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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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... well, at least it will make you feel sick

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Wind power is certainly a major global industry but it’s only producing in the order of 1.4% of the world’s total electricity. And solar is so pathetically low that it needs to be bundled up with “tidal and wave” power to even register at 0.1%.

After my rented home had $10,000 worth of solar panels installed, my electricity bill went up by 15 per cent and the panels need cleaning every month!

There are 61 operating nuclear power plants operating in the US. There are 444 in the world with another 60 under construction. In the nation most suited to nuclear power, good ol’ Australia, there is none and not one is under construction.

Coal and nuclear make up 80 per cent of the world’s power and they are the only two power sources the Greens fight to prevent, and vow to abolish.

The strange thing is that if the world’s solar panels all blew up today, no-one connected to any grid would even notice!

Windmills are the result of foggy Left thinking and the very little they contribute to any grid will soon be lost. It’s the public who has stumped up the cost of these visually polluting monsters and it’s doubtful they will again fall for it at between $2 and $4 million a pop.

The largest and most expensive wind turbine in the world is the Vestas 8 MW turbine with a rotor diameter of an incredible 164 meters.

Wind power companies paint a bright picture for these turbines but again it’s a Green lie. These windmills have a narrow life span of between 10 and 12 years and must be replaced as their 8,000 parts are far too expensive to maintain or recondition.

So every one of 280,000 wind turbines world-wide will become unserviceable at the same time, and very soon. They will all become landfill as no government will entertain publicly financing the same Green scam again.

In the US, where an election fight has erupted over coal after Hillary suggested that it is finished as a power resource.

US power sources are below.


Thanks to the Greens and their never-ending desire to save the environment. Instead they have almost stuffed completely with their inefficient renewable energy push.

Blyth, interesting that an Independent for the seat of Higgins in 2013 stood on the premise that nuclear was the way to go. I happen to agree with him (and now you!).

What's this then slut , wind turbines not turning fast enough to generate significant power ? Obama should fart in their direction more and scoff less .

What a surprise! and if we build something today that costs say a million in fifteen years , the supposed life of a wind tower then it will cost at least two mill just to buy another one not costing the dismantling and rebuild costs so unless they come up with some other way of generating electricity , excepting nuclear then we are in the poo, but hey by then the green pollies will be on fat pensions and retired.

You have been around Larry, a pity more of the weak minded do not hook up there volvos, and head up the Stuart Highway about six hours or so from Adelaide should do it, up there it is like the surface of Mars, these idiots who complain about ruining the land , hah this is not the Barossa or the Yarra Valley, it is semi desert country , bloody hot and dry most of the time,plenty of gibbers and the odd bit of scrub, are the only things that can survive out there without water, the perfect place to store anything, especially under ground , and covered in concrete.I suggest a tour for the idiots who seem to think it is like some sort of greeny paradise up there , sure after rain a bit of grass , but it does not last long and it is quickly back to desert country again,

This from TdeF at Jo Novas blog.
If only the Nationals under Barnaby Joyce could show strength and demand an election by withdrawing immediately from the coalition, there might be no double dissolution or a great constitutional battle. The coalition would cease to exist and the government with it. All How to Vote cards in the air.

So the minority parties would not be removed in this election and Malcolm’s backroom deals with the Greens would be exposed in a shambles. Abbott could then lead a traditional conservative rational Liberal party, perhaps not to victory but at least to a respectable loss as a real alternative to the Greens. He might even win, such is the anger against Malcolm. Otherwise the Nationals are doomed to irrelevance like the DLP and Labor will barely make an opposition without the Greens.

As for Section 18C, this is false. No serious legal changes could get through the senate. Abbott only went into battle for those things he could win, like the Carbon tax and Mining tax, but the story is that broke his promise. The Carbon tax repeal was a great battle, only resolved by the minority parties. Since then the independents have blocked 70% of changes to laws and Labor 40%. Changes to 18C would never have survived and cost more humiliation. If Abbott had control of the senate like Gillard/Rudd/Howard, he would have removed 18C immediately.

