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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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... but it's genetically sealed in ALP history

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Last week after 30 years, Parliament unsealed documents detailing Attorney General, Lionel Murphy’s accused criminality within the Whitlam Ministry. Murphy was just one of many… Grassby’s Mafia links, Cairns’ Communist links and Connor’s illegal borrowings were just a few instances of what probably convinced Whitlam appointee, Governor General (Sir) John Kerr, to eventually sack Whitlam.    

I had a special dislike for Gough Whitlam, and he for me. As a token measure I stood against the Labor Party in Canberra. That was personally costly, but I would do it again if I was a bit younger.

There have been some bloody awful Labor Governments and Whitlam’s was up there with the worst and living within the beltway provided incredible insights into government criminality that a craven media dared not touch.

By 1973 Lionel Murphy had been married to Ingrid Gee for three and a half years. A stunning catch, for such an aesthetically challenged crook as Murphy, who was sentenced to 18 months in gaol for bribery. Another former High Court justice, Michael Kirby, gave a character reference for Murphy at the time of his trial. Murphy was later excused and released due to cancer and he died in 1986.

Ingrid Gee (above right) was a fashion model and TV celebrity hosting a daytime quiz show on Channel Ten in Sydney. Uninterested in politics until she met Murphy, she nevertheless had hard-line progressive Labor views, supporting abortion and child-care at a time when such radical ideas were just part of the new wave of feminism.

A pet aim of the pair was to establish a Family Court, which they did, and even today the Court is a bane on judicial practice, run by feminists and overtly favouring all female cases.

But after a short investigation by ASIO officers, it was found that Ingrid Gee was not her real name. As a young woman her family name was Grzonkowski and she had been born in Poland. As a young woman she had changed her name to Gee for convenience sake -- or so she said.

The field inquiries of the C branch which conducted the Murphy inquiry then peeled back another layer. Ingrid Gee was Murphy's second wife. Details of his first wife were obscure. When a new Senator took his or her place they qualified for entry in Who's Who.

Routinely a bloke in Who's Who listed his wife’s first name, her parents' name and details of any children. Murphy omitted all of these details. His first wife, Nina, was a secret and known only to Murphy's intimate inner circle, and for good reasons.

Born in the town of Chita in the far flung Siberian East of the USSR, Nina Murphy was the child of Russian parents who emigrated from Vladivostock to Australia in 1925. She had met Lionel while at Sydney University and married him in 1950. The marriage ended in divorce after 15 years.

A second phase of the ASIO investigation concerned one of Ingrid Murphy's friends -- Junie Morosi (above). The Attractive Morosi was introduced by Murphy to Jim Cairns who was stunned and soon publicly proclaimed his undying love for her, despite the fact that she was known to be entertaining others, including Murphy, in the Whitlam ministry.

By mid 1974, well-known Communist Jim Cairns (above with Morosi), had attained the title of Deputy Prime Minister despite that he was an accident prone, bumbling fool, which aptly described most of Whitlam’s Cabinet. In his short stint as Treasurer, Cairns’ far Left talents were also found wanting after a few months.

[I apologise for what must seem a self-indulgent post-precis of the Whitlam mob, but I won't be long.]

Murphy had been a suspected KGB ‘sleeper’ as he was active in Communist cells within the ALP. As Attorney General he had issued strict instructions to ASIO Chief at the time, Peter Barbour, demanding that he no longer target radical student groups and that he stop bugging certain Canberra embassies in particular the Soviet Embassy.

                                            Barely a cleanskin among them

Labor’s close links to Soviet Communism were well known in those days, it was almost excused as a small flaw to be ignored in a wonderful, progressive Government of and by Left wing University eggheads and media/entertainment luminaries. At the time I was lecturing part-time at the ANU and criticising Whitlam was considered a capital offence.

ASIO at that time was preoccupied with budding Green movements and their association with the Soviet. Nothing much has changed except that Communist links are now considered okay by Labor and ASIO.

Not even Islam is a threat according to recent ASIO Director David Irvine who says: “Islam is one of the world’s great and enriching religions.” Hmmm.

                     ALP Federal Conferences at the time were debauched f**kfests

At the time, one of ASIO’s investigators had tipped off Murphy over what had been discovered about the High Court Judge and Attorney General. It was not long before Murphy engaged a group of Melbourne-based Federal Police and raided ASIO’s St Kilda Road offices late at night. Whitlam said he was unaware of the planned raid… I didn’t believe him.

