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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I have to own up to being the “cretin”, “amateur blogger” and “renegade” that Mr Chris Smith of 2GB and his offsider, Ian Dodd, described me as. Well, Mr Smith has demonstrated that he still doesn’t get halal and he won’t get it by reading an overnight blog of mine.

The first thing Mr Smith needs to understand is that Muslims are instructed, via the Koran, to lie to non-Muslims (the law of taqiyya) and his special guest, Ahmed Kilani, (pictured) is well practised at it. 

Contrary to what Mr Kilani says, the halal “industry”, as he calls it, is entirely unregulated and running rampant throughout Australian industry. What he says could not be further from the truth, as he well knows.

Mr Kilani’s assertion that non-Muslims can slaughter halal food is another outright lie, it is strictly forbidden. Meat cannot be halal “certified” unless it is carried out by a Muslim. 

His example that many non-Muslims operate in his halal chicken processing factory is a deliberate obfuscation as all processed chickens are slaughtered mechanically.

And Mr Kilani’s statement that monies derived from halal “certifications” go to non-Muslim causes is another outrageous lie. 

Much of the scammed funds go to Syria and Hamas and if you think that involves helping poor little homeless kids, think again, because those same homeless kids are used as human shields and have bombs strapped to them.

No Muslim money has ever been donated to any cause other than in the furtherance of a world-wide Islamic caliphate. The non-Muslim is despised as an apostate and infidel who must die for the sake of Islam. To donate to any non-Muslim cause is prohibited and unthinkable.

The soft caring image that Islam tries to promote is purposefully designed to allay infidel fears until Muslims reach ten per cent of the population. Then we can expect all hell to break loose. Don’t take my word for it, it’s all there in the hadiths of the Koran interpreted by Grand Muftis. A book that Mr Smith has obviously not read, otherwise he could have thrown a few curly ones at his Muslim “guest”.

When I was on radio we didn’t have researchers, producers and secretaries. Mr Smith has them all and should use them prior to embarking on a subject he knows nothing about. 

I’ll come back to Mr Smith (and his dishonest Muslim “guest”) after he has conducted a little more research. 

I reported here last year on another intrusion into the Aussie economy... Shariah banking. It’s not coming here... it’s already here! And again at Australians’ cost. 

Ask any Muslim leader in Belgium or France, or anywhere there are large Muslim populations, and he will tell you not to worry about the Islamic invasion because there’s nothing you can do about it anyway. 

He will also declare that democracy will be abolished, the Islamic faith will be adopted by all and non-compliance will unfortunately require the removal of your head. 

“It’s just a matter of time”, he will say with confidence, and his steely black eyes will confirm time is something he has plenty of. 

But Australia supports only a 2 percent Muslim population in a sleepy little corner of the Globe where “faith” is in footy, fishing and the fifth at Flemington. 

And anyway we have a sweet little section of our Racial Discrimination Act (18C) where our judiciary requires us to accommodate this Muslim leader’s forecast and prevents us from offending him by complaining.

It’s strange that when Christians make up 2 per cent of Muslim countries’ populations, they are persecuted murdered and have their churches burnt down. When the opposite is the case, Muslims are permitted to all but run the joint.

It’s probably time we put down the form guide and had a gander at what Islam has accomplished so far. 

Halal certification is still financing terrorist groups, mosques are still mushrooming, imams are still promising multiple virgins in return for martyrdom and there’s even a bikie gang (Brothers4Life) to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The financial arm of the pervasive Islamic movement, Sharia Banking, is also booming with the assistance of our big four banks. 

They have superannuation funds offering good interest rates and a housing scheme where you pay no interest or stamp duty at all, allowing you to give the finger to the infidel next door... but only if you’re a Muslim. 

Shariah law won’t allow you to pay interest but Mr Allah’s prophet permits you to receive it. Sheeeeeze... that sounds all right! I must have a chat to this Mohammed bloke.

I mean, after all, every Muslim needs Shariah banking to allow him to own a nice residence where he can relax and watch the West’s demise. 

Now Mo sort of makes all the rules but has his own earthly offsider, Sydney's Mr Professor Akhtar Kalam, JP, BSc, BScEng, MS, PhD, FEA, CPEng, FIET, CEng, FAIE, MCIGRE, MIEEE (which I believe are acronyms for Arab soccer teams). 

Anyway, the Mr Professor runs the "Islamic Finance & Investment" mob, MCCA, (I think there’s an E missing somewhere there) in Lakemba, and he knows all the best rorts.

First thing to do is get your hands on the “first home buyer’s grant” and then the Mr Professor will get the ball rolling for you. 

Next, select a nice home. Then an Islamic “Funder” appoints you as his agent to buy him the home which he has already agreed to lease to you. 

Then you promise to make regular repayments to the "Funder" via direct debit from your nominated Sharia bank account at any of the big four. 

Now, at any time in the future you can purchase the property from this "Funder" and he will transfer part ownership of the property to you in the form of a gift while you arrange to settle the difference in the original purchase price at some time in the future.

If you’d prefer to continue paying “rent/lease” for the whole of the agreed period, the "Funder" will then transfer the title over to you in the form of a promissory gift known as “hiba”. Thereby dodging a hefty stamp duty fee we mere mortal infidels have to fork out by law.

