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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I don’t know if you have noticed but a disturbing number of Muslim immigrants have gravitated to important security positions where, to be honest, they have no intention to plant bombs in airport luggage. But they do have the ability to source the best way for someone else to.

What a valuable employee they make with an inside knowledge of schedules, what packages attract inspection, what other “scanning” officers get lazy after a few hours’ eye strain, what shifts are more vigilant, what times are best suited to getting contraband through the system and even where and when the sniffer dogs are brought in, if at all.

I would never employ a Muslim in a sensitive security position any more than I would employ Sarah Hanson-Young in a chocolate factory simply because I’d like to make a profit and, in the former case, I have read the Koran. 

There is a socially conscience round of footy every weekend and major corporations are expressing gay or some other minority group’s rights. Token Muslims, Aborigines both white and black, and homosexuals are employed wherever possible at the cost of the often more talented average Aussie. 

Despite a company slowly going belly up, (I didn’t mention Channel 10) it will persist in promoting exactly what people are switching off from. And I will continue to refuse to go on The Project if this excuse for a personality is present.

What is hurting us is that companies are going sexually neutral and racially blind, they're terrified and doing everything possible to avoid the tentacles of the Australian Human Rights Commission. Formerly headed by the despicably unattractive personality of Gillian Triggs (above) who discriminates against her disabled daughter and "gave her away" for someone else to worry about. 

This commissioner has purposefully trashed the average white male and female to where they must play second fiddle to minority groups with chips on their shoulders. 


WTF have we come to? A Muslim woman frisking a fucking nun? Go to hell! (Sorry I got a bit carried away there.) And now even the bloody Pope (above) reckons Islam is good and pillow biting is okay. Yet I'm sure I recall a verse somewhere in the Bible saying that "a bloke lying with a bloke, as with a woman, is an abomination". How does the bastard feel about the occasional goat... providing it's the same sex of course?

If I was a Catholic I think I would be ex-communicating myself!

Companies are desperately trying to avoid any possible complaint by a minority group claiming discrimination by the actions of its CEO. 

Accusations of flaunting human rights regulations is more serious to a CEO than a massive profit downturn. There is no longer a self-regulating balance that used to be fair dinkum Aussie normality.

Any perceived racial discrimination? Just call this Soutphommasane bloke, (above, with his dodgy mate who discriminates against 12 year-old white girls) or wait a day and either of this photogenically challenged couple will call you, with an organised complaint from someone justifying their flying into action wasting more taxpayers’ money on more PC nonsense.

Then there’s the hideous Sex Discrimination Commission of Kate Jenkins (above) who is determined to classify staring as sexual harassment. No more pinching bums (except for male on male of course) no more sexy grins, and no more asking anyone of the opposite sex over for breakfast the night before. 

But sheilas can come on to sheilas, that’s okay because it’s only the straight people who bother these new-age Commissioners who are determined to change the way a bloke gets a woody.

Religious discrimination only applies to Christianity and the Islamic cult is allowed to flaunt their concept of "religious" supremacy over anything Christian between Sydney's Western suburbs and New York's UN.

I am well and truly over it. I’ll be happy to check out soon, as this king tide of PC bullshit appears unstoppable with leaders like Turnbull. You can't even chat up a bird without being hauled before some commission or other? 

The only regret I have is that I will be leaving a world in a far worse state than I found it.

I tried hard to make a difference, but I failed miserably. 


Considering most Airport Security is run by Israeli owned companies ,now this lot are in too has to make you wonder ,what the game is ..............

I agree with Geeveston - we are a stupid country and are doomed. I have noticed the increased presence of Middle eastern people employed in security too. I was at the airport this week and noticed A LOT of them. Beggars belief what we have done to this country and actually expect everything to keep going - to all work fine.

its a demonstration of weakness that is our country these days. People know the risks but are afraid to confront them. The arrests this weak didnt seem to be australians did they. The arrensts of the launderers through the commonwealth banks werentof australians either. does that tell us something. Whatrs the use Australia is a stupid country now and is doomed.

I gets worse the Bloody security at the Airports and many of the staff are Muslims. They should be allowed any where near Airports etc.

