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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I don’t know why really, but despite my negative thoughts on girls playing AFL, I have become an instant tragic. That’s not to say I would encourage my daughter to get belted from pillar to post every week because, Christ, they do hammer each other with gritted toothed venom and some of them are six foot, 18 stone Amazons happily pulverising five foot plaited maidens.

                         You're allowed to Grab 'em by the short and curlies apparently

It’s difficult to tell the difference between the Collingwood men’s and women’s teams. They are all cosmetically challenged and all seem to have the same tattooist. And no male has been seen sneakily attempting to enter the Collingwood after-game showers.

                Adelaide Crows  forward Sarah Perkins... Bullshit! I'm only sitting on her!                                    

Oh well, if 50,000 people are prepared to stand in a Melbourne downpour to watch Aussie sheilas knock themselves out, it’s no wonder that the dumb, violent, ethnic game of soccer is embarrassingly displaying even more banks of empty seats.

And if some overdressed Muslim sheilas want to de-augment a few Aussie breast implants, good on 'em! At least it keeps them out of Syria and it beats the hell out of sewing vests in the Lakemba Mosque. 

Almost 400,000 sheilas have registered for Women’s Aussie Rules teams and that augers well for its future despite a patent lack of skill.

I was wrong, the game is actually entertaining... and I reckon the Brisbane Lions will take out the inaugural flag. Go girls! 

But you can open the car door for me in future.


Cont'd We are We are inexorably moving to a genderless world, where it will be politically incorrect to describe oneself as male or female.

Best comment I've seen on this issue.

Thanks Wen, hope you're OK.

It is easy to say that sport should pay for itself, fair enough, but in SA prior to building the new Adelaide Oval , the SA taxpayers paid the debts of the Cricket Assoc, in the region of $80 million i believe, and i would suspect that across the country a lot of sport is subsidised by taxpayers, not complaining !, especially for juniors , just pointing it out, nothing is free in this world.

And now that the AFL in all its idiocy has welcomed this utter crap with open arms, I am just wondering when the Australian Netball Association will bring in a senior male side. A sport for females surely would want males to have their own league, side by side with the sistas, to bring itself in line with modern society. But no, they won't, as evidently netball at that level is only for the girls. Yes, they told me that. And they won't bring it in because once they do, when they pick the team for Australia, it would be full of men. They would have to change the acronym to WANT, from ANT, the Australian Netball Team, which is girls only, even without the L or W in the acronym. Hey, the men's team could be the Diamond Cutters.

This article from the same idiot who said that male circumcision is as abhorrent as sheilas getting their bits lopped off. Women's footy is a fucking joke of immense proportions, and if it wasn't propped up by the AFL, that acronym denoting that it is for anybody if they are good enough, including sheilas, unlike the AWFL or LAFLot, as I call them. Ladies AFL of today, but the acronym describes it perfectly. If the sheilas want this crap, let them retards pay for it, let those who want to fund it, fund it. It will live and die on its popularity and the ability to generate funds without help from those despised cis-gendered fools like Gillon and those other manginaed faggots at the AFL. If the AWFL is commercially viable, and it can generate money, good on them, but I won't watch crap.

My premiership winning team of 1972, the Robinvale U16s in the Sunraysia Football League would give the best of that supreme mediocrity a touchup, while hardly drawing breath. It is not even the 30th best league in the nation, yet the idiot powers that be are promoting such mediocrity it is like the kid who came in 12th out of a 12 boy race getting a medal for at least competing. But, to each its own, many will watch it out of loyalty to their girls or friends and I just laugh at them suffering in their jocks. What a world we now live in. You poor fools still living in Australia.

I pity you all, having to put up with this crap, day in, day out, violence running amok, blackfellas allowed to run riot because it would not be nice to arrest those poor dear boys, and girls, muslim girls being genitally mutilated in our public hospitals, and it's all about being nice and not wanting to upset those with ideologies that belong in the 6th century, while those blackfellas haven't long come out of the trees, and now that they live in a civilised country they are being allowed to just jump back into those trees. Thank fuck that women playing football is such a benign form of this idiocy.

yes..and oh how predictable..

Yes, Sailor, the truth does hurt. However I have never been harmed by anything you've posted . . . and I appreciate that.

Unfortunately, the Liberal Party is now rotten to the core to be redeemable.

Tony Abbott is delusional to think it isn’t and maybe, disappointingly, Turnbull could be right, he's not agile and nimble to be a leader. Trump's "Low energy" tag comes to mind. He's too interested in satisfying the “broad church”.

I was delusional to think he could come back as our leader. Sad, really.

He will be left behind with the Liberal ship, as it steers into the political rocks by the likes of Turnbull, Bishop, Pyne, Photios, Sindinos, etc.

Please give him bail otherwise he will be upset. Fuck me swingin !

And now this bitch has crawled out from under her rock. Be careful, she might sue or get you sacked from your job.

This is what we'll get under a Shorten government.

Your cat could be PM material .

Billy B .... American was in a nose dive ....

Cometh the hour cometh the man !

Trump is the saviour of America and the rest of the free democratic world

the globalist socialists are in a desperate fight to the death ... no holds barred

they know it's the end of their climate change scam (intended to fund the socialist's UN's NWO and OWG) and the downsizing of the UN ... and it looks like the socialist totalitarian EU is dropping to its knees

Trump and Brexit .... next Geert Wilders and Le Penn

What goes around comes around Billy B !

Expect it to come our way as well ... unless we start fighting back

Billy B .... why did you never pass critical comment on the criminal Hillary Clinton or the moslem Obama ... both did shocking things ... and you remained mute

Can't you see how one-eyed and subjective you are ?

This is your religion ! ... A worshiper of the socialist ideology

When objectivity goes out of the window then irrationality rules :((

Nationals biggest losers from One Nation preference deal

Sweden already pays high taxes to meet the socialist agenda. Whats a few more hard earned to pay for and protect those that have been traumatised by war.