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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s six in the morning and there are ants in the sink and an ominous leaden sky forecasting a nasty storm. Polls start closing in America in a couple of hours. We went out for Chinese last night and the kids didn’t sleep due to an overdose of MSG, so everyone is dead beat and picking a fight.

I’m searching outside now for a shaft of light between the nimbus clouds that might indicate some sort of religious intervention... but there is nothing, and the birds are not chirping.

I tried praying and that didn’t work because the dog went nuts so now I’m left waiting on Florida results to administer the coup de grace to the Don... and that will send him and me into deep depression.

It will need a major miracle and there hasn’t been too many of them around lately. Even loyal PPers have fallen short on rogationary supplication.

So now I am wandering back inside muttering “shit, poop, f..k, bugger” and I switch on CNN to a sea of smug faces. Even the normally optimistic Fox presenters look distressed as America moves to reward borderless political bastardry while Europe is moving to condemn it.

And there hasn’t been one damned vote counted yet! But we did our best!

Thanks for trying anyway fellas.


Pickering Posters, just in case you can’t open the link I posted here is the full piece:
By one Alex Cooper, of the Conservative Daily

BREAKING: Democrats Submitted Measure MINUTES Ago That Could Steal Presidency From Trump
Posted by Alex Cooper | Nov 11, 2016 | Breaking News

Conservative Daily Post is asking its entire readership to please help share this article so that people are aware of the Democratic measure now put into play. Please help us to spread the word; we’ve come too far to have our President Trump taken from us.
Earlier today, Democrats moved into position to execute a last ditch attempt to shift the Electoral College results. This of course would award Hillary Clinton the presidency. Their argument stems from the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.
KDVR reporters on the scene said that Democrats are making a strong push for the Electoral College to be changed, and for the popular vote to take effect in a new way.
How their plan works is simple. As you know, each state has a specific number of electoral votes based on the number of congressional districts within its borders. Additionally, a vote is given for each Senator. The total comes out to 538.
Yet, there is nothing in our Constitution to prevent these electors from refusing to support the candidate who won their state. That means even though Trump won, specific electoral voters could outright deny him the presidency.

They Are Stealing It Before Our Very Eyes
Democrats are pushing the law into practice by spreading a provisional petition. As of this afternoon, the petition has 175,000 signatures, making it an official public position.
While some states could try to “ban” electoral voters from switching to Hillary, there’s no way it could be enforced—each electoral voter has the ultimate say.
It’s a low move by the Democrats, and it could actually work.
Red State Watcher reported that throughout history, more than 99% of electors have pledged to support American voters. But if the election cycle was indicative of anything to come, the Democrats are sure to actually push this.
Clinton already has the control of large donors like Soros, who are currently funding anti-Trump protests all around the country.
We have come TOO FAR to lose it now. Please spread this message and share this article. We must make the American People aware of the dirty trick they are trying to use. If we don’t, we could surely lose America to the same evil forces we just defeated.

A man of his word...Not!

ON TRUMP: PENDING DISASTER: BREAKING NEWS: Democrats Submitted Measure MINUTES Ago That Could Steal Presidency From Trump the word, folks, this looks like the Deadocrats are trying to oust our Donald.

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Good on you CS, you are the only person I know who is connected to Pauline. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do to support her. You, Sir, are a true Australian.

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Hilary was toxic, from the beginning., at least from about her 1st year in Kindergarten.

As much as Donald's own mob, tried to crucify him, I reckon Hilary's mob should have also, not accepted her. A different Democrat nominee, would have been a bit different in the outcome.

I respond to posts, not who it "might" be or not be