Westminster Angus. Very close.

Cheers scoop

Christian Culture is the only thing that stands between the UN's NWO and their world wide dictatorship. The leaders of the three tiers of our Government are firmly in bed with, and are controlled by the leaders of the UN. Our leaders, Politicians, come together with their leaders, Bankers and Corporate types, under the umbrella of the Freemason secret society. But there again, only from the 30th degree on have anything like the full picture of what is happening to the World. Nobody has been able to do enough to kill it because our communications are severely limited because the evil tide owns all of the worlds means of communicating on a large scale. Also they have been taking over the totality of our education system and brainwashing the kids with their lies since the 60's. One independent Television station in every major City througout the West would break the NWO and it's agenda 21 in no time flat.

someone calling? arf arf

Woof Woof Woof, thanks IE

sbark. Don't think so. Sometimes situations have to be confronted, not ignored as they get out of control.

Thanks, IE. I almost missed it . . .

Sweetpea Wed 9 Aug 2017 10:55:03 pm
I wish someone would come up with an acceptable alternative. A marriage as we know it is a marriage between a man and a woman. Whether or not it is a success is nothing to do with the gay argument - a marriage is a marriage. Not a sick bastardisation of a beautiful concept between man and woman.

Gee, no kidding?

"Two members of a cell of allegedly corrupt Australian Border Force officers have been arrested as part of the wave of organised crime arrests that swept Sydney and Dubai this week and netted some of NSW's alleged crime bosses.

Leaked confidential government documents and briefings from senior officials suggest the pair who were arrested – one a current officer, Craig Eakin, and one a former officer, Johayna Merhi – were just the latest of several alleged corrupt insiders in Border Force and Customs who have allegedly compromised Sydney Airport or Port Botany since as early as 2003."

In the early 1990s the Japanese PM visited Washington US and returned to Japan via Canberra where he met PM Keating. MSM reported that a mutual defence agreement had been achieved for Japan-Australia-USA like the ANZUS treaty. That Japan would be able to send citizens to Australia and the US if necessary and all three would be allies in defence. Since then US has been given greater access to Australian military bases and Japan more recently too. And there is a build up with F-22 Raptor USAF jets now stationed here in our north, along with many other aircraft, ships, personnel and assets. The latest war games in Gladstone are the longest in months of action that I can recall. Singapore now keeps most of its airforce assets here and train pilots here with RAAF.

Since the Australian flag incorporates the UK flag, and the Queen is our head of state, any British citizen with Australian residential and citizenship qualifications holding political office in Australia should be exempted from this dual citizenship witch hunt. Yes, it must be a special privilege. IT HAS TO BE! An exclusive right that uniquely demonstrates and preserves the constitutional foundation of our nation based on English law and government. British Australian citizens holding office is an embodiment of traditions and values that make Australia great as it is, cutting out political correctness, multiculturalism, keeps in check people like Aly Weed from becoming head of state if Turnbull and Shorten have their way with a republic only to end up with a banana before it. Britishness is the salt that preserves Australia from irreversible cultural ruin. God save the Queen.

BBS, sounds like Nollamara, I have a nearly identical story near Mirrabookistan.


Will the CEO of the CBA be charged with "any" offence regarding the money laundering scandal? These activities have apparently gone on "for years" with his full knowledge. He did not act alone presumably so there must be others who aided and abetted. Talking of "protected crooks" - the silence is deafening re the sale of the iconic Sydney GPO. The parting gift to Sydney and Australia by the obscenely over paid Ahmed Fahour AO a Lebanese Australian businessman who (coincidentally) was the former banking CEO of the NAB.

The coming economic boom ………..

After the next, now imminent, carefully constructed society destroying event, local or global, either will do, we will all be exhorted and enabled to become even more “indebted serfs of the State” by wholeheartedly embracing “patriotic consumerism and to take on its related additional personal debt” ….. to allow us to recover from XYZ and make our country great again …. No? Recall the economic boom of post WWll? War in not only good for business, it is THE business.

I thank that great modern day savant of capitalism …. Milo Minderbinder for his indispensable insights into the benefits of war!

122 million dollars would house all the homeless in Sydne