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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


When I began work for the Sydney Morning Herald I was asked not to bother writing but submit multiple pencil roughs of cartoon ideas and the editorial management would select one. This of course led to my work being the subject of censorship by omission. I was not to be trusted to produce balanced material. I would have balanced my work to appeal to the readership anyway, as I have always done, because it’s the readership who pays the wages.

So when Rupert Murdoch offered me a contract that paid three times what Fairfax were paying I didn’t need too much convincing to shift to the other side of the railway tracks.

Many people criticise Murdoch but my experience was that he was a true newspaperman with integrity who always kept his word, he had exceptional judgment and a deep love that still lives for “The Australian”.

I was given as much space as I needed during the week and a full page on Saturdays to fill with whatever I wanted. I never suffered editorial interference and you simply don’t shit on that sort of trust... something Fairfax was incapable of understanding.

The SMH was a Sydney icon but when the 14th floor decided to go “compact” (read tabloid) rather than broadsheet to save a few bucks, the newspaper degenerated to tabloid news content. Now the Fairfax papers all share the same news except for their TV guides, sport and weather.

The Financial Review was always a tabloid format but it maintained the quality of a serious broadsheet and my only drinking buddies worked for the Fin Review. So, what really went wrong with Fairfax icons like The Age and the SMH?

Well, primarily it’s economy based where a surfeit of internet news prevails which can be accepted or discarded as readers wish. Classifieds collapsed, which meant the main source of revenue disappeared but mainly Fairfax was an organisation that preferred to stay true to its Left ideals at all costs. And there were plenty of costs and plenty of Left ideals.

The Australian has never made money and it never will, but it has never exchanged honest reporting for profitability. Murdoch never sought to change editorial content in the pursuit of balance, he simply changed the journalists. The Australian will not fold until he dies.

Fairfax journalists I avoided have taken to writing scurrilous lies about me in return for my attacks on their beloved Julia Gillard. I have not given them the pleasure of responding.

I always hoped Singo would buy Fairfax and let me edit the SMH... I would not advise him to buy it now 'tho.

It’s sad to see the demise of Fairfax but, as with all media companies, the loss of editorial integrity is the first nail in the coffin.

... it’s still awfully sad to witness the demise of newspapers I once proudly delivered to PM Robert Menzies on my wonky bike. 


While the media is on a sacking campaign might I suggest a multi million dollar budget saving by SACKING all of the journo's (or I should say reporters because that scum are not qualified in experience to be called under that name) at the ABC and then selling off the physical assets their organisations.

Just had a shock! A 'cross-bencher' (whether he's just annoyed, or that is his position in the Senate, I know not) I thought the voice was female, and it was a shock to learn that he is in fact, male. But that’s not the point; which is that he was railing against the ABCC legislation. He had the nerve to announce that this legislation was tantamount to making the Senate judge, jury and executioner; that this law superseded the authority of the Courts. What........ a........... dill!
However do these meat-heads get seats in the Upper House? No wonder the coalition wants to return the power of the vote to the Voters!

These fools think they're entitled to a job......................yep.........lefties.

Did anyone else notice the CCTV film of the plane crash in Russia ? The plane was in flames before it hit the ground and going almost straight down . Looks like a bomb went off inside the plane ??

It's a conspiracy.

That's for sure Chris. They've sealed their own fate, can't say they weren't warned.

Well covered CC. There is a lot of black mass stuff going on there including child sacrifice. Leo Zagami a former insider has done a lot of work on the Vatican.
Demonic Possession Of The Vatican Exposed: Leo Zagami Interview

That the Liberal Party is being torn apart under the Turnbull PMship comes as no surprise. A PMship kleptoparasite Turnbull stole from Tony Abbott backed by the multitude of Abbott haters whose relentless sneering, ridicule, smearing ,slander, filth and outright lying is one of the blackest periods in our poltical history. The coup that enthroned Turnbull who always regarded the PMship as his entitlement and destiny was a coup by the media...instead of the usual coup by the army in other banana republics.Australia is now led by sneerer in chief Turnbull who is systematically destroying the Liberal Party and which has left the nations conservatives all at sea without a mooring... as Mark Textor stated recently -the conservatives are irrelevent to the Turnbull New Liberal Party...

