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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Dear Pickering Posters,

As you all know, Larry is old school. The last thing he wants to do is to burden you all with his medical problems. However, since some of you have indicated a heartfelt concern for his welfare, he has asked me to give you all a quick update.

He has thankfully finished his radiation therapy. It has gone well as far as we can tell, however, it has of course knocked him around. He is bearing up well and continues to defy any pessimism on behalf of the medical profession. He is hoping to be back on board in a couple of weeks and thanks you all for your patience.

One positive aspect of the situation is that since his radiation therapy, he now finds that when he gets up in the night to use the bathroom, he doesn’t need to turn the lights on.


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Keep all guns firing. You are now the new illuminati :-)

Larry well done for getting through your treatment. I found the radiation the hardest. But I never did glow in the dark. Shame about that, would have been useful. Stay well.

For Gaz.......

Pelican and Chopper's mission is to make Joo haters look really stupid. They're good at their jobs.

Well!!!!!.........go Brian!!!

I can't help but think back to my school days and how almost everyone was normal weight and fitness. Unfortunately home cooked food, outside playing and a good nights sleep are a thing of the past. Now it is mostly 'fast food', computer games and very little sleep or staying in bed until 10am. Carrying a mobile device (won't call it a phone as it is used for texting and games mostly) is also part of the problem. I will make a big call and say mobile devices are contributing to the mood swings and reclusive behaviour of young people.

What do you expect when one renowned 'Lesbian' whale interviewed recently on channel 7 claims that she wears her 'blubber' as a shield of armour. FGS lets get back to reality and good healthy eating and hard is that?

Richard.oz - sky daddy is simplistic, however, your parents raised you to live by the Ten Commandments? Do you live within a community enjoying the benefits of Christian belief? If you are indeed an 'Ozzie' you have reaped the benefits of those who showed 'No greater love hath a man..........' All born from Christian values.

Interesting that Thomas Markle revealed to Prince Harry his thoughts on Trump. Harry then said to him to give Trump a go. So for all those "imagining" that Harry is a leftie, time to rethink or stop guessing peoples's preferences In fact I admire both this young princes for their military careers.

Old guys are tough. Come back soon.

Here on the Gold Coast they let it all hang out. Nothing like seeing a woman who is 3 feet across the arse with a G string rising out of her shorts (I kid you not) to put you off your food for the week.

Beyond Blue?
The mere thought of Julia Gillard would make any Australian taxpayer suicidal.
What a sick corrupt individual she is and how corrupted all these so-called charities have become.


'pablo' Unfortunately, and very sadly, that amount stated in your post is NOT the full story.

Your post refers only to direct contributions to the Clinton Foundation. We are dealing with the Clinton Foundation affiliate, a subsiduary, as it were, ‘Global Partnership for Education’.

The figures I gave above are spot on, and forget the last payment was 10 years ago. Julie Bishop, as I write this is continueing to pour the taxpayers' money down this nefarious drain.

$420 million and still climbing. GUT-WRENCHING!

"Australian governments (Labor and Coalition) donated $460m in total to the Global Partnership for Education, so also did Australian governments (Labor and Coalition) deliver $75m to the Clinton Foundation and its satellites in the past decade."

Hahaha, Bolt sets Leftard heads exploding by suggesting the ABC be sold off, check out the Leftards coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches after a baygon spray. So protective of THEIR ABC that needs OUR money to survive!!! :

Hurry back LP.

Whatever happened to the the other titty-titty-bumbum, Brynn?

Which two tigerslopeater? and oliver? and stringyburk?....stringyburk and oliver?..............c'mon don't keep me in suspense!

Two of the greatest fuckwits on Pickering Post finally meet. Fabulous.

Clive thinks he is Trump , and the media are just talking fake news about him