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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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... and one day we will need to bulldoze them all so in the meantime at least we should stop building the damned things!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Surveillance of mosques cannot work without the surveillant adopting Jihadi sentiments because meetings where Islamic sanctioned violence is conducted are within closed side rooms off the main mosque hall. Each side room is dedicated to students in varying degrees of radicalisation.

And pretending to be a Jihadi is a risky business without a history of involvement in active Islamic terrorism.

Muslim Imams are not fools, they leave the hate preaching to imported Jihadi preachers, like the recently departed Farrokh Farrokh Sekaleshfar (say goodbye Mr Sekaleshfar) who are financed by the Saudi family’s trillion dollar halal certification tentacles... (at least that’s what they themselves say, and they take great pleasure in making the infidel pay for his own demise.)

Only rational sermons are given at the mosque’s pulpit where no public blame can be apportioned, but it’s in the side rooms that plots are hatched against their infidel hosts.

Hillary Obama (or Barack Clinton) and the Loopy Left insist Orlando was yet another lone wolf attack, that’s to divert the blame from Islam in general, but there is not, and never has been, such a thing as a lone wolf Jihadist.

Perpetrators of Islamic terrorism rarely have an IQ above their boot size and are incapable of carrying out sophisticated attacks in isolation. They crave and require communal support in the face of their own imminent martyred death.

The unhinged killer, Omar Mateen, was a homosexual and had the support of his wife, Noor Salman, and certainly the backing of his lying, card-carrying Taliban father.

Prior to the Orlando attack, Omar Mateen’s frequent visits to a mosque that held other Jihadist sympathisers gave him the courage he needed to die as a martyr in the face of a hail of police bullets.

Whether Mateen had been jilted or rejected by other gay males at the Pulse nightclub or whether he was intent on simply killing homosexuals as a type of penance will never be known. But a lone wolf? No, never!

The vast majority of Islamic terrorism is carried out after Friday prayers where they all have a final rah rah before embarking on their killing sprees. Again the mosque is a critical component.

Orlando, San Bernadino, Brussels, Paris, Boston... go back as far as you want but all were found to be connected to mosques and terrorist cells, sleeping soundly while planning the killing of infidels with the encouragement of their families.

That’s the way it works, those are their instructions, despite what the loony Left and Hillary Obama like to claim.

And our and US security Agencies are instructed by governments to be kind to Muslims because we need them to “dob in” their budding Jihadists. Bloody hell, no wonder the Agencies’ intel is crap.

And for those Aussies with “lovely” Muslim friends who would “never hurt a fly”, please reference San Bernadino’s Syed Farook’s close American friends who had just thrown him and his complicit wife a baby shower just before he mowed down 14 of his close “friends” with automatic weapons his family had stored for him.

Islam has no friends outside Islam. When their anticipated Caliphate arrives all non Muslim “friends” must be beheaded or the Muslim himself must be beheaded... a pretty simple choice for a practising Muslim. Farook had no problem watching the contorted faces of his “close friends” dying in pools of blood.

The US Administration and Australian politicians can downplay the ISIS threat with this “lone wolf” and internet radicalisation bullshit, but that inane approach can only ensure increased attacks as ISIS foot soldiers luxuriate in, and capitalise on, the West’s naive stupidity.

Until we recognise that mosques are at the very core of Islamic terrorism, blithely ride on into the sunset, fellas.


First step do not allow Bill the Short Dick, to be elected we do not need anyone who has been arrested and charged with rape as our PM! 2nd step......

Ha ha, flogged as per usual. Try to be nice, you'll get better eventually.

I believe Larry's solution was made quite clear moron - it involves bulldozers.

And your solution is?.....apart from kissing arse and shagging goats.....back to yer mosque abdul durex

Woohoo shall we get the Mosque Buster warmed up?

A Virgin experience;
Subject: Did not think this would be allowed to happen in Australia I would not have believed that this would be allowed to happen in Australia.

