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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Howell Woltz

Howell Woltz is an American author living in Warsaw, Poland, whose work focuses on America's system of justice and the negative effects of Progressivism on free nations and their people.


The tale continues with “the man with the gun” under capitalism. This series of short stories is intended to educate children who in 2019, still think socialism is a good idea.

Howell has managed to bring this series to life and articulate the difference between Capitalism and Socialism in a way that Scott Morrison never has.

Turn on the speakers, sit back and enjoy part 2 of this short story which rests on the noble art of cabbage farming.

Don’t forget to share these short videos with your children and grandchildren.


HERE WE GO FOLKS....The NWO has shown itself for the first time...
Call to action on the creation of a UN parliamentary assembly
An international group of MPs calls for a body to strengthen the democratic representation of the world’s citizens in global affairs and the UN’s decision-making.............

Harry, Paul and Mrs Pickering, Larry would not have wanted this site to become an albatross around your necks as it has now become. It's time to move on and enjoy life again. Let the feral posters find another site or start their own. You deserve better than this. Thank you for trying so hard but I think closing down was always inevitable and so it's best not to draw it out, making it even more painful for you all. I could have wished otherwise but the rancour appears to be malignant and worsening every day. Cheers for now.

Notice who is funding and putting the Homosexual, Agenda pushing, Disease spreading gutter dwelling filth, on free to air TV......Yep Your Government's SBS and co....Just to reinforce their Safe Schools Pedophilia indoctrination.......One Sick bunch of Pricks........

IE has been very quiet lately, I miss him.

Stefan Molyneux
When people didn’t understand nature, they blamed devils and witches and sin.
When people don’t understand IQ, they blame “exploitation” and “sexism” and “racism.”
Primitive and dangerous ignorance.

Three cheers for Elon Musk.....Donald J. Trump
We’ve got NASA “rocking” again. Great activity and success. Congrats to SPACEX and all!

Obama and now Merkel. Progressives don't believe in democracy or the rule of law, they're totalitarians to the core.
"Germany's spy agency found guilty of targeting the political opponents of Merkel's tyrannical regime. To all the hacks working in media, this is the election meddling you are looking for."

It appears the Wolves whom Hate this site for what it is, can now smell blood, and a chance to force it's shutdown.The concerted attack appears to have begun to harass the Site Controllers out the door and shut it down..Please Paul Z, Harry and the crew...Please see that for what it is, nothing but a campaign to close the site, and if that happens They WIN..Once they get culled out we can resume yet again..Please do not take their attacks to heart, and see them for what they are.For them to be trying so hard is an indication of just how Important this site is, and how Precious it is to those Conservative Australians whom have limited chances to get uncensored news, information and exchange views.The fundamental principles of having this site up are far more important to us whom do care.

True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.

Another day Another cave dive ( see monkey) rescue....this time in PNG..God speed TP

" sure your sin(s) will find you out". Is that why the disgusting backstabbers have departed their Liberal posts? Good riddance to them! Just need a few more to do the same and, perhaps, the true-blue Liberal Party can arise once again.

Re Pell: Why is the transcript of the trial being kept secret? Publish it so people can make an informed view.

Why can't women fart properly?

Because they can't keep their mouths shut for long enough to build up pressure.

Watch this little great video, an Infowars satire on the DC Swamp. It’s hilarious.

Who knew the incomparable David Attenborough was such an expert on the various species and sub species that are the subject of the video! Now we just need him to concede “climate change” is not the greatest threat facing this world after all.

#Note — watch it while you still can. The fascist leftists at YouTube, along with nearly every one of these lefty tech tyrants, have made it their all but stated mission to hunt down and exterminate every one of these spoofs etc exposing who and what they and their anti free speech, anti-American, globalist etc allies really are ....

"Liberal MP for Coogee Bruce Notley-Smith was allegedly threatened by a man wielding a sledge hammer while he was campaigning in his seat on Saturday.

The MP was near the corner of Coogee Bay Rd and Arden St in Coogee just after 11am when David Luke Basile, 49, allegedly got out of a Holden Commodore and armed himself before threatening the politician.

A Coogee resident who witnessed part of the incident said Labor and Liberal Party volunteers were handing out election brochures in the area before the drama unfolded.

"Out of the blue there was a lot of commotion with a man screaming expletives and waving his arms about and then, within minutes, the road was blocked off by police cars down by the beach," the woman, who declined to be named, said."

... GetUp said 'hammer it home'

O/T Sorry..but... Dear ADMIN..I can't decide what i feel like for dinner ? Is there any chance you could come up with a few options for Me? Also ( I understand you are doing what you do for free) BUT Any chance one or two of you could come over and cook the meal you have chosen for me also ( and i don't mean to sound selfish) but could you eat for me as well and maybe wash up ?? Well .thats dinner sorted .....

"Every Muslim who speaks out is expected to own, explain and condemn any act carried out by Muslims worldwide. The same doesn’t apply to Catholics."

The stick insect has blamed the mincing poodle for her loss at the pm ship.

Fashion designers are homosexual who hate women that is why they design such stupid shit for them to wear.
Can this horrible women not put two and two together?

Caroline Glick: Time to walk away from Afghanistan

If nothing else comes of it, the latest round of Pakistani aggression against India served as yet another signal to the U.S. that the time has come to cut its losses and walk away from Afghanistan.

On February 14, a Pakistani terrorist from Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist organization, infiatrated the Indian side of the disputed Jammu and Kashmir province and murdered more than forty Indian paramilitary forces in a suicide bombing.