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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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... more praying needed now

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Recent Florida polls show Trump is losing the Hispanic vote by historic margins to Hillary Clinton. As I have often said, if Hillary gains Florida (39 EC votes) there is no credible path left for Trump. It’s a math thing. With a few exceptions the number of electors in each State is equal to the number of members of Congress to which a State is entitled to in electoral college votes; California (55), New York (29), Texas (38),Pennsylvania (20) etc.

The latest suicidal explosion of Hillary Clinton is the revelation that she regularly instructed her Latino housekeeper to print off numerous copies of classified material for her. WTF?

She completely ignores the need for security clearances and is happy to put the nation and its people at risk and imperil the lives of overseas operatives who would have no idea they were about to be targeted until it’s too late. 

It’s astounding she has not already been indicted on security grounds alone. And Putin cannot be blamed for this one. 

Well, perhaps it’s not so astounding when you consider how she and Obama have reworked the Department of Justice to bullet proof themselves. They have completely nullified the FBI and gelded James Comey (and the FBI wants her badly now) with her appointment of Loretta Lynch to AG. 

FBI Director Comey, who only ten minutes ago tried to extricate himself from any perceived partisan position, cannot act without the agreement of Lynch and she has made it clear there will be no move against Clinton, which is in return for Clinton's promise of another four years in the cushy AG job as head of the DoJ.

Only Attorney General Loretta Lynch (above) stands between Hillary and a jail cell. Only she can issue subpoenas. Only she can empanel a Grand Jury and only she can indict her. 

Strange, but it seems the founding fathers didn’t consider that the DoJ could ever be corrupted by people like the Clintons, Eric Holder and Obama.

It doesn’t seem possible for Lynch to be more corrupt than Obama's pet boy, and her predecessor, Eric Holder, but she is. 

Attorney General Eric Holder, with Obama’s backing, systematically increased and consolidated the power of the Department of Justice, negating the FBI, and gelding Comey while opposing all calls for reform... it’s now a limitless legal open slather for at least the next four years if the Clintons win the White House. 

Any time between November 8 and the 2017 inauguration Barack Obama (who has also used executive orders to make it almost impossible to unearth Hillary's Benghazi episode) can pardon her. It’s even possible for her to pardon herself but that is unlikely because she would first have to be found guilty of something to be pardoned. 

Anyway it is Constitutionally arguable whether or not a sitting President can even be indicted... arguable enough to take to the Supreme Court or have it mired in legal argument for years. 

And she will load the Supreme Court with Lefties quick smart to protect all around her including Obama who is up to his eyeballs in this the most corrupt Administration in history.

But there is always impeachment available you might say? Well, not unless the Senate has a 60 per cent Republican majority and even then there could be a few dissenters. This is why Hillary is spending late millions on marginal Senate seats... a possible successful impeachment is looming, after which there could be criminal charges brought against her. 

Again, not so quick, her VP Kaine could then pardon her as did Ford Nixon. 

So she would then be free to flit around the world engineering more Foundation corruption with her new Aussie feminist friend and partner in crime, Julia Gillard, who has already contributed almost $90 million (that we know of) in borrowed Aussie taxpayer funds to her wonderful Clinton Foundation with assassin Julie Bishop contributing her share, plus $140 million to the dodgy “Global Partnership for World Education” fund with further pledges amounting to $460 million in borrowed funds which brings the total to almost $30 billion.

All this money to be operated under the chairwomanship of the dodgy Gillard who will be shouting free lunches for the world’s worst feminists for the next twenty years. 

Left wing Administrations should only ever be allowed one term... any longer than that and criminality sets in. It’s in the Left’s genetic makeup.

I don’t care how many front bottoms Donald Trump has grabbed, he is the only way out of the above seemingly insoluble mess.

A miracle is still needed fellas, so for Christ’s sake don’t stop praying until Wednesday morning.



The NWO (globalist's ) have been working away in their cancerous way for the last 250yrs for their form of world Marxism, unfortunately for non believers (in Marxism) they're winning as can be seen by what's happening here the US for example.

Clinton and Trump are BOTH campaigning in battleground and BLUE (i.e. normally Dem) states. Neither is campaigning in RED (i.e. normally Republican) states. That tells you all you need to know about the balance of the campaign.

She is losing.

Florida only has 29 electoral college votes, not 39. When the silent majority come out to vote tomorrow, they will deliver Trump a landslide victory.

Larry, you've been getting your info from the MSM again. Check out the LA Times Daybreak poll. Trump's Latino vote is now up over 40% and rising. Stop reading the bullshit MSM and get the real story. Also Trump has more than double the black support that Romney had in 2012. The only thing that will stop Trump is rigged voting machines. That's the big worry.

As for the Latino vote in Florida, the assumption is that they are all voting for Clinton. That is incorrect and misleading. The prediction is that it will be very tight but Trump has a lot of support. The Democrats have a sophisticated voter fraud system in place. Interesting times.

Watched QA last night, (yes i know ) and as per usual ,the questions stacked with GW and refugee advocates , and some climate fanatic from Canada from obviously another planet, and some bloke from a ""supposedly ""sinking island in the pacific !?where do they get these people

Great discussion with Trey Gowdy on Comey and the emails. Love his comment, "They don't know what they don't know," says Trey

well lets just have a taxpaying moratorium until such time the lollies pay off the loans that they have signed off on---not practical but a nice thought in this corrupt world. After all everybody is working harder not only to meet there personal debts but the debts incurred by a bunch of fuckwits---where is ou rrump card

Idiot Latinos are voting for their own extinction: most of them are Christians, voting for a madwoman who will invite half a million non-integrating Muslim free-loaders into their already fractured society in her first year alone. Good luck future-victims.

GFY Sigley. You are insane.

Vivienne Sigley from Ballina, formerly smartgirl, marigold and now posting as Lights. Who the fuck do you think you are fooling you troll.

well thats what happens when ya let the wogs infiltrate Larry

Quote: "she would first have to be found guilty of something to be pardoned"
Not so - eg Ford pardoned Nixon for anything he may have done, and hence Nixon was never brought to trial let alone found guilty. But pardoned he was!

Commonwealth of Australia, Human Rights Commissioner , Ms Gillian Triggs. .Dear Gillian, I am a n Australian Citizen and a Christian. I am terrified of the discriminatory treatment and the loss of my human rights that I am getting from all the Muslims in Australia. They have been asked to stop being aggressively threatening to me and they have defied your guidance . With this in mind I ask you to send them home. Thankyou. We will send Saddler around to give you a kiss and a touch up. Yours etc Billy Snedden.

Your article, Larry, should be head-lines in all the newspapers. It is so important and so few people know anything about it, and the Left MSM don't want anyone to know about it. Thanks for yet another brilliant piece Larry.


new post up

Why do you have to destroy any credibility in your article when you add this 'prayer' crap?!!!

While it all happening in the USA our little smelly beavers are beavering away in Australia . We have a "free" not "fair" trade agreement with Communist China thanks to the efforts of Mr. Robb , who saw fit to resign before the shit hit the fan . Even Trumpy and Killary thought the FTTA (which the same little beaver had a major hand in) with America was total shit . The busy little beaver is now the top advocate for selling up what remains of our prime Agricultural land to the Chinese Communist government . I wonder if he had a hand in handing over our ports as well ? They should reward him handsomely for it was announced that they already owned over three million hectares of the best we HAD. Sleep well you traitorous bastard ..

Can anyone access wikileak twitter or kimdotcom twitter?