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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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... but it will seal the fate of the Bali two

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The backbench sharks are circling a bloodied Abbott while Fairfax and the ABC, desperate for a kill, are madly chumming the waters in anticipation. Tony Abbott has fought gallantly but his iridescent colours have turned to burnt umber and he is about to become bait for bigger fish.

It has nothing to do with liking or hating Tony Abbott. In fact a true Conservative will want him gone because it’s only Labor that wants him to stay.   

I wrote prior to the failed coup, “If the Libs turn to Turnbull it reinforces a perception of ideological dysfunction. If they stay with Abbott it’s merely a stay of execution.”

The Libs’ Achilles heel has always been one of timing, and this time it’s no different. NSW Premier Baird will suffer, as did QLD’s Newman, and a serious new chasm in Indo-Australian relations will open up.

Widodo will now comfortably ignore the pleas of a weakened Australia and execute two of its citizens with diplomatic immunity.

Now is the perfect time for a corrupt Indonesia to risk taking us on, and they will! It’s quite prepared to forgo our generous aid and they know we will turn up to assist with their next tsunami disaster anyway. The Muslim mindset is one of opportunism. Right now they smell weakness and are about to shove our humanitarian pleas right up our noses.

For those who believe Indonesia could ever be a threat to Australia, forget it! Jakarta would be rubble before it could get a shot off. No nation would come to its aid. It has no military allies and a rag tag, corrupt, under-resourced defence force incapable of deployment. ASEAN would turn against it, as would the US.

And if China seriously considered challenging the US in the Asia-Pacific region then Indonesia would have to make a choice, and you can bet it won’t be China.

Arrogant Islam thrives on cowardice, bullshit and the ethereal support of an almighty deity, it will fail because of infighting and a predilection for internal genocide.

The Liberal Party itself risks the same demise for the same reasons as it prepares to dine on itself before lurching Left into the arms of a treacherous Malcolm Turnbull.


agree just got back on site with ZenMan--brilliant.

Back after a week or so away and it is very pleasing to see that TA might be taking notice of sensible Australia. Thanks PP.

Today Monday ........Well the Coalition is going UP in the Polls and this was a Fairfax Poll !!!!! YAY ! The only people who seem to want Turnbull are the lefties ! Michelle Rolland interviewed on SKY news dismissed the poll LOL!!! Gee ! she really is such a cow !

Turdbull has every right to sack any and all their ABC staff and management for "Not adhering to their Charter"If he was doing his job they would all be "Gone" by know!

This is becoming real dirty and doesn't bode well for the reputation of the Liberal Party. The weak-kneed back-benchers are playing into the hands of Shorten & Co who must be splitting their sides laughing while they watch their own electoral chances go north.

My daily google news report today show Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian, hand in hand in full hatefest mode in their desire to bring down Tony many story headlines can they buy from google to jam out any other news outlet?
It is unbelievable ( and also not worth giving them the satisfaction of clicking on any of their frenzied rants ) that they can dominate 8 stories for SMH and two from the Guardian.....thus pushing anyone else's opinion OFF the page.
SMH are just over the top with rage and trying too hard.

What's behind it? Why the ridiculous hatred of Abbott? They must be still wanting revenge for Gillard, or protection for continued union corruption, or they want a return to a money scamming carbon tax or they want a return to an islamic invasion by sea and a breakdown of the Australian financial system and huge debt blowout or they just might be pushing their favourite inner city gay marriage wheelbarrow.

With the subject matter I have just listed as these news outlets favourite causes in hating T Abbott , and I do include the evil ABC and it’s agenda, it’s a wonder they can even sell a paper and make a buck from advertisers, their product is so crap , it appears this closed shop festering filth can only cease if and when these businesses go broke……ABC are sponging our tax dollars for it’s indulgence, but it can’t be too far into the future to see the end of the. failing Fairfax.

When Wyatt balls finally drops, he starts shaving, his pimples clear-up and his voice changes he will go the same way as the other child star prodigies.

It is a good read and an enlightening one.

Is there something wrong in that Duke?

Please don't ask me to be loyal to Australia. This long time loyal Australian has had enough after over 40 years of lies and deception. The lot of them can go to bloody hell, for selling us out . Bloody traitors.

For heaven's sake BlackRoo give it a rest. If you must bicker make it a one line post.

There, not their.

Wouldn't you hate being around the Baird table when their is a family gathering. Julia Baird a labor luvvie and her brother a liberal Premier. Wonder how they get on in the Drum when her brother's name comes up?

I think it might be as early as Monday Duke and just noticed that if there is a spill Julie Bishop is going to put up her hand. My guess on the outcome. Tony will be deposed. Mal Turnbull will take over as leader and Julie Bishop will keep her Foreign Affairs portfolio. The fly in the ointment will be Scott Morrison. How does Turnbull neuter him as he will be his biggest threat?

Know his family quite well. They have strawberry farms and Roys Rd. at Beerwah is named after them. Shame he has turned out like this so early in his career. Someone has been whispering in his ear and I don't need 3 guesses as to whom it is. He is never going to go far in his political career after this as people have long memories.

OT … Agenda 21 … the UN's drive to indoctrinate us using ..

EDUCATION AND MEDIA … such as the ABC and the Turnbull Traitor

I have a few posts where I talk about UNESCO and what it calls Media Education where it literally lays out using both the media and educational institutions to tell us what we are to believe. What I call false, but influential guiding beliefs. The idea is that these beliefs and our emotions, instead of a well-stocked rational mind, will guide future behavior in predictable and politically useful (if you belong to the class of Statists interested in ruling.

Interesting times when the declared intentions that are documentable exceed what science fiction lit would come up with.

I'm calling a spill being called on Tuesday and nobody will support it. Turnbull will probably quit in shame.

So Turncoat is helping Baird win the Elections ?

Get ready for carbon tax 2.0.

I think the media is determined not to let the matter die down. If they can keep the pressure on TA it may spook the Liberal back-benchers to have another go. The Left was depending on the spill to get rid of Abbott. Now not only has he had a reprieve but the polls are looking better for him. The Left, and Turnbull, do not give up easily so anything could happen in the next week or two. Treachery, thy name is Labor.