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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Media of course overestimated numbers but there were quite a few hairy arm pits and braless sheilas who accounted for around half the crowd. The other half were possibly men... it was hard to tell. And the cute kids appeared immune to the filthy chants and placards. We suddenly realise just how good Hollywood makeup artists are when people like Madonna take to a mike outside the studio. 


Madonna, yeah, that’s the one who has been grabbing more pussy than the Donald could ever dream of... and sometimes it’s her own.

The females in the protest march are enough to turn a bloke poofter. And the ugly face of the Left, Michael Moore, has the sort of head you’d never get tired of kicking, yet it is democracy in action, and it’s what we should cede to, if not have respect for.

But the jaw dropping hypocrisy of feminism is there for all to see. Women pay good money to witness female “stars” of the stage grab their, or some bloke’s, genitals. Yet according to Madonna she wants to “blow up” the White House because Donald Trump said 14 years ago, to a live mike, that he could possibly have grabbed the odd pussy.

Amazing that Bill Clinton’s antics with women have never prompted a nation-wide march on a similar scale by the same “offended” females.

The loony Left never seem to get it Right!


They used to be called tarts.

Okay, so now a group of real world underachievers who have contributed nothing except to act in movies have decided they know what is best for the USA and the world. I'ts like Meg Ryan on Mike Parkinson where she thought that because she had played a psychoanalyst she was a better at psychology than Mike. Well guess what, spending a couple of millions out of your mega millions does not make you an expert on how to handle anything except yourself and you do that badly.

Did anyone grab Michael Moore's pussy? Apparently, AShley Judd likes to finger pain with her menstrual blood on her sheets. But she must have bottled some from a generation ago when she was fertile. The offer from Madonna to perform fellatio on those who voted for Hillary probably lost her Michigan.

Has any body noticed the editing on Facebook via the share button being unavailable on certain posts, is Facebook run by the lefty media?

A fellow at work told me ,''women and jews are the same ,expect the whole world to pay their way through life ,are constantly and never endingly bitching about how hard done by they are, and constantly discriminated against ,obsessed with money ,expect to be first in line and give credit for everything ,consider themselves superior and always more intelligent ,its a never ending saga .................................''

Thanks saddler. We know that we are all imperfect in many ways. I'm not saying that I think Trump is perfect. For me he was the better choice. I hope he proves to be fair and just for all the people in the US, and indeed the International community. We gave Obama eight years I think it would be fair to give Trump some time to prove himself too. If he proves to be competent we all win, if not even people of goodwill who support him now will change the view.

Peggy, I wonder if your butt is jealous of all the crap that comes out of your mouth.

Saddler.. Tue 24 Jan 2017 10:58:59 pm

Oh come on Islander, don't tell me you are one of the SG, OR, IE team, fairdinkum. Fucking Facebook.
No I'm not sorry to disappoint Saddler.

Hi Lights, all is well. only 7.20 pm here. going out for some gado gado and a couple of bintangs then back on PP.

the only team here sadliar is the one you hang about the fringes of...
evening Islander, hope all well with you...trying to stay awake to watch Cold Case, but I'm not going to last (big yawn), need to record it. All quiet in SE Asia tonight?

you are the only one talking about Frank being in a team?

Frank, I must say, those are really very very good...I particularly really enjoyed number one. Thank you for that run of motion....:-))

wow what a read on this site. Must be a haven for pretty well one eye on everything. Just black and white. Not much room for grey. I suppose life is like that for some.All muslims are bad all whites are good. hang on I seem to see lots of drunken yobbos fight each other for no reason. I think even some whities thought Trump is a bit of a dickhead. I dunno there must be some explanation for that. Maybe muslims dressed up as whities. Yep I bet thats it.Muslims dressed up as whities. Now back to the black and white agin

