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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Sometimes when history is made, you could hardly miss it. Great armies sweep across continents raping and pillaging. Powerful navies blast each other by hostile shores. Tyrants inflict genocide and starvation on hapless populations.

Sometimes however, historic moments are so small and seemingly insignificant that hardly anyone notices.

Who was watching when an unknown monk named Martin Luther nailed his thesis to a church door, shaking the Holy Roman Empire to its very boots?

Who noticed when Pommie brainbox Alan Turing cracked the enigma code, changing the course of WW2 and inventing the computer at the same time?

How many people pricked up their ears when an electrical union adelegate called the boys off the job in a Gadansk shipyard, sparking a revolution which would bring down the gigantic Soviet superpower.

Probably not many, yet these events were every bit as earth changing as the most cataclysmic political or military campaigns.

One important takeaway from this, is that sometimes, seemingly all powerful political or religious structures are intrinsically unstable. They become corrupt and lose popular support, often without anyone really noticing. Then, all it takes is the right spark and the whole thing comes down like a house of cards.

As Pickering Posters are well aware, I believe Islam is supremely vulnerable right now. It stands ridiculous, like a naked emperor, supposedly wrapped in an aura of peaceful beneficence. All it will take is someone with sufficient credibility to laugh loud enough and the whole world will suddenly come to its collective senses.

Long ago, I thought that the catalyst might be a debate on prime-time television. I believed the stoush might be between a non-Muslim Islamic expert (or experts) and respected Islamic scholars.

There is no way that Islam as it stands, can be defended. Any such debate could only end in humiliating defeat for the defenders of Islam as it currently stands.

                                                           Imam Tawhidi

Recently however, an unexpected contender has stepped forward. Not from the infidels, but from the ranks of Islam itself. That contender is a Shi’ite Imam from South Australia called Imam Tawhidi.

I have to say that at first I was somewhat sceptical of Imam Tawhidi. I have heard Islamic leaders claim to be on “our” side before. Usually, this is followed by a lecture in cultural sensitivity and the need to stop profiling known terror operatives.

Tawhidi strikes me as different. I am very familiar with the Islamic playbook and Tawhidi isn’t reading from it.

I don’t believe that a Muslim who was trying to deceive, would openly warn non-Muslims of the tactic of Taqiyya (Islamic religiously sanctioned deception). Tawhidi exposes the Islamic doctrines of violence against the unbeliever and is demanding that his community fesses up.

I have never backed an Islamic “moderate” or reformer before. I am prepared to stick my neck out this time however as I think this man is the real deal.

That would make him an exceptionally brave and honest man. It would also make him an incredibly important ally in the fight against the Islam we have today.

Tawhidi is in a unique position. As a senior Iranian Muslim, it would be somewhat awkward to accuse him of Islamophobia or racism. Neither could he be accused of ignorance or that old chestnut of “taking it all out of context.”

Incredibly, Tawhidi has issued a challenge to any Islamic scholar to publicly debate him on the Islamic scriptures and their link to violence.

In my opinion, this debate should be held live on TV. The channel which should be hosting this event is the Australian Broadcasting Commission

Aunty is sucking over a billion dollars a year from the public purse. Its mandate is supposed to be, to serve the needs of the Australian people.

Well right now the Australian people need a debate on Islam and this is the perfect opportunity. We finally have an Islamic Imam with impeccable credentials who is prepared to take the side which is critical of Islam.

A couple of years ago, they were so keen to air “different points of view” on the subject that they had a bloke on Q&A who had been charged with preparing for a terrorist attack. Their excuse was that it was important to encourage free speech.

Well now it is time to put both sides of the argument to the test so that the Australian public can decide once and for all whether Islam is “just another peaceful religion.” Then we can see the real power of free speech and how 18C has been blinding us to reality.

The “I love Islam” side could easily be located. There are plenty of Australian Muslims espousing the most radical and fundamentalist forms of Islam. They could probably find at least a couple without going further than their own news and current affairs department.

