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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



For excellence in verbal and ergonomic dexterity over the past 12 months: 

The most incompetent male politician: Stephen Conroy

The most competent male politician: Scott Morrison

The most competent female politician:  Julie bishop

The most incompetent female politician: Sarah Hanson-Young

The most incompetent gay politician: Penny Wong

The most annoying politician: Christine Milne

The most entertaining politician: Clive Palmer

The most sexy politician:  Kate Ellis

The most politically incorrect politician: Jacqui Lambie

The most naive politician: Arthur Sinodinos

The most aggravating politician: Jenny Macklin

The most overpaid retired politician: A tie between Rudd and Gillard

The most retarded retired politician: Malcolm Fraser

The most crooked politician: Eddie Obeid

The best political commentator: Paul Kelly

The worst political commentator: Fran Kelly

The most biased media organisation: The ABC

The most competent journalist: Kate McClymont

The most dishonest journalist: David Marr

The most deceitful council: The Islamic Council of Australia

The biggest con in Australia: Halal certification

The worst terrorist organisation allowed to operate in Australia: Hizb ut-tahrir

The most ridiculous political promise: The PPL scheme

The best Pickering Poster for 2014: Waldo

Brass statuettes can be collected from a blue duffle bag left outside Parliament House
Merry Christmas to everyone and I thank all the thousands of posters for all your support and comments... some brilliant, all entertaining, others scathing of me, but that’s ok, that's what we're all about. It’s you guys who make a great forum. Thank you... now go and get pissed.


The most deluded quasi commentator: The Equaliser

Well Equaliser, you're proof that some "ideals" could be pulled off quite easily by either Labor or Liberal Coalition. The most deceitful council: The biggest con in Australia: So what's stopping it happening?

Truly, Tony Burke? He is a dill of the first order. He is deliberately and systematically destroying our parliamentary system and he should be named every time he starts acting up. His behaviour is like s spoilt child who has a sulky tantrum when ever his nonsensical "non-points of order" are disallowed. I do agree on your selections of Christine Milne and SH-Y, and Lamb but I don't find Palmer amusing at all. I believe he should be in jail not in parliament. I will add a nomination: Short Wee-willy for the fastest zip in Canberra as nominated by the women he has "mishandled".

I noticed that the comments have been trimmed. They were over 3,200 when I last looked at this topic.

How did Plibercheque miss-out, her services to the inner-city double-soy,decaff latte sipping, bollinger-socialist, heroin-selling groupies set should have seen her get a mention.

I read a few replies to rugby's post yesterday and saw where it was headed. I thought I would have a quick look and, as expected, it was the usual rugby diatribe against a few decent posters, with whom he has a vendetta. Why, every time rugby comes here, does he start on his childish, self-pity, crusade? Never are his comments on topic. Even his Xmas greeting had to have a pathetic disclaimer - 'To those who will accept it'. Maybe he needs another holiday away.

Ditto for me, CS. It's an uphill battle in this case.

YET ANOTHER CLOWN thinks he's parliamentary material: "Adam Goodes is considering a career in politics after he finishes playing Australian Football, with the Sydney Swans veteran and outgoing Australian of the year determined to “make a difference” to social problems like domestic violence and racism."

Not at all, CS. We are all in this sea of life together and are subject to its ebbs and flows. I wouldn't have it any other way, would you?

Dear friends - good night and God bless you all. Let's fall asleep with nothing on our minds but kind thoughts.

Nice sentiments to Bruce, mishka - he has called me a bible basher in the past, the reason for which still escapes me. You come across as an essentially kind person. Take care.

Good night, Bruce. I will pray for you and leave you in the loving arms of our Saviour, Jesus Christ...what better way to fall asleep, eh?

As you say, Conker, you did not say that I was out of order with my comment. Bruce is usually humbly willing to apologise when mistaken as I think he is a decent person who CAN apologise, however, this thread has become so protracted that I defy anyone to keep up with the conversation. I am opting out (because it is so late), sorry to say, as it is very interesting.

Bruce - Judging by the vitriol you unleash on various people on this site and off it, I think CS is very wise to stick with anonymity

CS - I really thought I was being as discreet as I possibly could in this regard. It is a very complex and deeply personal (to many) situation.

I would have expected an apology for your accusations Bruce, which is what any decent person would be happy to do. For the record, I do not know Concerned Senior, and I challenge you to point out when I have ever said that I have had any associations with Pauline Hanson whatsoever. You need to take a good long look at yourself. You, and that glass jaw of yours. Also get your facts straight Bruce. I DID NOT say that Mishka was out of order. Go and check what I have said here, and I have never said such a thing to her. I was just attempting to explain to her where I was coming from.

CS - I am sorry to be out of order, in your opinion. I merely stated that I was 'acquainted' with someone personally involved in a Hanson marriage break-up relationship..that is the reality; I can do or say nothing more about that. My 'acquaintance' was extremely ill-affected on behalf of the spouse who was Pauline's wayward partner and so was naturally biased because of what was the obvious outcome to her and her family. Nothing more need be said.

Yes, I know and well remember the media 'racist outrage' which upset me terribly as I had taken the time to read Hanson's whole maiden speech. It all seems like a tsunami of gigantic proportions trying to combat all the lies perpetuated by the media. I still would like to know why 'they' want to bring our wonderful country down into the dregs of what would probably end up being a third world country.

Thankyou Concerned Senior. You are often the calm voice of reason. Highly appreciated by yours truly.

I am very sad for you and your wife, Bruce, as of course I don't have the slightest idea of what has occurred in your lives...I am only speaking from an outsider's point of view where I saw a husband separating from his wife and children and deciding to co-habit with someone else..I do not know any of the reasons, only the outcome. In eternity, we all have to give an account of our actions and decisions and I and Pauline and her partner/s will not be able to claim exemption.