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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I woke at 5 this morning to make a cuppa and there on the kitchen floor was this cockroach on its back waving its legs at me. So before I poured my tea I gently poured the boiling water on this evil looking thing. It waved at me a few more times before it adopted a foetal position and remained motionless. 

Around 7 am my daughter ran out of the kitchen to breathlessly tell me there was a cockroach on the floor. “Don’t worry Princess, the dirty thing is dead”, I explained.“Oh no, it’s not dead, Dad”, she said, “it’s waving its legs trying to get off its back”.

Hmmm, well I don’t often disbelieve my daughter, but I did this time because no insect can possibly survive a drenching in boiling water. But there it was in a pool of now cold water struggling to get on its feet again. “WTF”, I thought.

                               Our Commo cockroach friend Lee Rhiannon will never die

But now I know that all those loony Lefty activists refuse to die! It doesn’t matter what you do to them. It doesn’t matter what argument you use to kill them with, they keep coming back to life.

Not so with Conservatives who are too busy trying to keep shoes on growing kids, and tossing up between new tyres for the car and replacing that old washing machine to be bothered with a global warming hoax, gender neutrality, uneconomic renewable energy, windmill driven airliners and endangered Pobblebonk frogs.

So if we can’t kill these useless Left brakes on progress who surreptitiously feed off our productive citizens, then we will need to wait until we get serious or they kill themselves... and it looks like that’s not too far away.

     Farage's Brexit is here, anti Islam parties are here and mushrooming across Europe. 

Trump and UK PM May have arrived, Cameron is gone, Shorten is gone, Sanders and Corbyn are gone and Turnbull will soon be gone. 

The super Islamic State of Turkey is falling apart under a corrupt Erdogan and ISIS is on the run in Syria due solely to Putin (yet a dishonest Obama is still trying to claim the credit).

Chancellor Merkel has only just realised what a fool she has been and will likely lead the EU Government to an embarrassing collapse. The UK has been blessed with another Margaret Thatcher and Trump will lead the US to self sufficiency in oil within a year to the dismay of Islamic Gulf States and Iran and the filthy Saudis.

The silent conservative majority is awake and alive and kicking and it has had enough of this Green Left Marxist PC bullshit. While the Left is permanently mad, it takes a lot for a conservative to get mad but once he is, then it’s look out. 

For the first time the ABC and Fairfax are on the defensive with Q&A’s objectivity plummeting to new lows as witnessed with Pauline Hanson being fed to ugly Muslims pining for their despicable homeland values to replace ours.

The indefatigable Left can be certain to persist with their failed Marxist theories until we, or they, are gone for good. 

But don’t expect Turnbull’s Libs to help rid us of these pesky Lefty cockroaches. The Conservative Right in the Senate is now determined to tread on their heads and boot them in their sexually neutral groins until they are dead.

 But I simply used Mortein.


In suggesting remedy for cockroaches guarantee BORIC ACID does it for the multi legged variety NO remedy for the Lee Rhiannon kind, COMMUNIST GREEN masquerading as environmentalist BEST TOTALLY ignored

LP solution to cockroaches = small amount of ordinary boric acid sprinkled under fridge behind stoves washing machines wherever its warn and they have water source stinking Asian cockroaches also called German cockroaches invaded my kitchen via lounge packaging ty J Cootes, they walk in BORIC ACID IT DESTROYS THEIR SKELETON GONE . FAST.

SecretCombinations: .... Great speech from Trump. Finally a candidate (of sorts) with an active amygdala. By which he is hijacked, about fifty times per day ... Too bad the mongrel bastard knows nothing of America's Constitution nor about conservatism, tho'. Trump mentioned the Constitution one time in his harangue, conservatism zero times, freedom one time, liberty zero times, the unborn zero times, God zero times -- and himself eighty-three times. And added: "America is broken and only I can fix it. The malignantly-narcissistic bastard's Obama in Orangeface. God save us! -- Dick'd

Thank you

I hear on the radio they are advertising a recruitment drive for Sub Mariners. The C Class subs must have scared the pants off young men from going underwater so they need more poor sods to take up this career. But are't the next lot of subs due in 10 years? Here is a chance for females who want to be equal to step up to the plate. A career in underwater travel. That should be exciting

Go Fishing there *LOLOL*

Any response from Turnbull and Bishop to the Munich attack ?

chapped lips it would seem, booted and one of the multiple named ones passes over a name and password, and lo and behold a resurrection occurs, way to go there,and the kissy kissy suck up as well,

Last week I read of an artist who lost the last 14 years of his work, because Google pulled the plug on him and closed his gmail account because they reckoned his was in breach of his contract. He hadn't backed anything up. Ah paper, it will one day save the world.

Great speech from Trump, finally a president with commonsense and intuitive intellence. Hopefully the disclosure of the UFO conspiracy will happen quickly as well.

Thanks to the moderators on the Bolt Blog, I managed to get this snippet (under my pseudonym “Amadeus”) onto his story about Turnbull looking for other excuses like mental illness to explain radicalisation and terrorism by moslems:

For how much longer are the LNP going to tolerate being made mugs and fools by Turnbull? Might I suggest that the LNP check on the mental history of their leader since the record shows he has a history of narcissistic behaviour and dummy spits.

For how much longer are the ruling elite going to continue denying the bleeding obvious about Islamic objectives and the relentless incursion into the Australian community? Some of our MPs would appear to have IQs roughly equivalent to their shoe size!! Nothing to do with Islamophobia but most certainly everything to do with Islam. Wake up you clowns in Canberra!

Off topic, but surely we've reached the point where people who have come here from overseas, (too many of them uninvited, or allowed in as refugees), who openly announce that they hold views clearly inimical to Australia's best interests, should be invited to leave?

Any maybe it's time our lawmakers and leaders explore just want that phrase 'invited to leave' might entail.





More LNP Gays got into Parliament than LNP Women.

Hey, wait in line ladies, ... Gays have more rights and are valued more than yourselves. Now, that has got to hurt.

Thorn (and Gent) both make very good, valid points. I've often thought about it, esp. when the attempt to bring about "paperless" offices burned through govt (never worked properly, it sounds good in theory, but impossible in practice). I've always kept hard copies of everything and frankly prefer it that way. I think it's absolute madness not to. Has anyone here ever read Russell Hoban's 1980 book, "Riddley Walker" ?? if you want to see a possible, post-nuclear future, worth a read.


OT the size of the federal govt ('ministers', shadow 'ministers', pretend ministers for this and that) and to top it all off, another indigenous female waste of space, linda burney...they bring in these token females and make them ministers straight off. no experience, no extra special knowledge pertinent to politics. nope. not needed apparently. just have to be indigenous. another pig in the trough. more pigs in the trough than this country could ever need. the USA doesn't have this many pigs in the trough to run a much bigger country.

And you never know, even the Victorians might wake up to the fact every time they have a love in with the Left, as they are once again now , their state goes to rack and ruin in a very short space of time ...