The hardest part for the ABC management would be making sure that the Muslims claiming that Islam is a religion of peace don’t behead Imam Tawhidi before he can spill the beans.

If no Muslim scholar is prepared to debate Tawhidi, he should be given three or four half hour slots on prime time TV and radio to present his point of view to the Australian public.

The mandarins at the ABC are clearly aware of the danger they are in. Imam Tawhidi has the potential to expose them for the grubby, lying, anti Australian shysters they really are. That is why they are so terrified of him.

I assume that is why they produced and broadcast a hit piece on Tawhidi on Radio National. The piece was so professional, it would have brought tears to Joseph Goebbels eyes.

All the claims they made in the piece about Tawhidi are spurious. The Imam was a devout Muslim and held the same views as all devout Muslims. Like all Shi’ites he was hostile to Sunnis just as all Sunnis are hostile to Shi’ites.

The game they are playing is quite transparent. They deny that the teachings of Islam belong to Islam. They pretend that these teachings are some “extreme” interpretation.

Then when a Muslim rejects Islam, they claim that person was previously an extremist. Meanwhile, they cover up for practising Muslims who naturally embrace these supposedly “extreme” interpretations.

Today, the Imam says he has rejected these beliefs and wants a debate to discredit them. The ABC will of course refuse to host such an event. The excuse they will give is that Tawhidi is a former “extremist” who is stirring up violence between Sunnis and Shi’ites. That is exactly what they accused him of on the ABC's Radio National program.

Meanwhile, Aunty continues to give platforms to Muslims who have never rejected mainstream violent Islamic views.

I will be writing to the Communications Minister Mitch Fifield and demanding that the ABC host this debate.  I will also be writing to members of the ABC board and asking for exactly the same thing.

It is about time that these overpaid, pompous bureaucrats stopped attacking traditional Australians with their precious “diversity” and took a hard look at what that word actually means.

It is also time that traditional Australians stopped assuming that these people have our best interests at heart. We all need to make our voices heard and demand that these people start doing what we pay them to do, which is to support and protect traditional Australian culture.

Come on Aussie, get your Biro out and have a go!

Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield

42 Florence Street


(03) 9584 2455

Toll Free (Vic only) 1300 797 110 


A musso I know told me he had the Koran on a DVD. I asked him could he burn me a copy and thats' when he organised a Fatma on me. Go figure?

You really wanna believe another guy who wears a dress and a funny hat?? The track record speaks for itself.

''Real jew news '' by Brother Nathaniel [former jew] tells it how it is ,if you possess a modicum of intellectual honesty and want to know the TRUTH of whats going on in the World ,check his website ,it might destroy a lifelong accumulation [of BS ,brainwashed opinions ]but at least you will know the TRUTH

ha ha Pablo. Great idea! I've received my automated response from Mitch Fifield. I could probably write his response myself but I think the more people expressing this view the better. Certainly beats doing nothing.

How about a Qur'an Buy Back? They took our Guns because of Someone else's unacceptable behavior, on the Chance that others May be Killed in the same fashion.. The Qur'an has Inspired FAR more Death, Destruction and Public Fear.....If you want to own a Qur'an you must Demonstrate a Need and pass Criminal Records,Domestic and other Violence related offence checks as WELL?? Each would be Licenced with a Processing and Administrative FEE Just like Firearm owners must comply with...

Here is something else that makes history, but most people don't know yet !!
Hop over to youtube and search "616 666 antichrist". There is an interesting video that connects Islam with the beast numbered 616. I share it on my Facebook wall so you can watch it.
I like Imam Tawhidi and is painful to tell him one day he need to reckon with the fact that Islam is numerically proven to be the beast mentioned in Bible, no matter how moderate his version of Islam is.

This bloke reckons he and his family came to Australia to escape the Islam that was swallowing Iran so on coming here why does he still wear Islamic cultural clothing seeing he said that he came to start a new life . ?