On April 19 my son and daughter-in-law boarded a Virgin Australia flight in Brisbane to fly home to Mackay ( VA 605 ), a muslim couple boarded the flight and as they had not been seated together asked the cabin crew or should I say demanded that they be seated together. To be fair, I may have requested politely if it were possible for us to be seated together if it were me, but as the flight is just over an hour it would have been no big deal if it wasn't possible. But what happened next makes me shudder, this man then went on to demand that the woman that was seated next to them (once they were seated together) be moved as she was a non muslim, he would not allow her to sit either beside his wife or himself, and guess what, the crew moved her. If this couple were Australian or for that matter any other nationality/faith would they have been so obliging, my bet is they would have called security and had them escorted from the plane. If this couple could not bring themselves to sit next to a non muslim, how can they live in this country, become a member of our community or for that matter become an Australian. This is Australia, we are a Christian country with Christian values and this will happen more and more as time goes on unless we let it be known that if you choose in this country you choose to abide by the laws of this country. I can say this as I myself am an immigrant and call Australia home. When I came here in 1968 there were no free hand outs you were expected to work, we lived in ex army tin huts until we saved enough money to be able to move. And shame on Virgin Australia, I can only imagine how that poor woman felt not being good enough to be seated next to muslim, on a domestic flight route in her own country on an Australian airline. Please send this on to your contacts, this will become the norm unless we stand up and say no to this unacceptable behaviour. Proud and delighted to be able to call Australia home, its a great country and lets keep it that way

The glue that holds the entire jihadists imperative which also happens to be the seed that starts the twisting of modern day terrorists minds and that is the Koran.... To deny that the underlying influence for fanatical Islamists to kill non Muslims (Infidels) or to kill Muslims of other sects is the Koran and Mosque prayer sessions, is to live with your head in the sand... Guns and gun shops do not cause people to kill, a mind twisted by the vagaries of birth (inbreeding), a weak character and/or religious brain washing do cause people to kill...

Our PM has lost the plot.

Here's one for the Muslims!
Emergency Phone Number

Advice for all new Muslim Jihadi immigrants:

If you are trapped in a burning house or have been seriously injured and are bleeding to death, the new emergency number is:




















































Your call is important to us....Thank You For Your Patience.

What's the go with Waly being at the PM's din din for feral Muslims ?

Hi Larry... What do you think of the idea that Bull Shitten has known for the past couple of weeks that his credibility is non existent and the recent spending splurge is simply a repeat of the Gillard splurge that put the LNP in such a mess.?? He knew he couldn't win and so did Gillard.

MEMO TO BOOB CARR: HOW'S YOUR DESAL PLANT GOING? "Sydney's major dams may spill by early next week if the catchment areas receive even moderate rainfall from the coming weekend's forecast storm.

With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting the chance of a second east coast low forming off NSW in as many weeks, key agencies are preparing for the possibility that areas downstream of the dams - such as the Hawkesbury-Nepean region to Sydney's north-west - could face flooding."

Annie you obviously haven't woken up to the fact that Turnbull only got the support that he needed on certain conditions. Those conditions mean no Carbon Tax, No Republic and No Same sex marriage. If he tries to stray from that agreement he will be gone. I think it is you who needs to read history and not be so concerned with Turnbulls histary but the history of the Liberal Party. He is there only because he appeared to be the best chance of retaining government. He can be replaced as easily as Abbott was. in the meantime they need all the help they can get to do as mm suggests, that is reorganise.

Did anyone see that Farrokh Farrokh Sekaleshfar being interviewed on Lateline on Monday?
Did you see the way he talked to the interviewer, with his body hunched over, his words tumbling one over the other in an urgent WHISPER, with crazy staring eyes and an insane grin?
He came across as stark raving mad. No kidding.

Drum is bagging TA and saying he's an irritant and complimenting MT as being such a fine person.

Thank you, BK. ALA move along steadily and professionally, and the word is spreading.People are desperate for them, especially in the country, and the major parties are worried, that is why they are putting them last on the "How to Vote" cards..I am very confident we will get some into the Senate, and they can only grow.They will block the evil legislations that Labor, Libs and Greens will try to pass.Turnbull's DD has backfired on him!

Well said Annie......the LNP have got to reorganise themselves or they will be finished...

Rumpole, if you haven't woken up to the fact that Turnbull is a left wing advocate, perhaps you need to do more research? Read his history, not the authorised one. He is as left wing as Shorten...the Liberal Party is NOT left wing...therefore Turnbull is taking the Party down the wrong path.It is not what Conservatives want,.We do not believe in communistic ideology.

it's not just mosques behind terrorism far from it. Islamic schools are targeted and some undercover filming was done in an Islamic school in the UK where they preached hate, hate against us whites, against our society, beat the kids etc. The film clip has been taken of youtube, but the transcript and pictures are here. This is just one instance of many. Scary stuff.. How long can this go on ?

Morons, Union Workers, all on a gazillion dollars a day.
Greed and Mediocrity.