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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... Q&A versus Willams' bum

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Thought I’d grab my bottle of Mylanta and risk a trip to the dark side last night to see if Q&A had improved. Leaving the swear jar handy, the family quickly disappeared as I braced myself for that hideous Jones smirk.

Yep the smirk was still there all right and to its left was a bloke called Jack Charles (or was it Charles Jack) a self-anointed Aboriginal elder fresh out of the “nick” for burglary. It appeared he was there solely to voice his opinion on the Goodes’ war dance.

“Australia itself is uniquely racist against Aboriginal Australians”, he said. “That’s my observation. That’s the observation of many Aboriginals (Aborigines) in Australia. And that’s how it is. It’s a long journey for us to undertake. Get used to it.”

Everyone agreed that Goodes should be honoured for celebrating a racist “war dance” which was directed at opposing Carlton supporters. Hmmm, it seemed like nothing had improved down at the self-indulgent, overpaid ABC.

The swear jar was filling fast as the token Islamic grub, Waleed Ali, was agreeably quoted by Jones as saying that returning Jihadist fighters should be appointed by the Government to explain to misguided Australian Muslim youth, who are trembling with excitement at the prospect of beheading blokes and raping women and children, that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Maybe while we’re at it we could get Ivan Milat on a lecture circuit to convince schoolchildren that murdering backpackers creates only a temporary high. Or get George Pell to convince the priesthood that paedophilia might have Pearly Gate implications? I mean, WTF?

After 15 minutes of this lunacy I only have enough money left for a packet of drum tomorrow, I’m already on my second bottle of Mylanta and Serena Williams’ bum is starting to look sort of okay.

I swear one day I’ll get to see the end of that show.



Their posts give an excellent opportunity to appraise those who would destroy our Democracy and replace it with a Marxist Totalitarian Regime. Thus be aware and bear in mind their political aims and aspirations when you peruse their offerings as they all appear to be;

1. Communists who prefer to be known as a Progressive Socialists,

2. Anti Semites.

3. Holocaust deniers,

4. Pro Muslim, with all the evil that goes with that,

5. Conspiracy theorists? Who openly contend for example "man has never walked on the moon", and in MARCO-ELOCO case "THE EARTH IS FLAT"??? And;

6. Anti Catholic,

7. They cite fiction novels to substantiate their cut and paste assertions, and we are expected to believe a photograph of some event or asserted incident is total verification; "because the camera doesn't lie". OMG naive is alive and well in the ranks of Australia's Communists of today.

8. They are also against the vaccination of children and spread false information in justification of their lies. And are;

9. Anti fluoridation proponents.



I do not suggest any of these label are right or wrong but I do suggest knowing the authors stand on issue increases ones ability to determine if their statements are creditable or not?

Also it befuddles me why; those who choose to "carry the banner" and prosecute the views of their political masters appear be so shamed when named for what they are?

Have they no pride in their written word? Do they indeed not believe what they post, is it ALL lies and deceitful propaganda? I am forced to wonder. And if so to what purpose?

Chris, Ive stated on numerous occasions that the Cabal, the global elite or whatever you want to call them don't give a shit about the average person. The massive surveillance grid which has already been set up is only to monitor people who are seen as a threat to the control system. I could not care less, what I say or do is of no interest to them in fact I suspect they would be having a real good laugh at most stuff on PP.

Still hiding eh, so the boogie men don't get you? "They" know who you are the have you monitored! ha ha "They " will get you when "They" need to. Be afraid, be very afraid.....but you are already!

Chris, I'm dead sober and that is the pot calling the kettle black I think. I haven't been drunk enough to give my full name out on PP. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Hadenuff I am well and truly over MH17 so you will not be hearing anything from me on that incident.
I really am not interested to be honest. I have other information to look at.

hadenuff, old saying " don't argue with a fool or a drunk" Marco- has proved he is the former and as the night goes on I have suspicions on the later!

The moon missions are science fiction that is for sure. Very convenient of NASA to lose all the footage from all the missions. If they didn't with modern video editing tools their scam would be well and truly exposed for all to see. Oh sorry, that is just a coincidence, more fairly tales for the sheeple.

Science Fiction, Double Feature, Doctor X will build a Creature...

I would like to see the Government politicians standing with you all at this rally to prove they are for all Australians - just not the communist left!

That is the most disgusting piece of filth I have ever had the misfortune to read. ff. Artielaw should be banned from this post. We have all hadenuff!

Atrielaw, has gown up now with a capital A and now states Short On is a Rapist!

Hadenuff, that worked the imbecile is frothing at the mouth!

Hadenuff, that worked the imbecile is frothing at the mouth!

Each one of the hard done by minority groups, who can never be satisfied, no matter how much Ozzie Tax Payers and bleeding heart politicians give them and how often these gutless pollies kiss their ass... there is always the radical outspoken smart ass in their midst, who demands more free loads and subjugation of the 'white and other honest hard working Ossie Tax payers. This Q & A ..Jones will be on a few Bucket Lists one day, when the there is rebellion against the mores of those destroying the Nation. He is another bludger ( $300 k pa to be a traitor to the Country's well being?! WTF!!?? ) Tony Jones. Traitors should very consciously 'Lock their doors' when 'the worm turns'.

'cos it's become silly. I was just trying to defend someone who I don't know but who seems ok to me from trash I don't know being vindictive towards her. I know you to be cool IE so take no offense.

Gonna delete the original post so you'll all be out on your own. I suggest you delete your contributions (?) as well if you so desire.

What a picture of health, inner peace, wisdom, calmness, inner thought, creativism and industrialism is Jimmy Odinga Odinga in the picture above. What a waste of space!

I agree with Les Patterson - He has the solution where everyone will be happy - Use Uranium waste to make biscuits, dump them from a plane over NT and the Abbos will eat them. Walla - No more Uranium waste and no more Abbos. Now everyone is happy, including the budget bottom line.

artielaw, You are going to promulgate all the legal proceedings using your great store of legal knowledge. WOW if your credibility wasn't totally blown we would all be agog with anticipation why don't you write it all down in a novel and eMail it to Comrade Rinaldo who could then post it as one of his cut and paste offerings verified by another fictional source. Jeeze you mob really are a dead loss.

Reading the UK website has all the a munition we need to set up here for Australia set out nicely sure they wont mind a bit of plagiarism. I'd help if show me

Why dont we have a petition up on the net? Anyone know how - or maybe a Website like this on in UK I am sure many millions against changing from man and woman - it is like the Republic - remember? It inevitable said media - answer NO> Same campaign now but without a referendum and we sho7uld be consulted it is not for MPs to tell us who can marry it is tradition of centuries man and women to procreate and then be stable family.