And gift tax? Well, there are already a dozen ways to get around that little problem... just ask the Mr Professor.

Sounds pretty good eh? The only question remaining is, who the hell is this generous “Funder”? Well, the shutters came down with a bang when I asked that question. So, after a bit of fishing around I came up with my best guess:

These enigmatic "Funders" (and there are many) are actually separate nominee (hidden) accounts within the Sharia banking system run by the big four and of course the Arab Bank that advertises heavily on 2GB. (All banks love money.)

These accounts are “topped up” as needed from various sources, but mainly from the millions of dollars paid by Australian companies in the slick protection racket known as halal certification.

So next time anyone suggests to you that halal certification is only about animal cruelty, buy them a halal certified Coopers beer.


Listening to this knob Smith this arvo , 1st having a go at TA and Joe Hockey and the government .Asking the audience about where are the Imams and the islamic community leaders and parents in stopping there jihadists sons going over to the ME to fight in Syria .
Dear Chris why don't you ask your mates Jamal Riffi , Mt Kilani etc ..
Dear Chris, it's the imams in the mosques and muslim schools getting the little jihadists brainwashed and ready to go to the ME . And the parents that live here suck off the Centrelink teat, that HATE all things of the west preparing their sons with their hate filled cult they follow .. Oh yeah -- its a religion of peace ..MY ARSE - It's a religion masquerading as a Hate filled Cult Mt Smith

try harder fool, where do you think the comment about ct404 sprang I gather?

My feedback to 2GB today: " Chris,
I just listened (on podcast) to the first 12 minutes of your "Halal program". I could not listen any longer as it was nothing less than a "commercial" for Halal.

Halal is Sharia - simple as that. I dont have the space here to elaborate, but must say I am disgusted that 2GB now officially supports Sharia Law.

You spoke contemptuously of "those amateur blogs" who inform on Halal, well here is an association who is respected far wider than any radio station will be who (perhaps naively) promotes the islamisation of our country.

As to the so-called charity you mentioned today (Human relief Int'l): You omitted to give its real name, and I suggest you check with the very reputable NGO Monitor site, where their "charity money" really goes to.

As to your "guest" I invite you to listen again to his answer when you asked him about Canadian Halal incident. For a "Halal expert" he sure led you by the nose. Rita

Date: Thu, 2014-11-13 15:00

2GB lost me when they shafted Jim Ball. He was giving it the Muslims big time, it explains why they got rid of him.

aussieblue88 --- "........ to get active ", I would suggest :-

* a polite and courteous, written (not emailed) letter to your local state and federal member every 6 weeks advising them of your attitudes and beliefs, and what and how you expect them to represent your views in the Parliament;

* another polite letter every time you read, hear or see mainstream media reports on events in Australia that you consider are damaging the status quo, why you consider them so, and what positive action you would like your Parliamentary representative to undertake on your behalf;

* enclose clippings of text and photographs from newspapers in your letters to reinforce and augment your concerns

* attend any meetings or information sessions that your local member may be holding in your electorate, and ask questions at the inevitable, ubiquitous "any questions, anybody ? " session.

* submit a letter with your views and your concerns, together with your reasoned and logical practical solutions, to the Editor of your local suburban or regional newspaper.

* purchase an Australian Liberty Alliance car sticker and display it on your cars windscreen.

* join the Australian Liberty Alliance so that when their members exceed 500, they will be eligible to register as a political party and halt the Islamisation Of Australia

Chris Smith, admitted victim of bipolar disorder and alcoholism.

2GB strikes again - gatekeepers, hijackers of dissent and a distraction for the awake. Better to turn them off and seek community elsewhere. "Aussie" ray hadley is fake as a three bob note, chris smith is in it for the money and a real closet leftie, ben fordham used 2gb after his criminal prosecution and andrew bolt is another leftie in disguise.

Was visiting Darwin yesterday, did not eat at two Take-Away stores in the city, both had sandwich type signs up and the word HALAL on them. So another store got my money.

I agree - Michael McLaren is excellent.

Larry why the FUCK did you allow this demented piece back onto the forum? Its superiority is like a black cloud, a raving "feminist" having problems with her referring to "female really got under your skins". She appears to have a problem with humanity. It needs to listen to Bishop and learn that gender has zilch to do with capability. But it certainly is dragging down manhood in the world, a real case of needing her medication. Real women I've known have done service.

Michael McLaren is good .

Thank you Larry, Smith needs to do his homework, himself, not be advised by muslim spokesmen.

Luke Grant shits all over Price.

correct thread, just talking to a fool...sigh.

no, it was the first comment little petal, and its not there..

Let us show the lefties that our 80% is worth more $ than the 3% muslim market. The free app Buycott works quite well.

I have stopped listening to 2GB. It is starting to become pure tabloid rubbish from 9am to 6pm. It is becoming boring joke.
Hey! Alan Jones! John Singleton! Are you listening to the shite your presenters are spouting?

It would be quite easy for the Islamists to take over 2GB. Singleton is usually too drunk to know what's going on.

Same in my town folks. The own square doesn't have one single Christmas decoration and neither do the shops.

this was up this morning but someone deleted it...Mmm

marigold 12 hours ago
masco, most of us realise ducktracey. is also dodo and not worth bothering about. Cheers!