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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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...he is kidding surely!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Building a wall over 2,000k along the USA border with Mexico is surely only symbolic and something dumb Yanks could understand during an election campaign. But now in the post-election real world it's obviously extraordinarily expensive, silly, unnecessary and plain bloody stupid. No doubt many posters on this site will disagree with me.

At an estimated cost exceeding $20 billion and at a height of up to 50 feet, it will have no effect on the proposed tunnels except that Mexican cartels will now have to start the new tunnels a mile or more away from the wall. 

And climbing up and over 50ft of a wall will be a piece of cake. Bloody hell, the Romans figured out how to do that a thousand years ago.

Of course the tenderers north and south of the proposed wall are hyperventilating at the profits to be made from ingenious (crazy) ideas to keep illegals and drug mules out. I suggest the Il Chapo cartel is one of the tenderers.

                                     A mere $22 million in Sinaloa drug money

But a physical wall is not needed. Laser beams between high points along the fence line will allow for clear vision and any interruption to the beam will signal well-armed security teams at say, five mile intervals. 

Permanent drones can pinpoint crossing attempts and one of 100 helicopters already in service can travel faster than the illegals can run dodging cacti and lumping 50k of hooch .

More important is the dumping of Obama’s catch and release policy where illegal entrants are returned to Mexico to dust themselves off, ready try again the following week.

Anyone caught trying to breach the digital wall gets to spend one year at the vacant Alcatraz Rock, or a year wearing pretty pink in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Arizona jail up the road. That will immediately dissuade anyone from trying again.

A well equipped comfy operations room in San Diego could visually monitor the entire digital wall 24/7, with ground sensors signalling any below surface abnormality.

This could be largely achieved with currently available and proposed future staff and facilities and would not require the servicing of the physical wall.

If Trump has his way and the wall is built, the Sinaloa boys will return to marine smuggling.

The estimated cost of $21.5 billion for Trump’s physical wall would be better spent on replacing Obamacare and keeping the destructive Senate Democrats at bay.

There ya go, pick the bones outa that!


Landmines would do the trick

I'm surprised anyone would think a Mexican/US border wall is only symbolic. It shows an ignorance of reality. We've seen what happens when the left are in charge of America ... eight years of open borders and millions of illegal immigrants and billions of dollars of drugs. The Obama policy was "catch and release" not "arrest and deport". Trump comes along and now illegal crossings have significantly fallen. But Trump knows that the day the left gets back into the White House, the existence of a physical Wall will at least prevent a repeat of the eight years of Obama..

You've been drinking the left-wing cool-aide Larry. Firstly, even before its been built the wall has already worked, with illegal crossings down 50%. The wall will have 24/7 manned lookout posts, so trying to scale a 50 foot wall before the border patrol gets their will be nigh impossible. You can't stop a mass crossing with lasers or drones. Yes the tunnels are a problem, but little by little they are being found and filled in, which diminishes the supply and makes the toll to use the remaining tunnels very expensive. As for the cost, president Trump has said all along that Mexico will end up paying for the wall in some way, and to that end, if all else fails, he has flagged a possible deduction in foreign aid to Mexico. The wall will work.

The kippah only denotes their Judaism, not where the come from.

The Coptic Christians in Egypt didn't build a wall to secure their borders and look what happened!

The Buddhists in Indonesia didn't build a wall to secure their borders and look what happened!

The Buddhists in Malaysia didn't build a wall to secure their borders and look what happened!

The Buddhists in Afghanistan didn't build a wall to secure their borders and look what happened!

If ISIS can be made to walk backwards in Iraq and Syria then it's only a small job to make the Mexican invaders breaching the US border do the same. But until the cause of these effects is taken seriously and widely reported on buy the MSM nothing will change in the World. It will be war as far as the eye can see on the Earth whilst ever the warmongers rule (read, US,Israel their masters,Multi National Banks and Corporations, and their tool the UN) No other issue in the World today even approaches this one in importance. Once people marched endlessly in the streets over the Vietnam war, kids getting killed for nothing. Now they are all under their bed quivering in case somebody calls them racist or a bigot or some such other ridiculous name, all of which only requires a stiff middle finger

I heard an Australian defence expert academic on radio this morning, in short he said NK does not have the capability yet to deliver nuclear bombs over large distances, not even to Australia. In fact they have no missiles that could reach Australia. They are all bluff,

the Chinese also built a wall to keep out invaders., but apparently it wasn't very successful.

Brendon O'Connell - Jailed Four Years for "Anti Semitism" - See more at:

They have short arms and deep pockets.

"Wally the Wanker wins gold Logie" I cringe when I contemplate the intelligence of the voters that bestowed these symbols of Television vomit. They must all be labor and green voters.

O/T.. Read today that the figures are in for travel expenses for the Federal Public servants for 2016. Are you kidding? $400,000.000. Yes, almost half a Billion bucks for these fat, overfed, overpaid, lazy fucking arseholes to gallavant around the world and slurp from the trough on the taxpayers. We should all march on Canberra and demand it stops.

New post up.

Mexicans were asked what they thought of Trump's proposed wall.
They replied, "We are very upset .....but we'll get over it."

For ANZAC Day.....I am thinking of a stunt....I am so over the Diggers marching and being saluted by the trash up on the thinking of some symbolic action to counter that.......

5 things an elite banking Dutch Whistleblower tells us #NWO

O/T.Notice the MSM are all over yet another US Airline incident.This time some ignorant woman attempted to take a kids pram/stroller into the cabin of the aircraft.She would have been told (at checkin)to leave it at the cabin door ,where a bag handler would have tagged it ,and placed in the hold of the aircraft.It would then be returned to her at the same spot at the destination.So it comes as no surprise that a cabin staff member got a little agitated when she was holding up the boarding process with the bloody thing inside the jet.Another airline staff member gets shafted because of the ignorance of some ignorant traveller.Rant over.