Maybe these boffins won't have a job come Monday.

Jewish Influence and Ethnic Networking in France: In Their Own Words . . .
Jews’ open professions of dual loyalty or even of first loyalty to Israel must be considered a marker of growing Jewish self-confidence (or even arrogance) and power. In the nineteenth century, the founder of Zionism Theodor Herzl was much more modest, writing in his diary: “A man must choose between Zion and France.”
Blanrue highlights the fact that mainstream journalists are purged from the media for being too critical of Israel, let alone for mentioning Jewish power. Alain Ménargues was fired from two radio stations for comments on Palestine in 2004. He explained to Libération: “I was the victim of a manipulation . . . by a core of ethnocentric Jews .” Ménargues later told a pro-Palestinian website that freedom of speech was disappearing and that Zionist advertisers were able to put pressure on the media, leading to self-censorship:
I have been practicing this profession for thirty years. I am strongly irritated at seeing that in France a fundamental freedom is disappearing. In my country, which is France, I cannot conceive that there be an intellectual terrorism which is forcing people to remain quiet under threat of becoming completely crushed. Some need to make ends meet at the end of the month. There are many journalists who understand things as I do. But they are not free. Press bosses are afraid of losing subscribers, advertising revenue.
The aptly-named Roger Cuckierman, the head of the official Jewish lobby, gave a bizarre account of his decision to become a banker in a book published in 2008:
I discovered my vocation as a financier, notably after reading an anti-Semitic book by Henry Coston, entitled The Financiers Who Lead the World (1955). He convinced me that bankers had a considerable power over the economy and no other profession could be more interesting..............."

Keep up the good fight CC, as I have said, the red pill be hard for people to swallow, we all loathe the moslem scourge, but they could have never inflicted themselves upon us by themselves

Connie Wells back in top spot as the Liberal Party continues tearing itself apart.Not surprising really ...inevitable with Turnbull as leader.

Lefty; Turdbull is the Dud, so was Gillarse, Krudd. Abbott stopped the boats, got rid of the Carbon Tax, MRRT, had big agreements signed with neighbouring countries that successive Governments failed to achieve and had the Defence white Paper written before he was back stabbed by your hero Turdbull. Prior to that he held together a party, team along with all their funnies, idiosyncracies from 2009 tnrough two elections winning in 2013. Not bad for a dud, especially as it now looks more and more apparent that he was constant,y the victim of insider attacks, whiteanting and undermining from your hero TURDBULL!!! Abbott inherited a party in turmoil amd disarray while Turdbull inherits a massive majority. So far he can't even keep things together for a lousy few months, so who is the DUD?

Lefty, he stopped the boats but they are coming in by plane. And I agree with your first comment. In fact I think I invented it.

Puerile nonsense Chris. Your religious beliefs are ridiculous. You and your ilk make fools of yourselves.

ChrisCross, you said, "Islam is old news...." Yes, it is 1400 years old. Unfortunately, for many in the free world, it is still very much news today. Your theories, research and obsession with "hooked nose grubs" is not convincing.

You also said, "mcj, I'm miles ahead of you." Well, that's OK by me because I didn't think it was a race. However, I won't try to catch up to you because I am not persuaded by your theories, and I am pulling out of your ego race.

Hunter I do. Pretty sure most of our Grandparents went down that track, many of our parents as well. Mine sure did.

Mike you might remember the days when a worker on a 40 hour week could support a wife and family, buy a modest house and drive an FJ Holden.

Have a look at the you tube clip with Aaron Russo talking about Rockerfeller and feminism. (Plenty more too). They pushed it to get another pile of people working and gain a heap more income tax. The destruction of the family unit was an added bonus to these sick freaks. 9minute mark. It's all worth a listen.

I believe Henry is correct when he talks about who invented and promoted feminism and why. It is not so much about depopulation as much as it is about destroying traditional family values and the family unit. There is plenty of real evidence to suggest that the Rockerfeller organisation is one of the main players in world events without any input from Henry. I have read a quite a few of his articles years ago and to me he IS on the money in many of them.