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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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50 years of good journalism and bad profits

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


In 1964 there was no national daily and we were very close to having a different national broadsheet. Very few knew that Fairfax was secretly planning to take the ‘Canberra Times’ national when Rupert Murdoch beat them to the punch.

No-one thought for a moment that a national paper would ever make money but it was something Rupert was destined to do and, if Fairfax had been first, Australia would have no national newspaper today.

The sixties were the heady days of hot metal, stone subs and proof readers. The logistics of a daily national quality broadsheet were daunting and it’s doubtful an equivocating Fairfax ever had a chance of getting one off the ground.

I recently did an interview with SBS for a program on Rupert Murdoch but unfortunately I refused to characterise him as anything other than the greatest newspaper man Australia has known... SBS didn’t run my interview, they were looking for a different slant.

I had left Fairfax because of a suffocating lack of freedom and managerial incompetence. The Australian was a breath of fresh air. I had as much space as I wanted and, although I was controversial, there was never any interference in what I produced.

While Fairfax wallowed in mediocrity, Rupert Murdoch made his and his father’s dream a reality.

‘The Australian’ will be the last tangible newsprint to be put to bed but it will always survive in another form as long as Rupert lives.

When he dies all bets are off, as they were with Kerry and his father’s iconic and unprofitable ‘The Bulletin’. The digital age must eventually win the news war and the first funeral will be for an ill-fated Fairfax.

 ‘The Australian’ has led the way in printed news excellence. Fairfax publications have led the tabloid way to decay.

Hats off to ‘The Oz’... I’m proud to have been a small part of you.     



Piers has an informative article regarding Mr Murdoch`s presence and balanced impact within Australia today Larry.Very appreciative.It is nice journalists sharing their experiences in their field with us.Engaging :)) .

The deaths in the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict can end right now by Israel ditching their ground ordnance and replacing it with aerial ordinance that explodes with a deafening explosion in the air which will drive the Palestinians bonkers enough to put their own rockets out of business and if they continue to use them to inflict physical harm on Israel they will be seen in bad light by the rest of the world .

Ooow Larrygent, that is such good news** the Team Libs/nats have disposed of the cursed co2 Tax.. Mercy for much needed rational comfort.Yay and thank You so very much.

A generous compliment from someone who really knows. Thank you, Larry.

If you are talking about who I think you are, I just skip over their posts. If no-one replies the message will have been received.

Who owned the old " Melbourne Truth', what a foul rag that was.

The OZ is a great paper, always enjoy a read.

Like to say thanks to Rupert Murdoch for many informative and pleasurable hours of reading his great paper, and another thanks for keeping it going through the tough times, my god where we be without it! in light of what has happened in this country these past few years.

I have too IE

Oh for goodness sakes IE it wasn't abusive. If you have had abusive phone calls that have come as a result of participating in this site, that is a different story. If that is the case, then I would question how they got your number and why you think it came from here. There is no point in mentioning abusive phone calls unless you wish to say more.

Clive is only there for Clive . He has no concept of doing what is right for Australia .At first I thought he might have a worthy contribution to make but, by his own actions he has failed miserably.

IE that was uncalled for in my opinion. It is a real concern for people to know that their privacy is intact.

Some of you subscribers are clearly of the opinion that Palmer and his oddbods are supporting TA in his efforts to save Aus. from a fate sim. to Greece. For goodness sakes , people , look at the continuing waste that this idiot is putting upon us.This is definately not democracy in action.

Senator Lazarus in the Senate yesterday arvo......................While my Palmer United colleagues and I support the repeal of the minerals resource rent tax—commonly known as the mining tax—because it is an unjust, anticompetitive and malicious tax which only serves to hurt the Australian resource sector and, more broadly, the economy and social wellbeing of our country, we will not allow the removal of vital support from many Australians who most need our help. Therefore, as leader of the Palmer United Senate team, I propose and have circulated an amendment which will ensure the retention of the low-income super contribution..........................

Ah yes, how selective the MSM was of illegal arrivals on Christmas Island...'We want pics of the women and children, but what about the Gucci wearing designer refugee's and the Anabolic Arabs, an military arriving? No, women and children." Ummm, and so the Australian public was fed a lie and Australia's national security is under threat.

DJT: Palmer is nothing more than an ego driven,over inflated wind- bag.He should be taken to task for his cowardly attack on the Senate Clerk.His only interest is bringing down the Abbott retaliation for his perceived mistreatment by the Libs.Hitler would have employed him as a barrage balloon

Another "pipe dream "with the present mob holding us to ransom DJT. A D.D. is looking ominous.

Of all the things said, and still being said, about Rupert, nobody disputes that he’s a great newspaper man. Like all great successful men, he’s a tunnel-visioned autocrat. He knows how the world works and knows how to work it to his advantage. He sheaths his iron fist in a velvet glove and when he hits, the pain takes time to register. When it does, it’s can be lethal. When he was younger he was fearless, with a winning charm, enormous charisma and wondrous positive energy. He’s a puppet master of course. He pulls strings to make lesser mortals dance. Cross him and you unleash the Kraken. Sadly, he’s one of the world’s last living giants. The Australian probably won’t survive without him but nothing can live forever. Neither can Rupert… but nobody’s game to tell him.

Would like to hear your assessment of Maxie Newton LP. He was there at the start but didn't last long. His wiki entry is a bit thin.

Dennis Potter, when dying of cancer, called his cancer Rupert and said if he had a gun he would shoot it. Unfortunately, Potter is dead and Murdoch is still alive.