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Tuesday, 21st February 2017

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... and its submissive judiciary

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The UN’s global warming hoax, Islam and a bloke called Putin are the three main targets of Poseidon’s trident, and Trump is sending the Left crazy with having to accept that he will do what other politicians won’t... fulfil electoral promises, and put the world back on an even axis without a cataclysmic Left skew.

                      Evolving northern hemisphere conditions could make farming impossible.

The UN, along with our Turnbull, Shorten and Bishop, is determined to manufacture a one-world, borderless environment by virtue of massive income redistribution, using fatuous “global warming” as a conduit.

Despite trillions in propaganda the average citizen is now too well-informed to fall for the bullshit. They now know that the past five years have seen increasingly cold record conditions in the north and centre of the Northern Hemisphere. Now snow blankets parts of Texas and it moves lower each year. 

The warmists hibernate until after winter each year, when they start their heated garbage all over again.

  The enlarging Antarctic has recently recorded the world's coldest temperature in history

The southern icecap continues to increase in area, now more than twice the size of Australia and within its own isolated weather pattern, totally devoid of anthropological influence. 

The last ice age was a mere 14,000 years ago and even if the globe was now cyclically warming, which it is not, it would create a marked beneficial environment for agriculture and all living species, as it has in the past.

That renewable resource, water, would then be distributed to formerly infertile areas in the third world.

Trump knows what the UN is up to and will put a stop to this insane global warming hoax.

Extreme vetting of immigrants from Islamic nations is already underway. The Left sees Islamic terrorism on our doorsteps as a cheap price to pay for borderless one-world socialism. The socialist Left judiciary agrees. That would never work of course, but WTF has that got to do with personal socialist hypotheses?

They are having seizures over Trump’s determination to prevent this Islamic invasion but he will remain unfazed. He must ignore disjointed university protesters. He is, after all, only doing what he promised his electors he would do. 

Both Abbott and Trump insisted that persecuted Christian refugees be given preference but Obama and the UNHCR overrode that insistence claiming Muslims must remain at the head of the queue. But be assured, Trump will neuter the decadent UN and it’s majority of bludging Islamic members.

The final tyne on the trident is reserved for NATO and the UN's hatred of Putin.

Paint any nation into a corner with crippling sanctions and eventually you will have the very same reason for both world wars. 

Media ignores the fact that a Crimean referendum rejected Ukraine and voted 85% for Russian inclusion. But hey, referenda only reflect the will of the people, and not necessarily their rulers'. 

Putin has been refused land access to his warm water fleet on the Black Sea. His incursion into the south of Ukraine is an attempt to secure land access to his Crimean territory, but that was seen by NATO and the UN as blatant warmongering.

It will take all of Trump’s intellect to solve what must inevitably happen, and that is a partial, if not total, reinstatement of the USSR. That’s what Putin is determined to achieve, and when he does there will be many paybacks, but the problem is that Turkey is also determined to reinstate its old Islamic Ottoman Empire... and Islamic Turkey is a member of NATO. 

The world will not survive both.

The truth is that if referenda were held in all of the old Soviet States tomorrow, most would opt for retaining their proud Russian heritage. 

Ukraine got the lion’s share of the 1989 split with its rich river systems providing a European food bowl and space facilities that now include the ability to threaten Russia with what was once its own nuclear capability. 

Russia has the gas that is pipelined across Ukraine, to a cold western Europe, but Ukraine's Poroshenko, backed by NATO, has refused to pay the billions it owes Russia for gas it has already used. Putin understandably refused to supply further gas without payment up-front and an arrangement for some sort of principal repayment over time.

Knowing he had NATO behind him, Poroshenko refused Putin's offer and then proceeded to tap the pipeline, stealing all Ukraine's further requirements. All this under the nose of NATO. 

And the splintering EU is now looking to admit a dangerous Turkey to its fold. 

But Turkey is eying a half dozen large former “....istan” Soviet States, that border Turkey, as part of its Ottoman Empire. 

Turkey is currently busy ethnically cleansing the Kurds from its south and blaming them for Terrorist attacks in Turkey that were committed by their former allies, ISIS, who are incensed at the betrayal of Turkey. 

It’s the Kurds who have led the ground war against ISIS in the north of Iraq, and Syria where Obama feared to tread. Obama’s CIA then inexplicably armed ISIS rather than the persecuted Kurds. Now Putin has finished the job of killing Syrian rebels who include much of ISIS.

This brewing holocaust will take the wisdom of Solomon to prevent. No world leader other than Trump has the ability to solve it. But his negotiating skills will be stretched to breaking point in dealing with the egos of Putin and Erdogan.

The Western Left and its compliant judiciary will no doubt try to trip Trump at every turn, before he can fill the Supreme Court vacancy, because the Left would like nothing better than another world war... to achieve their new-world order they prefer to destroy the old one first, or applaud world leaders who will.

Trump is meeting the Islamic threat head on, but there are more devious enemies to his rear. 


Fiji just turned around an asylum seeker they did not want that turned up on their doorstep but AUSTRALIA is INCAPABLE of doing the same.They just sent him back, Bloody SIMPLE..

