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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Howell Woltz

Howell Woltz is an American author living in Warsaw, Poland, whose work focuses on America's system of justice and the negative effects of Progressivism on free nations and their people.


Here at the Pickering Post, we are always keen to adopt new technologies. Apparently, through some wonder of Electrickery, it is now possible – to make pictures that move!

Inspired by this new development, our very own Howell Woltz has decided to bring my series on Capitalism and Socialism to life through his hidden (until now) talent for cartooning.

Like me, Howell sees the importance of explaining these concepts to youngsters who have been forced to attend mass indoctrination centres (formerly known as “schools”).

This is the first part of the series and I have to say, it’s not too shabby. In fact, we were even thinking of leaving Paul Z in the nurse’s outfit and moving Howell up into the cartooning spot (just kidding Paul, you can get changed now).

Anyhow, take a look and see what you think. Any constructive criticism will be welcomed as it is likely to improve the next parts of the series.

So, pour yourself a refreshing glass of cabbage wine, turn the speakers on and enjoy – A Tale of Two Harrys.


UK - Huge Cost of Monitoring Returned Jihadists Means Majority Roam Free in Britain - British Government security orders that can be placed on known extremists are so expensive to enforce they are hardly ever used, leaving the majority of returning jihadists to "roam free." The arrangements made for Islamic extremists living in the UK has come under intense scrutiny in the wake of the rediscovery of a former London schoolgirl who defected to the Islamic State in 2015, who now wants to come to Britain to raise an ISIS fighter's son. While the British Government has stripped 19 year old Shamima Begum of her citizenship in a bid to prevent her from returning to the UK, it has has previously reported how a large number of extremists have already arrived - and continue to arrive -

Ron Hubbard and David Icke started bizarre religions and became multi millionaires. There's no limit to what gullible people will believe. There's one born every minute.

What a jolly coward - hope puppy finds a lovely new home -

Can't wait for stage II - socialism is scary - it never works

Hang on...........Why was the dog seized? From who?.........................Who`s the prick?


once the red is in you pot the brown??

America First means NOT Israel First. Cynthia McKinney (today Dr. Cynthia McKinney), almost alone among all Members of Congress in her generation, refused to sign the written “AIPAC Pledge” swearing loyalty to Israel. It took the Zionists twelve years to gerrymander her district out of existence and bribe everyone else in Georgia that mattered, but they finally ran her out of office.

The concentration on getting women into Parliament is stupid. If they wanted to get there and were good enough to do so, they would get there? Surely they don't expect to be there because they are women, when there are better men around who also want to get there? May the best person win!

Oh no, Julie Bitchshop has resigned, what am I going to no, after the party I mean!

Perhaps so bkh....but twisted thoughts often lead to twisted actions which I find difficult to accommodate...even in the tapestry of life. Perhaps it's a result of years of teaching Chemistry and Maths, where a solid foundation in the 'absolutes' was inherent to the solution of basic problems - and beyond....Perhaps it's also a weariness of tolerating those who find it difficult to 'see the nose on their face and use it for its predetermined purpose' ...

New Post Up !

Why didn't Bitchop leave today instead of hanging around like a bad smell until the election? It didn't have the guts to allow the electorate to throw the cow out. Has it more skullduggery to accomplish for her hero TURD before we are finally rid of the high maintenance, backstabbing troll? In the "real" world when an employee (and that's all it was) resigns (under a cloud of controversy) it is usually frog marched to the front door. Fckn pollies occupy a different world. The reward for treachery is an obscene pension for life plus extras...

Hmmm...fault is an interesting word. Guess someone has to be to blame.

Another Sorry money extortionist shows it's true coulours...

YUK!................... Now they`re trying to force it on us................

Love the funnies. Serious business... Seems the thugs can roam Melbourne with impunity and the coppers have been the problem.

I thought you were going to say, you were jewish

Today is great laughs day ! Every time I go to Bunnings , I fondly remember the joke someone put up on PP. Don't want to risk being banned but you'all remember it. Lady walks in with 2 kids of different age, greetings guy says , " twins Madam ? ". Lady says " are you stupid , can't you see that there is a big age difference ? ! " Guy says " I just can't believe that someone BCF'ing you twice !!"