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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Victorian Opposition leader, Daniel Andrew’s suggestion that he and Premier Napthine have tea and scones this morning with the Governor to seek his advice regarding a potential Constitutional crisis is crazy stuff. 

Governments advise Governors, not the reverse.

If at any time in the future the Governor did have to act to ensure supply he would have been compromised by canvassing his likely intentions with either Party. 

And if Napthine didn’t like the way the Governor was leaning, he could pre-empt any potentially adverse decision by sacking him first, just as Whitlam could have sacked Kerr first if he was even remotely aware of his intentions.

The correct procedure is for both parties to independently seek their own Constitutional advice and act accordingly, that’s if any action is required.

Anyway, the Opposition has agreed not to block supply by ensuring the passage of Napthine’s budget so there is no damned Constitutional crisis and no role for the Governor... not yet!

All that’s happened so far is that rogue Lib deserter, Geoff Shaw, (who has the balance of power) has said in a radio interview he would support a no-confidence motion in the Napthine Government. 

Shaw changes his mind more often than I change my underpants, so let’s wait and see. 

Rejection of supply (appropriations Bills) or a no-confidence motion are the only two methods used to prematurely bring a government down. 

Supply has been assured, so it comes down to a no-confidence motion, and that can only be decided by numbers on the floor.

If the Opposition has the numbers, then Andrews can take a trip over to Government House to advise the Governor that he can form an interim government, whether the last Labor Government’s new Constitutional requirement of a four-year term has been completed or not.

Writs can then be issued for an early election and the Assembly dissolved (no Bills can be passed) with Andrews taking a caretaker role.

But for the Governor to be asked to advise on a crisis (that doesn’t yet exist) places him in an invidious position... a position neither Party leader should seek to place him in.

No matter what happens, Geoff Shaw’s life in politics is finished and his blackmailing demand for a judicial appointment from Premier Napthine is an outrage of Clive proportions.


To think that this dishonourable member of parliament used his electoral vehicle for his personal use .

The Qld Govt has reversed their decision to cut pension benefits by 15% and will wear the 54 million dollars of this cost and try to extract some money from the Feds. A very good decision as Labor would have kept on lying their heads off about this. There was never going to be any cuts to the pension itself just a reduction in benefits.

Jake the peg

PM Live was taken up for the most of the show by the ridiculous news cast that the Opposition Leader gave which was just a advertisment for Labor. Sky News turned it into a huge drama as we listened to a leader waffle on and on not really giving any straight answers. Victorians might have been interested but it was just a rats arse stuff to the rest of Australia.

He looks a dope!!!!

One way for the Vic government to solve their problems were to send Jeff Shaw on a fact finding mission to Manus island until the next election.

Clive ahs shown how he will treat any one, any people who get in his way! He has set recent precedents of how much mongrel is in him. Woe be tide any of his POOP Party and constituents who depend on him to make 'things' better for them??

Thanks liteline for clarifying that. You had me worried for a nano second.

Victoria has the worst abortion laws in the world. Infanticide on demand. Shaw has dared to try to make those laws at least a little less demonically evil, a little less what Plibersek Gillard et al EMILY'S List blood lusters demand. There is no playing fair with those baby murders. When he's as evil as them I might have a bad word for him, until then I'll respect him as I do Gaynor & Bernardi...yeah, too bloody few on That List.

Going by the number of times this man has stumbled with misuse of his vehicle, money, criminal assaults and so on, he is clearly unfit for public office.

At least the Victorian LNP are on the front foot with what this cretin has started.

Dear David,

Recent events have reminded us that we could face an election at any time.

Premier Denis Napthine and his team are standing up for Victoria with a clear vision and strong plans to help all Victorians.

Daniel Andrews is playing political games - his only concern is doing what is good for the Labor Party.

Unlike Labor, Denis Napthine and his team understand that we work for the Victorian people and their interests.

Real progress has been made since 2010 and now is not the time to put this at risk. We know that Labor damaged the State when they were last in Government and they would do so again, given the opportunity.

Now more than ever we need your support to help get our positive messages out to all Victorians.

There are so many ways that you can help on the campaign trail. If you would like to be involved, please contact your local Liberal candidate or click on the volunteer link below.

We need to ensure all Victorians know about the dividends of our strong financial management, including:
Delivering up to $27 billion on record state-shaping infrastructure projects such as the East-West link, Airport Rail Link, Melbourne Rail Link and creating tens of thousands of new jobs
Delivering a $1.3 billion surplus and maintaining our AAA credit rating
Investing an additional $5.4 billion for schools and delivering record health funding
With your strong support, we can ensure that Labor, their union mates and their Socialist Left Leader do not get the opportunity to govern in their narrow self-interest and take Victoria backwards.

Regardless of when the election occurs, we will be ready.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Snell
State President

Send out a search party, Waldo. Wash your mouth out. They may find her and her mate. Shudddddder.

Shame really.... we all thought better of him. He has disappointed many Australians not to mention those from Bassendean.

davey I wish I had your confidence but unfortunately.....Hermes is quite right. However...I am traumatized by listening to the ABC all day as I had much work to do at home on my pc and this shameless rotten mob is all over state- and federal government bashing the heck out of them. I cannot for my life understand why they get away with it.

You simply can not trust a man in a beard Old Boy.

...this f**king prick stood as Liberal for the seat of Frankston...he is to do as he is told by the Liberal Party...if he doesn't like it...he can wait till the next election and stand for the "dickhead party" that obviously would suit him the mean time...I would have a nice meeting arranged in a dark car park some where in Frankston and beat the shit out of the f**ker...and tell him...if he repeated his crap...I'll would unscrew his head and take dump down his neck....

Dumbo Daniel Andrews is a vacuuous poonce. Nothing positive comes out of his mouth. Yes Hermes he is a drama queen, constantly spouting gloom and doom. I don't like the man at all, especially seeing he is Union backed. We are stretched thin on leaders in Victoria, Napthine looks like Joe E. Brown. Peter Ryan is a two-faced ex police minister, but even with Napthine's lack of charisma he is a far better bet than Daniel Dumbo Andrews.

Whatever you do .................... DON"T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the other Toxic is with her.

poor unfortunate person really down on their luck out of accommodation. Or certainly further down the waiting list. So let's wait and see how these cuts are going to be organised and then complain. By the way, didn't mean 'hang Shotgun!! meant hang on, Shotgun comments..;!!

Hang Shotgun comments, that come October, pensioners will know what concessions are going to be cut. Maybe, just maybe they are going to means test these concessions, particularly in regard to rates, rego. I'm only just SPECULATING. Lots of people draw a pension, even though they have investment properties and may run a couple of cars, this maybe where the State government is going to draw a line. Maybe. Which would be fair. There was an article recently where people had investment properties (and I knew a retired Brigadier in Canberra a few years ago who did this), and rented a government house/flat. This particular guy I knew, he decorated his flat out very well, persian rugs, antique furniture. It was close to the city and restaurants, lovely!! Only thing was, he was doing some