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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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...golly, these Presbyterians are a worry

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It appears those pesky Presbyterians might be cooking something up for Christmas dinner. It’s an ominous Christmas message from Tony Abbott but it may well be ASIO’s way of covering all bases before getting legless during the season of good will to all men.
Again Tony’s skill in avoiding the word Presbyterian was remarkable. “There are people out there who want to do us harm”, said Tony. "There are people out there we know with the intent and the capability to carry out further attacks."  

No shit Sherlock! I wonder who they could possibly be?
Go on Tony, give us a clue, it’s handy to know who we should be looking out for... could it be people with back-to-front collars carrying bibles and singing Christmas carols maybe? 
Perhaps we should be looking out for men in long robes waving gold crosses and screaming nasty passages from the Lord’s Prayer.
If groups of men with blue handlebar moustaches try to attack you and shoot your dog each time you leave your home, surely you would be entitled to warn the neighbours of men with blue handlebar moustaches.
If a group of bikies try to sell your kids drugs on the way home from school each day, surely you would be forgiven for naming the offenders as bikies when reporting the matter to the police.
If a bunch of blokes in white dresses and pointy white hats decide to burn 12 foot high crosses on your front lawn, would it be discriminatory to suggest they might be Ku Klux Klan?
If dozens of skinheads in brown shirts with swastikas were seen herding Jews into home-made gas chambers, would it be racist to describe them to authorities as Nazis? No?
 So what’s the problem naming these pesky Presbyterians? 


We have a Muslim relative in our outlaws and during Xmas morning around the tree when presents were being handed around, the parcel that he picked and tried to hand around became a 'hot potato', nobody wanted to touch it. Talk about 'pass the parcel'.

To bastardise a quote, "Islam has no enemies, but is intensively disliked by its friends." An explanation of the Middle Eastern conflict for the common man.

Brilliant! Rotten Xmas is over, we won't need worry for almost a whole year.


I was pleasantly surprised on Christmas Day when a dark-skinned taxi driver of Middle Eastern appearance wished me a Merry Christmas as he unloaded my luggage. By crickey, these conversions to the Presbyterian faith could just take hold. But then, on second thoughts….

There is a new term used in the Courts describing Muslim berating of our society and it is called Race Disquiet . Wow, how obvious .

This is a pretty good video about the Sydney siege from an American perspective

INFIDILL wishes all infidel's a merry xmas & a happy new year minus a shitload of mozzies.

Madonna’s new song called Illuminati “pokes fun at internet conspiracy theories”. She’s actually doing what mass media has been doing for years : Distorting facts to then make fun of them. In short : Disinformation. Email

"Sydney 'terror targets' identified in seized documents, two men arrested."
These grubs are well known to authorities but of course will only get a community service order. One of them cannot be named for legal reasons! WTF! If he was caught shoplifting in Bunnings he would get named on the spot!

According to the Jewish Journal, President Obama says: “I am Jewish in my soul.”

They neglected to report the rest of the President’s statement:
“…But not in my body – and if you think you’re going to whack off the end of my peepee with one of those rabbinical meat-cleavers, you’ve got another think coming!”

A courageous woman who dared to expose the Jewish Babylonian Talmud. Her book "The Plot Against Christianity" can not be refuted.

Mrgg talented scribe NO . Poet No . Googler and copy paster YES

Larry it is about time you gave the Methodists or the Baptists a turn instead of blaming it all on the Presbyterians

CE, A Nod's As Good As Wink To A Blind Horse..

Merry Christmas dodo. A bit of Christmas reading for you:

You do get it, Dis. What right has government to force business owners into big wages for unskilled plebs, often migrants? With state/fed taxation laws, super, sick leave entitlements, holiday loading, dismissal laws, health and safety, community charity, planning regulations, environmental barricades, unfettered corrupt unions, frivolous lawsuits, training expenses, corporate governance, carbon footprint, import competition, lazy workers, unsympathetic courts, ACCC, scared Liberals and anti-business ALP/Greens, why would anyone bother trying to operate profitably in this country? Anyone with a brain and money is better off on the couch with a pale ale watching cricket with the unemployed potential min. wage earners. Who said we'd never see socialism here?

And many more to you friend,!

TA could have given us all a great Christmas gift by proving to us 'he has balls' in those loose fitting Budgie Smugglers !?