Labor’s Lisa Chesters orders a Bendigo show trial supporting Islamists and leftists against Free Speech
In a legal first, the Bendigo Three will face a Melbourne Magistrates Court charged under Victoria’s Racial & Religious Tolerance Act 2001 Section 25 (2), over a harmless political protest in Bendigo back in October 2015.
Basically, the Act makes it a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment for anyone in Victoria (or even outside Victoria) to act in any way that a delicate fairy or someone with a vendetta could possibly think could incite hatred, serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule of anyone else. It prohibits free speech. It makes banter and satire illegal. It is a tool of multiculturalism dogma to appease imported races and religion foreign to Australia. It is only triggered against White Australian nationals. It is a racist law.
In the case of The Bendigo Three, there is no plaintiff. The case is motivated purely by political vendetta.
Rather, someone in politics who has a different view, thinks three Australian nationalists engaging in harmless political street theatre protest against the impost of a mosque in Bendigo might offend Muslims. Yet no muslim has come forward; not even a paid proxy. The case is a political ploy by the Labor Party and the Victorian Labor government has taken free speech on. No Islamic group has complained, and the DPP has to sign off on this bogus charge.
The hearing is due to take place on March 6, 2017. It is D-Day for free speech.
For more information go to United Nationalist of Australia Facebook site and scroll down to the following video to watch accused Chris Shortis (Jan 12, 2017) explain the injustice:

Oh and i meant to say too, sadliar was never part of the real troll pack, just doing his lefty bit on the fringes...and sadliar I don't care whether you're here or not, but i just can't believe anything you say.

Well, I'll shed just a little light here for you all. This ugly crow above calling itself 'smartgirl' is a female - donna godbolt - of port augusta SA. godbolt has a small, equally ugly coven of frenz - the vicious 'dodo' aka gorilla (victoria), jeanette fitzgerald aka 'JCM' and 'jenny f.' (forest lake qld), 'stoney' aka the stoned one, a screw who uses & prob. pushes - pls note, i don't care - most likely nsw as he is the most likely candidate for having left a bullet outside a PP'ers shop front (nice), and another odd one or 2 - sailor, on the fringe, a creepy piece of work who likes very small children byname of Aubrey aka 'waldo' who got permanently booted, Oh & the pack leader is an equally nasty piece of work – OzRealist - the puppet master who manipulates all of the foregoing. they're pretty much the original and only troll pack here. BUT big but, godbolt has (at last count) over 200 registered usernames on PP and she sometimes uses 3 or 4 a night. Plus she makes up imaginary friends here on PP & has conversations with them.

Quite a long while back, there were about 4 posters here who really liked the site but could see the way it was going with the trolls’ rampant, mostly nocturnal, activities (mainly abusing other posters). They did what they could to make this a pleasant place to be, motivated by the fact that the moderator didn’t seem to have a lot of time to do it. All that earned them, was permanent targeting by the troll pack. In particular, they focused on a female poster from nsw – and godbolt specifically is obsessed with hate towards that person (who no longer posts here). Many death threats and countless, ongoing other abuses directed at that poster – doesn’t seem to matter that she’s no longer here. Godbolt also thinks that anyone who criticises her, is also that person (yes, it has developed into full-blown paranoia), and the list of PP’ers she thinks are that poster grows all the time (and I’m a chief suspect too, although i don’t even live in nsw, but that hasn’t stopped them dishing out the death threats etc. to me also).

Legal action followed in an attempt to stop godbolt’s threats and abuse (and those made by her ickle friends) but is ongoing. Oh, and the reference to ‘dung’ – that’s a universal nickname given long ago, to godbolt.

Now, I’ll be shouted down over this post, and no doubt will be abused as usual, but that I promise you all, is the basic truth, the whole truth and nuthin’ but the truth, so help me God. Just consider this as me providing community service information here.

Hmm... I don't think anyone is trying to be a sentinel of integrity, and honor and NO one is dictating and deciding who can stay and who can go and who can post on PP. The fact that Saddler is here is proof of that. I think you have missed the point. The dung beetle info is interesting but out of context and meaningless.

OK Saddler from my perspective I will say no more on the matter. You know what I think and I know you are not going. Its pointless to continue with this.

this is more amusing? Saddler.. Sun 6 Nov 2016 07:35:27 pm
No Islander, I think I'm pretty safe, but I keep my word, if Trump wins I'll leave this site for good.
Saddler.. Sat 21 Jan 2017 12:13:25 am
Cheers to the posters that I got along with, many of you are really good people. See ya, Fairdinkum. Love your mother.

CC you mean Saddler is trolling himself?