It is obvious Malcolm’s backroom solution is a new Liberal Green alliance government and first preference swap, wiping out Labor and the Nationals. Once again, Liberal voters will have no say. This is Malcolm the lawyer working the rules. Like the leadership itself, the coalition is a matter for politicians, not for the public and deals have already been done, secret deals.

So if the Nationals do not act now, they are finished as a political force. Their last chance is to dissolve the coalition with Turnbull and renegotiate a deal with Abbott. Otherwise, either way we will have Green/Liberal government full of madness, representing no one except Green Malcolm who was spurned by the Labor he loved and detests conservative policies. They just cannot see it. Everyone loves Malcolm. Why? What good has he ever done? How can he demand loyalty when he would not give it?

Do not forget Labor voters never wanted a Carbon Tax either! That was Gillard’s deceit and her need for power with three turncoats, all now comfortably retired. She had promised her own supporters absolutely no carbon tax in a government she led. Shorten is only pushing carbon taxes and renewables to get Green preferences on which he also utterly depends and he will be burned in the greatest loss in Labor history. Ironic to see the great betrayer himself betrayed.

At least a Liberal/Green alliance would allow people to vote Labor again. Labor used to be a worthwhile and at least fiscally conservative party before it went Green. Now the Liberals under an unelected Green leader are going to betray their supporters again. The new mantra is “tell them what they want to hear and when you get power you can do what you like” or Richardson’s “whatever it takes”.

Labor too could shun the Greens. Where would they go? However under Rudd/Gillard/Shorten Labor choose the easy option of giving the Greens everything they want, so Bob Brown wrote our laws with one vote in the democratic House of Representatives.

Now Labor could be wiped out if they do not put the Greens last, as should the Liberals but both could end up preferencing the Greens, giving them many seats, Labor and Nationals.

You see the Greens want government and to be a real party and in this their real opposition is Labor, not the Liberals now under Green Malcolm. Preferencing the Liberals would give them many seats in the House of Representatives and even more in the Senate and they stand a real chance of becoming a real government. It is so attractive for Di Natale that it is obvious and Malcolm as a lawyer and a lifelong left Green position is the right partner. Too bad about his rusted on conservative voters. Like Labor, they too have nowhere to go. They will talk of splitting, of voting Labor but in the end, they will do nothing.

So it is all up to Barnaby Joyce. Is he going to fold and accept Truss’ bad retirement decision. Truss could have stopped Turnbull, but accepted his promise that nothing would change, until the next election. Then the second coup will be apparent, this time against the Australian people.

What I find odd is that it is public knowledge that Michael Kroeger is openly organizing preference swaps with the Greens and no one seems to realize the significance? The talk was that a few Liberal people might change their vote, but too few to matter.

Since when did the Liberals swap preferences with the Greens for any reason? The Liberals won 80 seats without deals from the 150 house parliament and ten seats for the Nationals, so why are they doing this?

What does Bill Shorten think, because every preference which goes to the Liberals does not go to Labor. Every Liberal preference may go to the Greens who were previously last on the ballot? It can only cost Labor seats to both the Liberals and the Greens. Similarly in Nationals seats in the country if the Liberals preference the Greens over the Nationals?

As said, the Greens are a Labor creation. Now Malcolm the lawyer and banker has seen a deal ripe for the making. Commentators are not saying a thing, especially not Malcolm’s ABC. The word is that they have been asked not to comment. Two months to go and no need to scare the sheeple. Besides, who believes Malcolm would do it, partner with the Greens. All that matters is that they can form government and they can today, dominating both houses.

The ridiculous removal of the democratically elected minority parties tells us that a Liberal/Green alliance is already a done deal. There are now only four parties in the senate, plus Xenophon. The only solution is that people know well before the election. Obviously Malcolm and Di Natale are saying nothing because they want to get to a double dissolution election before voters and even politicians wake up. Even astute commentators like Bolt cannot follow what is going on, when it is so obvious. The old order will be overthrown. It’s so long and thanks for the ride from the Greens to Labor.