Why not drop him a line? [email protected]

I reckon I saw this Cove at Melbourne Airport a few years back. Very tall and was in the company of a blonde western women.

From earlier post "Whatever Tawhidi does won't make a gnats bit of difference the hatred is now entrenched for generations." In Bosnia the 'peace' is still enforced with UN guns. And twenty uears after the war if they had a chance they would cut each others throats. I can understand that.

Annie Mac.....Well put...Cheers...

Wang Institute..."nothing wrong intrinsically with Islam?" Wake up and smell the roses! If you believe that, you should be living in a ME country, not Australia.If you are siding with the enemy, you are a traitor.During WW2 traitors were imprisoned or shot...pity that still doesn't happen! You can't have very much intelligence because anyone with any brains can clearly see what is happening in our wonderful country...and it's not good.You have been well and truly brainwashed.Where is your proof that there is nothing wrong with Islam? I challenge you to substantiate your statement. Bet you don't have the guts. You disgust me!

Yes, more power to him if he is the real deal. However, first question Harry is: is this 'Imam' still a practising moslem, and if so - given his platform etc. - why? From past knowledge, would he not also be the subject of a fatwa? Or as an apostate, living under the threat of the unholy Koran's teachings on the proscribed fate for apostasy?

No doubt the Ayatollah has authorised a fatwa for the execution of Imam Tawhidi for the sins of apostasy and blasphemy. The Sunnis would be similarly indignant. He probably won't live long enough to give any talks in the Q&A time slot.

To fight Islam first you have to fight with Israel and the U.S.of A.
Saudi Prince Reveals ‘US Conditions’ For Mohamed Bin Salman To Be King
The alleged conditions include “absolute obedience to the US and Israel and carrying out whatever they ask him to do.”
By Middle East Monitor | June 27, 2017

ADF WANTS you to be a Muslim.

"Stoney#20 Wed 28 Jun 2017 05:43:54 am
Correct Oliver.."

Silly Stoney.

Regarding Imam Tawhidi:

1. Those Muslims who supposedly are the innocent peaceful bystanders, appear to be the more secular, pragmatic ones who go about their lives within Western society with a tacit disdain of our values.

2. Islam is based on the deeds and utterances of Mohammed, a power-hungry self-indulgent and self-important war lord. His life, as documented by Muslims themselves accept this.
The adjectives I used here merely reflect my values of him, as a Westerner.
The Muslims condone, whilst we condemn his actions.

On multiple times, the Quorum is quoted in justifying the atrocities, extremely cruel penalties imposed on non-believers, acceptance of paedophilia, etc.
Islam is nothing more than an institutionalised war-cry feigned as a religion.

The last 1400 years of history has demonstrated my point.

3. I presume that the title, “Imam” implies a man who espouses the Islamic creed with all what Islam entails.

This imam, TAWHIDI, from within the Islamic faith, has exposed what Islam is all about and his presence has been, to a large extent, muted, here in Australia.

In that regard, I endorse the man. More power to him.

However, an Imam is an elder within Islam espousing Islamic values.
He walks and talks with regalia of an imam and yet blasphemously speaks of the predominance of Western values over contradicting Islamic values.

I can only conclude that Tawhidi as an imam, is indeed a hypocrite, within an Islamic context.

Fundamental Islam is NOT compatible with Western values.

I will tolerate the man, more, if he completely discards Islam and completely endorses Western values, and explains clearly why.

Otherwise, one could interpret him as an apologist for Islam telling us that Islam is compatible with Western values.

Is he a “Trojan horse? Who knows?


Does this bloke have any followers? Man Monis said he was an Iman too didn't he?
Anyway if he truly believed what he was saying it would be impossible for him to stay a moslem. Take the example of Brother Nathanael, that's what you do when you realise the religion you were brought up in is an evil cult.
Tawhidi is just damage control by those higher up.