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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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... and it's over troubled waters

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Tony Abbott should call for a vote of confidence in his leadership at the Party meeting next week. It’s a perilous gamble he may not be prepared to take because he no longer has the numbers but it’s a gamble he must take or his Party will slowly implode.

If he does call for a vote of confidence he will almost certainly lose, all bets will be off, the leadership will then be declared vacant and a new leader elected.  Well, that’s what should happen and phones will already be running hot garnering numbers in anticipation.

There is no turning back now. Once a challenge has been denied amid the guff of, “he has my full support, blah blah blah”, once a Prime Minister, even a good man like Abbott, needs to confirm public support from Cabinet Ministers, it’s all over.

An Abbott-hating media already smells blood in the water and every move he, and every likely challenger, makes from now on will be seen in terms of a looming assassination.

The media must be denied a prolonged feeding frenzy. A change in the Prime Ministership must be made as quickly and as seamlessly as possible without a nobody called Mal Brough and others further muddying the waters.

But there’s a problem... all politicians who finally attain their dreams of reigning as great leaders have one thing in common; obstinacy!  They will cling to power with bleeding fingernails, defying reason and denying the inevitable for as long as possible. Abbott will be no different. In the interim the Party’s interests will, as usual, run a long last.

Calls to give Abbott until the budget session to get his act together will hopefully fall on deaf ears.

The damage is terminal. Prolonging the pain will only play into the media’s eager hands.

Witness the damaging battles between Fraser and Gorton, McMahon and Gorton, Keating and Hawke, Howard and Costello, Rudd and Gillard and now Abbott and... who knows. On each and every occasion the Party lost ground to personal ambition.

But this scenario is a strange one and not the norm, a challenger is yet to be found! It’s just that Abbott has finally and categorically proved himself unelectable.

The malevolent media hounds are still baying for bloody vengeance over the slaying of their beloved Gillard. But the fox is cornered, battle lines are drawn, a top dog will emerge from the pack and the fox will suffer an ignominious death, the only question remaining is when.

But the longer the barking continues the more already-thin skin the Party will lose.


Electorates in doubt; Ferny Grove, Lockyer, Maryborough, Mt Omaney, Whitsunday all LNP and ahead on votes.

Seats in doubt
83.8% Counted. Updated 14 minutes ago Fri 6 Feb 2015, 8:50am

ElectoratesChanging SeatsSeats in DoubtLatest
Electorate Held By Prediction Swing Count Time
Ferny Grove QLD LNP 9.5 Likely ALP gain 10.2toALP 86.3 08:01
Lockyer QLD LNP 14.9 In Doubt LNP ahead 14.5fromLNP 90.2 08:01
Maryborough QLD LNP 0.3 Likely ALP gain 2.0fromLNP 90.2 08:01
Mount Ommaney QLD LNP 16.5 In Doubt LNP ahead 16.1toALP 90.4 08:01
Whitsunday QLD LNP 10.7 Likely LNP retain 10.0toALP 87.4 08:01 :Currently showing the following results
LEESE, Steve ALP 7,391

RICKUSS, Ian LNP 9,904

RUDKIN, Clare GRN 1,112

NEUENDORF, David KAP 2,038

HANSON, Pauline ONP 7,819

GUNNIS, Craig PUP 1,005

Electors at Close of Roll: 33,523
Last Updated Date/Time: 05/02/2015 06:15:25 pm
Percentage of Roll Counted: 88.70%

Liberal will not vote for TURNBULL. The only person who loves Turnbull is Turnbull and the only ones who will vote for him are the Jews and Labor. He is a Whitlam - mentored by old man Whitlam and in business partnership with his son. 17% Inflation - a stagnant economy and the biggest boost to unemployment since 1973-4. He will be out there making another $50 million or so on the ETS scheme and appeasing the "ethnic minorities (including Muslims) to get their vote.

LNP 9888, ALP 7,377, Hanson 7813

Current votes for Queensland election. LNP 992,522. ALP 903,364.

Palasuck is only in her position because she was "Last (wo)man standing."

Thanks buddy.. 'twas a great interview and I sincerely hope others 'go for it'.

Guessing game. Who ?

Which rich pig abused a Vietnamese shop keeper in Melbourne, telling her to "eff" off she said.

When the media found out, he said:

"if she is offended, I apologize."

Is it OK for rich privileged people to abuse shop keepers ?

And then, grudgingly apologize?

Ah, The AGE, and The SYDNEY MORING HERALD run an expose on this man on December 13.

His parents are "upper middle class".

He was sent to the richest private school in Melbourne.

He has never worked in a real job, rather has served in the political class.

Know who ?

About ten years ago he liked to give the impression of a working class hero when he became Secretary of the Australian Workers Union, and got on TV a lot talking about struggling workers ...

Ha, as if he would ever know ?

Oh, and he never let it out that he travelled around the country to union meetings in his father in law's friend’s, (multi millionaire Richard Pratt) private jet !

Know now ?

He is the bloke, the rich rude pig "bloke" who phoned a half a dozen ex mates in the union movement and told them to keep quiet, and not tell the Commission into union abuse about the deals he used to do in the union, and in the Labor Party, and how he "stitched" people up.

Yes ladies and Gentleman, the man is the one and only ~~~~~

~~~~~~ the one who criticized the federal government for increasing the tax by $4,000 on those earning over $180,000 a year saying: "look these people are not on easy street"

Here, the right honourable, pig rich, privately educated, abusive Bill Shorten.

Right on TomG... couldn't agree more! All good wishes!

...or where he belongs - with his Labor mates on the Opposition benches..

I find myself REALLY hoping that Malcolm, in seeking support for a comeback, has burned one bridge too far. After the last few days, at the very least, he should be banished to the back benches. Even better, to the cross benches.

As a Liberal Party voter, I don't think they are stupid enough to let their leader problems degenerate into a fiasco akin to Rudd and Gillard. I also think that TA will have learned a lot in the last week to see retain his PM status and lead us into the next elections.Lets face it, he is the best we have got. If it gets to the position where he is replaced I reckon Scott Morrison is the man to replace him.

With you marigold!

Tetracycline is an antibiotic used in treating penicillin resistant gonorrhoea. Unfortunately it leaves signature staining on the teeth. View Bill Shorten images. Google Tetracycline teeth images.

Hanson 188 votes behind in Lockyer. Started the day 220 down.

Above story of the byelection con to avoid a ruckus was split in 2 parts & separated. The con was fed to us gullible voters over a period. The original leak had Pete going to London , but apparently someone dug their heels & would not make way. The Beatties ended up in Yankee land.

A Gvt rep leaked it gossip in George St had Pete taking an overseas job. Soon Heather pleads in Sunday paper for Pete to think of the "kids"", a week later Pete slips us Bligh, who then reveals she shouted him lunch & "pleaded for him to take trade job. Gullible voters swallowed the con.