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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s so dark in here, but it’s so warm and secure and comfy. I am going to give you, my mum, the best Christmas present ever. I wonder what it’s like out there, I wonder what you will look like mum. Oh, I don’t really care what you look like, I know you will love me because you have cared for me all this time.

I’m so looking forward to resting my head between your warm breasts while I feel your heart beating like I can now. To fill my tummy with your rich milk and feel your soft lips on my forehead... oh, I know things will be great on the outside where I can see and feel stuff.

What the hell is that cold metal thing? Crumbs I’m not quite cooked yet mum. Ouch that hurts, what is happening, why is it pulling at my arm? Make them stop mum! I can’t yell, I need to scream but I can’t breathe yet, so I have to remain silent and under water. It’s so hard. 

Golly mum, please stop them doing this! I have a fully functioning nervous system, I can feel excruciating pain, I need to scream, if I can’t scream it will keep happening.  Mum, my arm has gone!

Crikey, now this metal thing has my other arm. Mum you’re not struggling at all, make them stop mum... I’m not perfect now and I won’t have any arms soon. Please make it stop! I just wanted to be the perfect baby for you. Have I done something wrong? Don’t you understand that I can’t even cry? 

Oh no, now my tummy is being cut! Why? I felt so sure you loved me. Where is my dad, does he have a say? Can't he help me?

I think I’m being killed and it hurts. Was there something wrong with me that I didn’t know about? I thought I was okay, and if there was something wrong with me why didn’t they kill me when I was only six seeks old, why wait until now? Are my parts more saleable at this late term?

The water has turned red mum and I’m feeling dizzy. I won’t be feeling your warm body now, all I can feel is my heart still beating loud. I’m in pieces mum and it’s getting light, I can just make out faces I don’t know, but I still can’t cry, I can’t breathe.

Everything is going black now. If only you could have explained why you didn’t want me, I think someone would have wanted me, I know, I think... oh well, did you have a name for me, did I have a big sister or a big brother? What were their names? Did you buy baby clothes for me? Who did I look like? I suppose it doesn’t matter now.... 

If there was something wrong with me, I am so sorry mum, I felt really perfect... but... oh well... there’s no pain now, but it does feel strange saying goodbye when I didn’t even meet anyone.

Goodbye anyway mum, at least you have a black and white photo of my scan when I was complete and happy, and ... I suppose this is Planned Parenthood, sigh, oh dear....

JUST GO CLINTON AND GILLARD!...and take your stinking late-term abortion clinics with you! 

(please excuse the one graphic pic)


I would like both of them to have done to them; as per the graphic picture.

Yes, just go Gillard and Clinton. Most despicable pair of women ever known. Gillard makes me vomit just to look at her - rotten lousy person.

Have already started DT :-)) cheers to all

Why is it that those screaming the most about abortion have been born.

That's the most revolting thing I've ever read, even thought it needed to be written. Thank God that Trump and Pence are anti abortion. The first thing he needs to do is abolish Planned Pregnancy and anything like it. These people need to go to prison. Emily's Listers need to be executed.

The F22 is what we should have bought instead of the lemon F35. When our government was refused access to the F22 they should have politely informed the US that we would go elsewhere for a comparable product rather than be dumped with the piece of trash that the F35 has turned out to be. Sure the Sukhoi isnt as good as the F22, but it is a hell of a lot better than the F35 and heaps cheaper too.

Perhaps I was a three car garage . . .

Watch this and weep with joy to see a childless couple meet their adoptive newborn for the first time. If only women scheduled for late-term abortion could hold on for a few more days or weeks, and were offered more support instead of the scalpel, there would be no shortage of childless couples ready to give those babies a loving home.

There may have been several 'two-car garages', Sailor and they probably didn't 'do' all six million at the same time. There's also the possibility that one or two here and there may have been shot, beaten, starved or worked to death. Dunno, just a thought. I'm no expert in these matters.

Two of the most evil witches on the planet. Soros' selfish go to gals.

Well bugger off then .

Good on you Lights. Hope you indulge in a few goodies and have a good time.

This is too boring now BK because we saw and pelican spelt out to us how Abbott allowed Gillard to get a great number of legislations through even though he said no to everything. A record number if I remember right. You and hotrocks talk amongst yourselves I've got better things to do.

Old news but still worth noting -
Burgers contain rat and human DNA, study finds
A study of 258 burgers in the US finds unexpected additional – and lack of – ingredients
Sometimes there's a bit more than a trace of human DNA in burgers and kebabs:

Promoters of Fluoridation:

“What primary scientific studies (not bogus reviews conducted by pro-fluoridation agencies) can you cite that gives you the confidence to ignore or dismiss the evidence that fluoride damages the brain as documented in over 300 animal and human studies (including 50 IQ studies).”
If proponents cannot provide an adequate scientific answer to this question: fluoridation should be halted immediately.
On Nov 22, 2016, Michael Connett, JD, asked this question to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), on behalf of FAN, Food & Water Watch, Organic Consumers Association, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Moms Against Fluoridation, and several individual mothers, in a petition calling on the EPA to ban the deliberate addition of fluoridating chemicals to the drinking water under provisions in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

conveyor belt?

just being flip no idea about this story of yours.

sounds like a very big family was coming for lunch

900 Eisenbahnwaggons mit US-Panzern rollen nach Polen
900 railway wagons with US tanks rolling into Poland

I have the opinion that the Jews tell better jokes than blacks, also write better music, the jews tell jokes against themselves, very few blacks can allow themselves to do that, having said that there have been many great movies , songs, and entertainment in general written by jewish americans , Lenny Henry, etc most of sinatras songs were Gershwin or Jerome Kern,,take as you find i say.

hmmm...well its certainly not the Khazarians that for sure...they are on record mobsters...

Larry, this is the saddest thing I've ever read. There is only one word for the butchers that carry out these procedures - murderers! Mass murderers. And the women who have these late term abortions are accomplices to murder. There is no other way to categorise it. What is the use of a human rights commission if it does not uphold the rights of healthy unborn humans close to their birth date? How do they justify the torture and extreme pain these close to full term humans feel when being aborted so inhumanly? What sort of enlightened society have we become to tolerate this heartless brutality? Why can't these feminazis use birth control instead of allowing a fertilised egg to grow full term before slaughtering it? What sort of a legal system places no value on unborn human beings?