out the hard way they have been fed BS especially when it comes to political party's and politicians. little do they know what is really planned for them.

Yes dodo and its a real shock to the system when you find out you have been lied to all your life. Trying to wake people up to it is not easy. Some people ar lost causes and can never be woken up in my opinion.

Yes dodo, the more you look things worse it gets to the point for me at least that I do not believe anything at all about what is going on in the middle east even what Russia is doing. Its time to step back and really critically examine every bit of information presented on world events by everyone. What is real and what is really happening? Its all a big game with deception and illusion everywhere. It doesn't matter if the event was real or not, If you believe it was real you make it real in your own mind and everybody else you tell it to. Take 911 for example very few people were actually killed the planes weren’t real the whole thing is a total scam in order to bring about the police state. It doesn't matter if what happened wasn't real what matters is people believe it and the lie is spread and accepted as truth.
That is how they do it.

join the club dodo, I have been looking at clone stuff lately and it is mind boggling.

dodo, here is a vid which may explain much of what is happening and why and at high level well past moslems and world leaders. I think you are one of the few on PP that could understand the message in this. I love Johnnylizz and his use of Kimba. let me know what you think.

The 100% Guide To Evolution Beyond Earth Inspired by "The Matrix" "Robot Chicken" & Anime

Julie Macbeth and her beau Horse Pantsoff have been given permission by Lord Turdbull to go on a worldwide shagging and celebratory hosting trip for services rendered to the cause. Poor Pantsoff - Panton looks like his been in the saddle all-night, as for Julie she brushes up OK, with a quick iron of her face she ready to go again.

of course he looks tired - been on the nest all night and Bitch has brought a new definition to Liebers stimulus package and looks very happy to have received it

Of course he looks tired - been on tn

O/T just saw a banner come up across the bottom of the screen on abc24 which said 'Former PM Tony Abbott refuses to say if he has forgiven Malcolm Turnbull".

What cretins and nasty spiteful media the ABC are.

Julie bishop on the terrorists...payroll??? surely she is not a goatrider too?

too date she has only been with much older men.....sugar this one must be up to she is a hag.

I wish it were only hundreds of thousands. Try millions.

Ok let's be honest here. Julie Bishop could not really be described as "attractive". So what is this guy's motive. If I were a wealthy businessman, the last thing that I would want is to be dragged into a boring UN session.

the difference between travel arrangements for Bishop and Carr is that the taxpayers (you and me) paid all the air fares and expenses (all first class ) whereas Bishop's boyfriend paid all his own expenses. Big difference Larry and you should have reported it correctly

Well, as long as your home ain't girt by sea, the UN doesn't care if you slaughter refugees. It just doesn't like it when the economic ones drown themselves and their kids when they try to save the UN time and money by paying their own way here and not depriving the UN a tent in one of their refugee camps. But I suppose anything to take attention away from the things their African peace keepers get up to...

Emilies List at it again.

Doesn't Ms Bishop think her shit doesn't stink now! What a peice of work she turned out to be! I am no Lady Macbeth she says! She's no lady alright, but certainly an underhanded, double crossing bitch!

At $25 million I don't think so!