           Soviet spy Ivan Skripov exchanging notes at Sydney Zoo with a double agent 

The real purpose of Murphy’s notorious and unprecedented raid was to recover his own file which showed, among many other things, his close, and clearly improper, association with the Soviet spy, Ivan Skripov. Skripov had been expelled and deported in 1963.

                      It's hard to believe I have actually outlived these two bastards

Many other incriminating ASIO files on Whitlam’s Cabinet Ministers were then sent to Sydney for a ceremonial burning.

So we will never know the complete story of one of Australia’s worst ever Governments. 


Its marvelous what 30 years reveals - but we knew what the fuck was going all that time ago! Thanks Larry for revealing the shit these slime buckets were!

Ahhhh the Memories

Did I mention Murphy was a cunt.

Old billy McMahon had the last laugh, Heart attack on the job!

Poddy: ..... why whites in Australia are treated like shit ..... Whites throughout the Judeo-Christian/ Western / Human-civilized world are the rapidly-Nazifying fascist Left's (Labor/Greens included) New Jews and are in the process of being made into "fair game." In America, thank God, We Who Are Right are 85% of the militarily-trained and own more than three-hundred-million guns and more than THREE TRILLION ROUNDS of ammunition. Although we know we will one day have to shoot the fascist Leftards and are quite looking forward to it, we worry about our Aussie cousins -- and will never understand that John Howard got away with confiscating Aussies' guns??!!

So inspite of what was strongly suspected at the time Murphy and others got away with it at the time. Seems to be a distinct trend in Australian politics. It's shaping up that Gillard and Rudd will get away with their dark backgrounds as well.

Whew! I would have once thought that this stuff was fanciful. I have since grown up a bit in respect to the ruthless practices of Fabian socialists.

I am old enough to remember well all the absurdities of the Whitlam government, it lived in La La land. Many much younger than me think present governments are bad, they have no idea really. Every work day was a new adventure when you did not know what stupid request or direction would hit next. Good riddance to bad rubbish in 75 I say.

BEA has a facility at Salisbury and i expect other places , Who would you rather partner with ?, your long established friends or your blow ins ie the Spanish and the French, The gov, could have had a Brit designed sub or a US one, for far less money , The Brits just commissioned two aircraft carriers for a quarter what a few of our local french built/designed subs will cost and in a quarter of the time, Every thing we do in this country is over priced and almost out of date when delivered, We do however seem to be building good frigates , i suggest we stick to surface ships and leave the really dangerous and very advanced stuff like subs to the experts,

New Post Up.

Mexico is mainly a Catholic country..
Pity cos if it was a Muslim country Stick will be pledging billions..2 Dads would be crying.
Turd,Stick, wart headed Shorten would all be busting their guts to offer assistance.
Goes to show ALL politicians are only interested in bending over for muzzies.
That indicates why whites in Australia are treated like shit


The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands." ~ Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, 'La Revue de Paris', p.574, June 1, 1928
Mark Hines
Commonwealth Public Official: Safety Professional
Remember Kim Beasley saying (1) (Kim Beasley in federal parliament "the United Nations has given the federal government a mandate of ownership for housing, property, farms and business to government control once the republic has been proclaimed". ) (2) "I believe these things are done incrementally. You prepare a public mind, a public attitude; you create an acceptance of the unacceptable ?????
Now he is the CEO of a company with the same name and emblem as here in Australia, called COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CIK (0000805157) Business Address- 1601 MASSACHUSETTS AVE NW WASHINGTON DC 20036 is this where our Taxes are going , then borrowed back to say we have a debt.
How can Australia be in Debt when we have our own system in place to fix any debt in any state of Australia.
Commonwealth constitution 1900 -1901
Under Section 51 – 4, 12 and 13 - your Prime Minister AND your Parliament have the duty - and the legal power - to solve the so called $$ crisis in only a few weeks with no interest and no debt. Governments, and governments alone, not the Banks, the Government have the legitimate power to issue the nation's money (or credit) to represent the real wealth of the Nation....................."

Some may find this amusing..John Lennon sings about refos..cynical like Bob Dylan John Lennon ABSOLUTELY DESTROYING BOB DYLAN... AGAIN! "News of the world"

If this article doesn't convince warmists that the ETS and all the other forms of "emission control" system of taxes are a social engineering fraud then we deserve what will be foisted and imposed on us all.

Any parent with young children one who reads and understands this article should be deeply concerned

Article is in comments
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