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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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does it really matter?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“Ideology before common sense” is the perverted principle of Labor and the Greens. Free health care, free education and free everything else, including money, is the egalitarian dream of the Left. And who pays for it? Who cares, that will be the problem of an incoming conservative government and any legislation it attempts to rescind will help to get us back into government again. (see polls)

The perfect storm for a conservative government is where Labor remains in control of a Senate that disallows any remedial legislation except for (as is the case now) higher tax rates on employers. 

In the meantime the country heads for a recessive fiscal disaster with dumb voters pouring back to Labor for more of the much-needed handouts and promises that caused the crisis in the first place.

Australia is headed for a Greek disaster that was caused by the same Party that now delights in its ability to prevent a solution. 

University “education” (the Senate will also not allow changes to) has hardly been a success under the Whitlam plan. Not a murmur of complaint from the Left when Julia Gillard cut $2.3 billion from higher education to fund a flawed Gonski scheme (oh yes, I remember poor little Gonski) but now that Abbott wants structural changes to remedy the mess, the sky has suddenly fallen in.

The “Times World University Rankings” for 2014 has the University of Melbourne as the highest ranked Australian uni at 33rd in the world, then a big gap down to the Australian National University at 45th and the University of Sydney at 60th with the rest in the “forget it” category. Our universities have fallen from grace for good reason.

Universities have been the root cause of the breakdown in social values and they have always been hotbeds of radical socialist agenda. Why wouldn’t they be? Students are taught by serial failures who have bombed out at their chosen professions and returned to “teaching” where they can happily call each other “doctors” and “professors”.

The Whitlam concept of free higher education for all unfortunately did not die with him. 

There should be no direct bridge from high school to university. All students entering university should have first experienced at least two years in the workforce to give them a grounding in, and an appreciation of, exactly how our free enterprise economy works. We still need lawns mown and refrigerators fixed. 

Struggling taxpaying truck drivers are forced to supply “loans” to mad Marxist kids who are not obliged to repay them and no steps are ever taken to enforce repayment... that would be so politically incorrect! The flow-on from this aberration is manifest.

Every bugger and his dog now has a dodgily acquired law degree that gets him into a Labor law firm where he can chase ambulances until he proves totally incompetent and is shunted off into a major union or nominated for the magistracy. 

And we wonder why judges and magistrates are so patently incompetent and so far to the Left! Witness the man-hating illiterate rabble that runs the Family court and the idiot who let Man Monis roam our streets unmonitored.

The remainder of the dregs are mopped up by either the ABC, who would never survive without government handouts, or Fairfax who is proving it can’t. If all else fails there’s pre-selection for the Greens or a spot on the Human Rights Commission.

Regardless, none can spell, construct a sentence or tell you what six multiplied by nine is without their Iphones handy.

If you can wade knee-deep through the “higher education” mess, there's still the welfare and Medicare time bombs that a Labor/Green Senate will not allow disarming. 

We are witnessing the carefully planted land mines that a petulant Rudd and Gillard were determined to leave in their wakes.

The wild Press dogs have smelt Abbott’s blood and, like all good predatory animals, they will now pursue him until he collapses. So-called political “insiders”, like the disgraced crook Graham Richardson, predicted that Turnbull would walk out of last Monday’s Party Meeting as Prime Minister, but Richardson is rarely right about any bloody thing except his vanity.

So if anyone in Canberra can be found with sufficient common dogfuck to fix the big three of HEALTH, WELFARE and EDUCATION better sic em on to Islam because no-one on either side has even seen that one coming yet.


It has got to the stage where a leftwing media , particularly The ABC, can virtually run our Nations agenda. Aided by leftie University "graduates" the situation as reached alarming proportions. What they don't realize is that their security and standard of living will deteriorate as well as the people they want to drag down to their level. When they mature with the experience of life they will look back and wonder where they went so horribly wrong.

To quote G K Chesterton: Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously!

If I remember correctly, the aim of the "free universities" envisaged by the Whitlam government was to allow the financially disadvantaged to get a uni degree and better themselves...etc..etc. But that's not what happened. Those families that could afford to sen their kids to uni sent the SONs. The girls went to business school and became secretaries and the like. But with the Whitlam changes those smart girls now went to uni and came out with medical or legal qualifications and some science or engineering degrees. Now we see girls outnumbering boys in the uni's and just go into a solicitors office and there are qualified female lawyers everywhere. Dentistry is also well filled with women. I should also observe that few politicians see the unintended consequences of their decissions.


Aust to help halt Myanmar snakebite deaths

FEBRUARY 17, 2015
AUSTRALIA is funding a three-year, $2.3 million project to help snakebite victims in Myanmar by upgrading care facilities, and the quality and availability of antivenom……more..

Don't worry Dan is going to sort it out in Victoria, he is even going to change the slogan on car registration plates to prove it! I just hope he can find someone who can spell education.

Like a box of crayons with the top off!

Despite paying for your tuition, With the de funding of Universities and Science and research put on the back-burner ..the Great Aussie brain drain continues ..The Australian Consulate-General in San Francisco has estimated that more than 22,000 Australian graduate and post graduates are currently working in high tech centres along the U.S. west coast and San Francisco’s Silicon Valley who haven't cost the U.S. a cent to train.

I agree with you also Micky C. dante, you have summed the situation up correctly. He has been a wonderful politician and deserves the credit he receives for his past performances in Parliament. I don't think he is too upset about the move, but the media have to make a meal out of it. TA is their prime target and could be said to be treasonous and care not for the good of their country. What goes around comes around.

"The wild press dogs have smelt Abbott"s blood." - As evidenced by the Insiders Abbott hate fest yesterday morning.

Doesn't matter where you get your appetite from Hunter. Long as you eat at home. Right?

it must be time for retirement

Got to agree with you there Micky. They said on the News he was now spending time with his Grandchildren. Just look at the man. Does he look like a dynamic powerbroker? The position is obviously strategic and needs someone alert and responsive. Nice man but this is cutting edge stuff and the stakes are high.


That’s What They Are Dealing In……

The brunette, rocks!

Labor have the impression that Australia's debt levels are OK in comparison with foreign countries who they say are a lot worse ; The question is why or how can our financials be compared with others seeing we are self sufficient in mineral wealth but these same countries aren't ?

So says my beautiful wife. She knows my capabilities.

It does not matter where you get your appetite, so long as you eat at home. lol

Ambitions mixed up with capabilities comes to mind. The day I stop looking is the day they can plant me.

I look forward to the days when Australia will be governed by the Greens. Utopia for all. Our biggest industries will be basket weaving and candle making. We will all live in caves warmed by wind power.

You been hacked IE?