TRUMP IS THE SWAMP: Trump's Jewish Elite MAFIA and The 5 Dancing Israelis (2017)

1984 is here folks.

Google is filter blocking certain websites.

"we don't care"

because we love you...

Put Donald Trump on Mount Rusmore

Trump is doing incredible work by reigning in the EPA and the DOEd, and appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court, and protecting the US with extreme vetting. We support Trump!

Sign the petititon

Up !

Some bloke dressed up to look like a woman is presently spruiking on the Drum

Wikileaks have uncovered messages sent to their embassy in canberra and our DEFAT regarding money being paid to build Mosques and help sway opinions on islam in Aust , THATS a enough for me to standby MO on where Malcuntent is getting his orders from ,the SMH has the story also he is worse then a Maggot , he sucks the life out of Aust a maggot only sucks blood,.

America may well be a nation of immigrants, but it's nearly full, don't you think they've earned the right to be a bit picky about the quality of migrant, especially as how some of them are blowing up and shooting some of them.

Why didn't Jesus say He would return ... on or about such and such a date ?

Prepare for me on that day ... and have ready vanilla milk shakes and donuts

Couple of spelling errors there I missed sorri too mus

Someone had left part of today's Australian at my table in a coffee shop. OMG !! The HATE of President Trump knows no bounds. Endless shite from the Left round the world. Made a point of dumping said rag in a bin rather than returning it to the reading shelf.

Australia needs a good leader – Bring back Gough Whitlam, he has to be better than the shithead we’ve got.

Well I hope the Turd at his Press Club speech tomorrow stats like this .. I am here today to advise you effective immediately I have reigned from Parliament and also the seat of Wentworth.. Amidst a spontaenious burst of applause you can just hear the waffle ,waffle , waffle about it was not my fault..blah blah blah ... followed by exit stage left

Feel no guilt or shame if your grandkids are snowflakes ...

Blame the schools ..

UK to Send Its $1.3 Billion Warship to Inland Sea Infested With Russian Missiles in 'Huge Warning to Russia'
The Russians are soiling their underwear as we speak
British defense minister Michael Fallon wants to send a “clear message" as he says to Russia. For that purpose he will have one of Britain's D-class guided missile destoyers sail the narrow Bosphorus strait into the Black Sea.

At 1.3 billion USD a piece D-class destroyers are Britain's most expensive fighting surface ships as well as its largest. They displace 8,400 tons and are served by a crew of 200.
The Black Sea coast is dotted from the north and east with Russian naval bases, airfields and missile battery installations. Russians are world leaders in supersonic anti-ship missiles and have had great success in fitting long-range cruise missiles on even smallest of vessels.
Russia' mainstay supersonic missiles have a range of 600 kilometres. Its cruise missiles with the longest reach have a range of 2,500 kilometres. Distance from Sevastopol to the mouth of the Bosphorus is less than 550 kilometres. 
Just sitting in their main base the Russians can cover the entire Black Sea with a vast inferno from the land, air and sea.
The British describe the weird-looking D-class destroyer as their "most advanced" waship. With two quad Harpoon missile launchers the D-class destroyer has the long-range firepower of a modern Russian frigatte.

"I am the light
He who follows my light
Shall never need their candle lit"

Proverbs 23:9

Trump should go nuclear on his Supreme Court nominee...

In 2013, Democrats broke a nearly four-decade-long precedent and changed Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster for executive branch nominations and appointments to the federal circuit or district courts — allowing them to be confirmed by simple majority. Eliminating the filibuster for political appointments that die with a president’s term was one thing. But Democrats eliminated the filibuster for lifetime appointments to the federal bench as well. Once that line was crossed, Republicans can now rightly ask: Why stop at the district and circuit courts of appeal? If Democrats openly say they will obstruct anyone Trump chooses, why not follow the precedent they set and apply their rules to Supreme Court nominees?

The reason Democrats eliminated the filibuster for judicial appointments was to let Barack Obama stack the federal courts with liberal judges — particularly the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the nation’s second-highest court, which reviews many critical cases related to federal laws and regulations. And stack the courts Obama did. He appointed more than one-third of the federal judiciary and reversed the ideological balance of the 13 U.S. circuit courts of appeals. When he took office, 10 circuit courts had conservative majorities. Today, nine have liberal majorities, including the D.C. Circuit.

Going nuclear paid huge dividends for the left. One of the liberal judges Obama put on the D.C. Circuit on a party-line vote was Nina Pillard. She later authored the decision that upheld the Obamacare contraception mandate. . . .

Obama and Senate Democrats used the nuclear option to shift the ideological tilt of the nation’s second-highest court. And if Democrats had controlled the Senate last year, does anyone doubt they would have hesitated to use it to put Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court over Republican objections? Of course they would have. And the next time they are back in the majority, they will not hesitate to use the nuclear option to overcome Republican opposition to a liberal nominee. It is only a matter of time before the nuclear option is invoked. The only question is whether it will be invoked by Republicans now, or by Democrats later.

So why wait?

George Soros (György Schwartz) CBS '60 Minutes' Interview/Report (1998)

Revealing interview on this parasite. CBS interestingly.

Trump has done what he said he would. So, what's next?

The best guide to what Donald Trump would do as president appears to be what he said he would do as president.