The solutions are, so far

- put the Greens last
- vote Labor if your MP voted against Abbott
- tell people.
- let Barnaby Joyce know his party will vanish in a Green/Liberal partnership. He will not be deputy PM. Even the young farmers are going Green.
- tell Bill Shorten, he needs to distance himself from Green nonsense like 50% renewables, very fast trains, taxing workers and businessess to extinction. NDIS, Gonski, debts. He needs to be more Hawke and less Gillard. Tell people voting Green is the opposite to voting Labor. Do not give them a free ride to the second position.
- ask journalists to ask Malcolm about it. What are these preference deals? Will he promise to keep Abbott’s policies after the election? Will he bring in an ETS?
- suggest to shorten that trying to force truckies and volunteer fire fighters to join unions will be dead in a Liberal/Green government and it is just costing him votes he can ill afford to lose. He has more pressing problems than the TWU. He may have trouble even forming an opposition in the lower house and of no consequence in the Senate.

and more?

In fact is any politician against an External Taxation System, or is it a done deal in Labor, Liberal and Green parties?
-vote for someone who promises no carbon tax in a government they lead.

As Tony Abbott said last night in an interview with Andrew Bolt, five Prime Ministers in five years indicates there is something wrong, as if that needed to be said.

There is a new class of professional politicians like Bill Shorten who went from school to the Union to University to leader of the union to leader of the Labor party, without getting a job. With salaries 8x the national average and lifetime pensions and gold passes and all the extra payments for committees and staff and offices, we are being run by opportunistic adventurers. Their motto is “whatever it takes”.

As for Climate Change, it is rubbish as Abbott said, but there is no longer a party which is not going to tax us and us alone to save the world. In the senate, if we refuse to vote for the big parties, our vote is now officially worthless. No, we don’t trust them because they do not tell the truth. There will be no carbon tax in a government I lead was an absolute promise and Gillard brought in a carbon tax so she could lead.

So did Helen Clarke, now in line for the top job at the UN. Now in whose interest was the NZ carbon tax?

Coal leads to affordable energy: report

Friday, 13 May 2016
Lou Caruana
THE use of coal contributes to affordable energy prices and allows broader access to electricity and improved industrial competitiveness of economies in various regions, according to the report The Role of Coal for Energy Security in World Regions by the Coal Industry Advisory Board to the International Energy Agency (CIAB).

More than a Galilee Basin pipe dream

Thursday, 12 May 2016
Haydn Black
THE Galilee Basin’s long recognised potential as a major gas province has taken a critical step forward, with APA Group signing a memorandum of understanding to examine a new pipeline between north-eastern Queensland and the east coast.

Exclusive: When a severe drought hit Syria a decade ago, the U.S. government chose not to help but rather exploit the environmental crisis to force a “regime change,” a decision that contributed to a humanitarian crisis, writes Jonathan Marshall.


Canberra got raided tonight. Bye the St George Dragons. Yes funny lg I just got up from my slumber and will be awake till 7 am before going back to bed waiting for the raid so promised. The excitement is wearing a little thin.

I think coal is still the cheapest source of power in Australia. Why would we start building Nuclear now with so much available coal to use? This sadly may change with unnecessary taxes and regulations being introduced in the future by labor governments. For now though Coal is way to go.

lp, he does have a young daughter.

OK, maybe not really a mistake T!

The written word is the best form of recollection and history - often it is the only reliable source. Don't rely on art, carvings nor drawings to truthfully record facts especially when there are universities full of otherwise unemployable academics interpreting with their own spin. Reply

Treasury Announces New $100 Note Featuring Malcolm Turnbull
Turnbull To Lift Poll Numbers By Launching Spill Against Himself.

BK..I read where the NWO is basing its campaign on the EU way of doing things.A lot of faceless men behind all this.

just say sorry ok! ;)

The hardy Scots...the backbone of the British Empire.